‘I would love to do Dhoom 4’: Shahrukh Khan

On his 49th birthday, Bollywood superstar Shahrukh Khan has expressed his desire to work in the most popular franchise in Bollywood – Dhoom!

When a journalist asked SRK if he would be interested in doing the next Dhoom film, Khan said “I am doing a film with Yash Raj and that’s ‘Fan’. If I get an opportunity, I would love to do it. I find it very cool.”

SRK was quick to add that Aditya Chopra, the producer of Dhoom films, is yet to approach him.

Dhoom is one of the most successful series in Bollywood. The first part in the series, released in 2004, did well at the box office. The second, featuring Hrithik Roshan, went on to be the highest grossing film in India and the third instalment starring Aamir Khan remains the biggest grosser in India and overseas.

With the cast of the film getting bigger with each new instalment, it’s safe to assume that it would either be Salman Khan or Shahrukh Khan headlining the next film in the franchise. Akshay Kumar would be a great choice too!

Shahrukh Khan during his birthday press meet at Mannat

Shahrukh Khan during his birthday press meet at Mannat



  • srk can be a good choice as he has experience of negative roles in darr bazigar and don series..
    salman can also do it..but akki i dont think so he is that big star in terms of stardom to have a role in dhoom series..

  • But These Actors Can’t Do Better Than John , Hrithik And Aamir.. If they do it..It wouldn’t be that successful.. And When Aamir signed D3 he had a contract with yrf that there wouldn’t be next installment of that film..So , These r just fake rumors.. Victor who wrote all 3 Dhoom films is enjoying these days in Japan..he is working on a script he said but that is not Dhoom4…

  • And we wud love to see u in Dhoom 4.
    but first we want Don3… plz shahrukh.
    Don series is among the most loved series of mine in bollywood. N adopt that deadly look again wid beards n long hairs.

  • Salman khan has tremendous potential to do dhoom 4 but if yashraj choose srk than it is ok too but salman will be kickass.

  • Aamir + Dhoom franchise + Christmas = 285 crore
    SRK + Don franchise + Christmas = 102 crore
    Even after working with big brand like Don, SRK couldnt beat Ghajini on Christmas. YRF will never take him in Dhoom 4.

  • i m fully satisfied with indicine..for dhoom the 3 next big stars is..salman,shahrukh,akshay…without them no other is best suited for this roll till date..!!

  • Dhoom series is incomplete without Srk. Yes now it should be either srk or salman but i would love to see srk.

  • Oh yes.We want our king to do dhoom4 and in dhoom3 aamir did road stunts in bike so we want our king to do air stunts in helicopter

  • Oh no…please dont destroy the Dhoom series…if the film fails to collect more than 300 crores than it will be full stop for Dhoom series. So better do Don 3….

  • think dhoom franchise will go back to younger actors……will be difficult to get srk for dhoom as benchmark set is v high for now……

    but as they say anythings possible……if yrf can come with a super script…..but traditionally dhoom films have the same concept of super thief, super cop wherein the cop catches the thief in the end….following this, would be difficult to fit srk…..cant have double role etc again…..so its difficult….lets see

  • if dhoom 4 happens
    it will be shahrukh or salman or akhshay or even hrithik again as he is the only one who didnt die in dhoom series.
    given shahrukh expressing his desire to do dhoom 4….it may be possible that aditya copra signs him due to their freindly relationship.
    but if dhoom 4 happens i just wish it turns out be good with something origial.
    was really disappointed with dhoom 3.

    hrithik- shahrukh together in dhoom 4 will be just great. a dream pairing. (i know this has extremely low probability to happen) but i hope to see the two superstars together again and dhoom 4 will be the best platform for that.

  • btw whats the harm of getting actors like hritik back again for dhoom 4….but then again yrf has to offer something different…

  • Any 1 can do dhoom series….. But the standard set by Hrithik in part 2 is unmatchable.
    His style, attitude, coolness, dance everything was amazing. Whenever name of dhoom series would be taken the first name that will come to mind will be Hrithik.

  • Who wouldn’t? I think Akshay will be a great choice, too. He’s been great in negative roles throughout his career, he’s also someone who could do death defying stunts. But, Salman and SRK are most likely next thieves in Dhoom franchise.
    Anyways, hoping next Dhoom film (whether SRK is in it or Salman) will be better than previous one.

  • so according to boi HNY Verdict is only HIT not SuperHit.

    Happy New Year had a very strong first week of 134 crore nett as it recorded the fourth best figures ever after Dhoom 3, Kick and Chennai Express. The collections on day eight are pretty good and the film is a solid HIT.

  • @indicine
    is their any concrete news regarding the next directorial of aditya chopra.
    wish he soon directs another masterpiece after ddlj,mohbattein and rab ne banadi jodi. loved all his three movies.

  • why is that my comments are published a little later than the other people even when i post them earlier than them.

  • dhoom 4- srk
    dhoom 5- salman
    dhoom 6- akshay
    dhoom 7- ajay and hrithik in a special cameo coz he was not dead in d2..!! :D :D (bring big b as super cop)

    should not go more than seven…!!

  • The bar set by the Dhoom franchise is too high.They need to be very careful in choosing the right actor and script.But the Dhoom series seems to get repetitive as far as storyline is concerned.Srk would be on their priority list also because Salman has already done Kick which was quite similar to Dhoom series

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