Kites Review by a die-hard Hrithik Roshan fan!

Kites Review by Sudha, one of Hrithik Roshan’s biggest fans. She was at the UK Premier of Kites, held last night in London. Its one of the most passionate reviews we have read and quite clear that Sudha literally idolizes Hrithik. Read on..


I was extremely restless and couldn’t concentrate much on the film, knowing that Hrithik is around. So I’ll write whatever I could gather.

Kites is different, unpredictable, mind blowingly awesome. A passionate love story which keeps you on the edge of your seat and make you want to fall in love. Anurag Basu’s direction is beyond impressive. The gangster manages to bring you in J’s (Hrithik’s character in the film) world, tell the story like you wouldn’t imagine, bring the best out of the actors, including the secondary casts. He excels in his direction by surprising the audience in doing a better job than expected. He gives you that extra zing that no other director could have possibly done.

The film is in 3 languages with a diverse cast.

The action sequence, car chases and the stunts are never seen in a Hindi film before. The actors excel in the comedy scene, and actually didn’t expect it to be that funny. The suspense / thriller is what make the story fresh, fascinating, extraordinary and beyond good.

“Love should have no strings attached”
The love story is mesmerizing, enchanting and magical but yet it’s realistic with no mushy or cheesy lines. Hrithik’s and Barbara’s facial expressions and body language spoke a thousand words in itself. Its gets immensely real, J and Natasha pull you off your seat and take you in their magical world of pure love and passion, where love is unconditional. The few moments that they spend together are sweet, cute and adorable. You just can’t wait for them to fall in love and be with each other forever, but as we know “forever is a lie”

Some scenery were breathtaking and amazingly filmed by Ayananka Bose, it’s like he is ‘hromancing’ the film with his camera. He knows where to position the camera especially when Hrithik is bare chested. Trust me girls, you are in for a big treat.

The intimate scenes are justified. What some people and part of media are calling ‘sleazy’ is just in their imagination. There is nothing like that. The story can’t be told without those scenes, and I personally think you can watch with your family and yes that includes your grandma.

The music by Rakesh Roshan goes well with the essence of the film and the background score is as impressive.

When it comes to Barbara Mori’s acting capabilities, I didn’t know what to expect as I haven’t seen any of her previous films. Thats where you’ll be stunned. She is perfect in the film, looks very beautiful; amaze you with the way she portrays Natasha.

Kangana Ranaut has a very small role. As usual she doesn’t disappoint. She’s superb. Nick Brown as Tony is fab.

And then of course, there’s our superhero, our ‘dil ki dhadkan’ , our hrockstar, our Shahenshah…the phenomenon – HRITHIK ROSHAN. I am speechless and very impress by his performance. Proud to be his fan. Words fail me; actually words need to be invented to describe his abilities and talent as an actor. He just come casually and conquers your heart and soul. There’s no Hrithik in Kites, all you see is J. The way he talks, walks, moves, smiles, laughs is just ‘J’. His looks is completely different from what we’ve seen before, his body is just is absolutely gorgeous just like him, and his expressions are more than enough to tell J’s story. Where hes suppose to look worn out and tired, he does it brilliantly and still manages to look HOT.

In my point of view, koi mil gaya is his best performance. Surprisingly with a simple role like in Kites, he surpassed what he’s done even in KMG. Hrithik is at his ‘hromantic’ best. After Kites he will definitely be the Emperor of ‘hromance’. In interviews he said he does a film only if character reflects something inside, I bet he was referring to his sexiness and he does transfer it to J and make the character look really super cool, sexy and fun all at the same time. He’s without any doubt the most versatile actor around; he does perfection as if it’s a game. He’s exceptionally good in comic scenes, action, showing emotions and so on. He’s an all rounder who can be moulded in any character. Can he go to hollywood? Yes, he will ‘hrule’ it plus his international looks help.

I don’t mean to be ‘hrude’ but some critics are saying that Hrithik shows off his physique way too much. If he got it why shouldn’t he flaunt it? Well, they are all male, so I guess they are just feeling insecure and jealous. And why are they being sexist (nobody is complaining about Barbara’s bikini scene huh?) Come on he is the only one who can make us *swoon* and *drool* like anything. So let us have it all. On contrary, there should have been more of those scenes.

The Fire song doesn’t get more ‘dugtastic’ than this. The one dance that we all have been dying to see, is outstanding. Hrithik dances like dream, we all know that. But here he moves and grooves like you wouldn’t expect. Its really FIRE. The screen just catches fire and explodes. As a dancer he grabs all your attentions with the musicality of his body movements. Meritorious choreography by Flexy studio. Hip pop, popping & locking, gliding, waving, little bit of salsa, hitting and what not; you get to see it all. Leaving us craving for more.

Finally, Kites is a must watch

Thank you Mr Rakesh Roshan, Anurag Basu, Sunaina Roshan, Barbara Mori, Rajesh Roshan, the whole Kites team and of course Hrithik Roshan for such a wonderful film.

Review by
Sudha (@hrithikfans on Twitter), London

Pictures from the Premier



  • Hey Sudha….

    A Big Thanks for awesome review… Now i am so excited to watch this movie that i can buy all tickets of any PVR just to show me this movie right away..

    I hope Hritik will play like sachin 10dulkar… always worth watching and next time again Big Expectations from him… Lots of love Hritik Sir and I wish this movie to break not only Bollywood records but i want this movie to break all records created by any Hollywood movie too… Billion times Best of Luck from Country of Billion People.. You are Lovable… Keep smiling and keep doing great work man!

    Once again Thanks Sudha for positive review :)

  • heySUDHA, some of ur praises r exagerated, i saw the film too, but let me tell u that first what u wrote is not a review its just compliments of positive thing in movie and even apreciate the negative things also,i understand that ur fan of hritik i like him also,but when u write a review u must do full justice ,not just praising every thing and every one in movie, movie is great but goes cheezy sometimes,but really romantic, sudha,I THINK S U SAID U COULDNOT CONCENTRAT ON MOVIE AND WERE MORE EXCITING ABOUT PRESENCE OF HRITHIK SO I SUGGEST U TO AND WATCH MOVIE NEXT TIME AND A (REVIEW) ,NOT UR FEELINGS DURING WATCHING THE FILM,thnks

  • the film from its promos is clear that its 3 or 3and half star films and atmaximum 80-85cr and otherwise 65-70cr.

    we live in india and have better view my family my neighbours my friends its allmost sure that family is not going infact the film caary hope but doesnot look like it is of any merit hrtihick last release jodha akbar opening was poor so dont expecting anything


    1-no family class will go.(sure shot)

    2-film will flop drastically at single screens(guranteed)

    3-the ultra high prices of multiplexes in comaprsion to single screen will take it to 70-80cr .

  • Rakesh Roshan without a doubt has given us excellent movies in the past and let’s hope that this too will be just as entertaining. I didn’t particularly enjoy KMG nor Krish for that matter but that’s purely b’coz I do not enjoy that genre.

    Sudha’s review is good but I have to agree with some of the comments that it does sound very biased and this I think is attributable to Sudha being an ardent fan. It’s a bit too flowery and I can’t imagine any film being flawless (Sudha has not made a single negative remark which I find hard to digest).

    Given, Hrithik is a brilliant actor but to claim that he will “rule Hollywood” or is Hollywood material is a bit far reaching. He certainly has the talent and perhaps if he’s given the chance / role, he may make it – who knows tho? I also don’t understand what “international looks” is supposed to mean. Is Sudha suggesting Hrithik looks White? If so, is it b’coz of his colouring, his eyes, his looks or what? He looks very much Indian to me!

    Ah well, each to his own I guess – we just have to wait and watch! For me personally, a movie has to be “super extra ordinary” to surpass 3 Idiots as since watching this, I find all other movies ‘mediocre’ in comparison.

  • Sudha lol
    its not Review, it shud be a Feeling

    Ur a fan of Hrithik so u praised him
    LOlzz Sudha next time be sure whether its review or ur Feeling

    Indicine dont u know the meaning of Review and Feeling Expressions

    Crap movie no story
    wait for pirated Dvd if u wanna watch

    multiplex is waste of money

    rating shud be 2 star

  • one of the causes of kites flopping is the scene of robbery
    where on earth have you seen robbbers stealing heisting with their faces bare!? also flying long meters to reach the other roofs the dialogues dilevery is not well delivered as if it were recitation

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