“Hrithik will be in Hollywood” – Slumdog Millionaire Director

The director of the Oscar nominated Slumdog Millionaire, Danny Boyle, has high praises for Indian superstar Hrithik Roshan.

Danny who recently received many awards at the Golden Globes for his critically acclaimed film on the slums in Mumbai, said “The world is changing. I am sure someday, someone will emerge as the connect between Hollywood and Bollywood.. someone like Hrithik Roshan. He is bang on! He is such an extraordinary dancer and a good actor. I am sure some day he will be a part of Hollywood.”

Coming from a director who has received immense appreciation worldwide, this is big! Hrithik undoubtedly has the most potential amongst current Bollywood stars to appeal to the international audience. He has the looks, acting talent and charisma to take Indian Cinema to Hollywood. And like Danny Boyle said, he could someday well be the connect between the two biggest film industries in the world!

Is Hrithik a potential Hollywood superstar? Comment below!



  • I’m a Westerner and he definitely appeals to me. Fine acting, great dancing, wonderful looks and as openness and good heart. Would Hollywood do him justice though as they don’t tend to be as good as Bollywood about exploring tender emotions as he does so well. I know he has done action stuff too (which I’m not that into – except Dhoom2) but what a waste if he just went to Hollywood for that when he is extending his range so beautifully in Bollywood (and those of us outside India still line up for his DVDs!). Where else would he have explored roles as diverse as Jodha Akbar, the emotionally retarded boy, sexy action hero in Dhoom 2 and Kkrish as well as some of those nice little romances.

  • Yes, undoubtedly Hrithik is one of the superstars who has the potential to make up to hollywood.
    If we look in to the row of supestars (Shahrukh, Salman, Amir, Amitabh), non of them has got all the talents in one. Hrithik is a masterpiece as he is full of talents. He has everything in him which is required to be a superstar. He is not just good in a particular feild like acting or body or dance, instead he has everything. He can dance excellent as the world says. He has proven himself by winning many awards, beating Shahrukh & Amir. He has got a perfect body structure and a very descent height.
    So there is no match for him in Bollywood.


  • Absolutely! I think Hrithik is the best of Bollywood. He can act, dance, has a perfect body and of course his Greek God like looks. I live in the west too, and I think he can be compared very easily with the best of Hollywood in fact he will be a tough competition for any of them.

  • WOW it’s great. Yes, he got the talent , looks, and his amazing body. So he doesn’t has any competition with other actors . If he get the connection between bollywood and hollywood, he will be the NO 1 in hollywood too…….

  • absoluately right !!!

    Hrithik is my idol !!!

    Guys wen i saw hrithik first in “kaho na pyar hai ” at that very moment i knew he is the one who is going to Hollywood!!!! truely hrithik is the perfect hero material guy!!!!

    and m still waiting to see hrithik going to Hollywood to make his life’s best movie!!!!

    honestly he is not made for bollywood !!!!

    in acting wise he has proved himself to be the best actor by making a film like “Koi Mil gaya”

    hrithik come on show it to bollywood who you really are !!!!!

  • From your mouth to God’s ears…

    At last somebody has dared to break the SRK/Akshay/Amir trance and spoken some wonderful things about Hrithik Roshan. Pity it had to be a foreigner who could make such an accurate assessment, when he is in fact a son of our own soil. We are fortunate to have such a complete artist in our industry. Acting, dancing, stunts, emotions – he is excellent at it all! But we, as the Indian public are so entranced by the hype created via the media by SRK/Akshay/Amir, we are letting this diamond go unappreciated. We
    live in an era where excellent cinema such as Jodha Akbar is quickly forgotten and brainless, senseless, mediocre cinema such as Sing is King, Rab Ne, Ghajini, OSO, Don etc are raved over and their earnings made to soar through the roof and their performers raised to godly status. That is why perhaps it is time now for Almighty God to whisk Hrithik away to Hollywood where his looks, his talents, his commitment will atleast be appreciated and then our eyes will open and we will realise what a gem he is.

    Today, everyone is going ga-ga over Anil Kapoor. ‘Oh he has made India proud,’ they say. And yet, for so many years and for so many excellent roles, he has been rebuffed by us. Virasaat, Om Jai Jagdish etc were award-winning performances but the awards kept on going into SRK’s lap.

    So God had to work and today he is the talk of the town. The same will happen for Hrithik. At least in Hollywood, his media shyness will become an advantage for him. Stars who maintain an elusive mystery about them are more revered by the international media.

    Also, Hollywood award ceremonies are fair otherwise we would see Hancock and Will Smith walking away with Oscars. So Hollywood would be ideal for Hrithik and believe me it’s just a matter of time.

    Meanwhile, in India, keep on with the nonsense. Give SRK the award for Rab Ne; name Ghajini the best film; create special awards to appease Akshay and Karan Joher; bring the vulgar Sajjid and Farah to insult and drive away anybody else who mistakenly wins an award…

    Do this and make our name roshan, or else we will feel the sun has risen from the west!!!

  • Its great to know that the world started looking deeply into the Indian film industry. Hrithik Roshan is a complete match into the hollywood. Glamourous, good acting and moreover an excellent stunt performer. It will be taking a long time for him to reach there. He is too young to handle hollywood. Danny Boyle pointed the name Hrithik simply because he knows that, it still take long time for Bollywood to enter the Hollywood. Otherwise he might have said the name of SRK, the bollywood icon around the world.

  • @ haseeb..

    Hollywood wouldn’t give a shit about overactors and hammers like SRK…. Aamir Khan would do well, but he lacks the personality and charm of Hrithik.

    Hrithik is Bollywood’s and even for that matter India’s best to international acclaim!!

  • When I saw Hrithik Roshan in his 1st movie, I said to myself: he’s so good looking.. from where he came and how he existed?! And when I saw him in Fiza, I asked myself: why doesn’t he nominate himself, and be a contenstant for the most beautiful man in this world.. and for sure, he’d win. And when Dhoom2 was released, I was so angry.. so angry that Hrithik never see how beautiful he is!! and then said: why don’t ppl value all the talents & the beauty this man got?! Why I never heard that some magazines selected him i/o Salman Khan to be one of the most good looking men in this world?!!! and wished if hollywood ppl would watch Hrithik in this movie.. in Dhoom2.

    He deserves it, he’s to do a hollywood movie, and he said during an interview that he doesn’t mind doing a hollywood movie but if he gets a good opportunity.. yes.. he shouldn’t waste his talent in some cheap movies e.g. the Pink Panters which Aishwariya signed for, and the Last Legion.. I think that’s the correct name for the movie which she did last year or in 18 months maybe, not a good movie and she even didn’t look good, with a very bad makeup!!

    I wish Hrithik all the best.

  • Hrithik bowled the world over with his first movie. he has everything on his side including age. all the best Hrithik.

  • wow so g8 Hrithik deserve it coz he is really superb,macho,talented,awsome and dashing actor.all the best my superstar and may u conquer the the hollywood too likeewise u did in bollywood.God will showers more and more success to u.

  • @ all who dont appreciate Hrithik`s talents

    I was in class six when the movie, “Kaho Na Pyar Hai” ws released and that ws firs time i watch any movie
    at theatre escaped from school. Since that time i never gaped a single movie of that master piece namely Hrithik Roshan; and my conclusion is that HE is flawless from all the aspect and parameter to deserve priority of being a Hollywood Hero. I really like the guy but dont Know why that much….



  • No objections to anyone…… Hrithik .. IS one of the finest actors , and that is not god gifted to him. He has made that in himself, worked hard for everything in his life and he does so for every film even now………..

    Just this I will say and rest is to become history…. :)

  • Hrithik is such an awesome actor that has all the qualities that are needed for an actor surely one day he will emerge as as the connect btwn bollywood and hollywood and take the bollywood to the heights of hollywood……….

  • I feel so blessed to commet on hrithik roshan.Im a very big fan of him,not actully fan iconsider as my ideal .his tallent is beyond imaginable ,God has sent him for a definite purpose to this universe.He shows us nothing is impossible,i can declared it thousand times in the public that he is going to be an futureistic ideal for the next upcoming generation due to his heart throb look ,unbeatable unique style,dancing like dream,excellent acting,.heis aman of complete package that nobody diserves in bollywood industry.hrithik is making history with his tallent.that’s why now’s young generation prefering hrithik instead of other actors

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