Dialogue promo of Krrish 3 garners 2 million views

The first dialogue promo of Krrish 3 has crossed the 2 million mark, which is yet another record for the film on video-sharing website Youtube. The number of views that even the dialogue promo of the film has garnered is staggering because theatrical trailers of most films struggle to get so many views.

With almost everything about the film going viral on social networking websites, California based tech giant Apple has tied up with the makers of Krrish 3 to provide exclusive content which will be available on iTunes.

Current view count (24th October): 2.3 million



  • Wow! !great. .
    Feeling excited like never before. .even before my entrances and debate or singing compitition never felt this much.

  • An idiotic fellow is moving from one page to another commenting”k3 will be a cartoon film”.!

    Don’t know how people develop their mentality.

  • Yeah, 2M Views For a Indian Movie Is A Big Big Thing !

    HRITHIK Rocks.

    1st Nov #Krrish3 The All – Time -Blockbuster Arriving !

  • Krrish 3 prediction

    1st day – 28+ crs
    2nd day – 30 crs
    3rd day – 25 crs (effect due to diwali puja)
    1st weekend – 83 crs
    4th day – 30 to 35 crs (hoilday)
    5th day – 20 crs ( some places holiday)
    6th day – 16crs
    7th day -14 crs
    1st week- 165 crs

    2nd fri – 12 crs
    2nd sat – 13 crs
    3rd sun – 16 crs
    2nd weekend – 41 crs
    2nd mon – 7 crs (50% drop)
    2nd tue – 6 crs
    2nd wen – 5 crs
    2nd thu – 4 crs
    2nd week – 63 crs

    remaining 3o crs
    total – 250+ crs

  • Blockbuster Is Coming ..
    And Top 3 spots will be taken by Srk,HR and Aamir and salman willbe thrown out


  • K3 AND D3 will never break records of CE and 3i
    because there will be kissing and partial nudity in both
    and K3 is child based movie
    these types of movies dont appeal to masses and everyone
    amir and hrithik fans dont get carried away
    mere bacho shant hojja

  • these days haters are the first to visit krrish3 pages everywhere and disliking it as soon as they come..
    i say v good following even from the haters..keep it up..

  • Paid channel ETC still showing 50% buzz n collection 110cr. mark my words k3 will cross 110cr. in 3-4 days phir ETC ki keh ke lenge

  • They should have released it’s 4th promo as the 1st one. Even Raghupati Raghav song teaser is about to cross 4 million mark!

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