Dedh Ishqiya Box Office Collections: Madhuri’s comeback fails

Dedh IshqiyaMadhuri Dixit’s comeback film has failed to set the cash registers ringing at the domestic box office. The film took a below-average start on its opening day, showed decent escalation in business over the weekend, but the drop on Monday has sealed the fate of the sequel to Ishqiya.

The other release last weekend, T-Series film Yaariyan was way ahead of Dedh Ishqiya, even though the latter received tremendous critical acclaim and had a decent star-cast. Also, the first Monday business of Dedh Ishqiya was lower than Yaariyan, a film that was carrying negative reports.

The film is unlikely to recover even half of its investment from its theatrical business, and should finish with lifetime collections of less than 20 crore.

Dedh Ishqiya Box Office Collections

  • Friday (Day 1) – 2.9 cr
  • Saturday (Day 2) – 4 cr
  • Sunday (Day 3) – 5.1 cr
  • First Weekend – 12 cr
  • Monday (Day 4) – 1.75 cr
  • Total – 13.75 cr

Verdict – FLOP



  • Oh no! It’s disgusting that average movies are doing good and good movies are doing bad.most overrated movie of 2013 are
    1.chennai express(undoubtedly the most overrated.see filmfare will know it easily)
    2.YJHD(lootera,madras cafe,s26 are far better,but they are always underrated.but yjhd is always overrated).
    3.dhoom 3(illogical and even critics overrated despite of knowing its demerits)
    4.ashiqui 2 (music was great but movie is average.
    5.the lunchbox(not bad, but still overrated by critics.

  • @nipun You said Lunchbox was best film of 2013. Now saying its worst film. It seems you are suffering from same disease like Hrithik in Koi Mil Gaya Lol

  • So, a movie like Yariyaan has beaten a movie like Dedh Ishqiya at the box office? That’s the sad truth about Indians audience. Now, those people who watched Yariyaan will complain it was a bad movie didn’t deserve to score over Dedh Ishqiya, yet they preferred former over latter.

  • reality is when srk does good movie like don2 or jthj then everyone talks about collection. but when he does ce which wonder at the box office now everyone is taking about class.

  • @Nipun ohk enough now.. Chennai xpress was a good movie though not great.. But even k3 was just a so was nowhere near ce(entertainment wise) xcluding d special effects n technical aspects.story was a mix of several hollywood movies.hrithiks acting too wasnt dat good as krrish though as rohit was commendable.i xpect u to b neutral.u didnt liked srk in ce n u wer praising hrithik foh come dat
    Hrithiks best movie acting wise wer knph kmg lakshya fiza jA n guzarish.
    Hrithik is ur fav dat doesnt mean he is d best wateva he do(like most ppl think of shahrukh)
    Though I too was xpecting aamir’s nomination foh d3 but since he slams indian awards den y d hell dey wil go after him..hes not a pm or president.
    Havnt seen lootera or the lunchbox or madras cafe so wil not comment abt dem(some said dey wer fab n some said dey wer plain boring)
    N akshay too deserved foh sp26

  • No disrespect to Madhuri, but if Dedh Ishqia had Vidya Balan then it would have been super hit. They didn’t cast Emraan Hashmi in sequels like OUATIMD and Murder 3 that’s why those movies underperformed.

  • if u r blind and without brain,non educated person u can think that its flop and tht is her fail!NOT FROM INDIA AND THINK THAT THIS MOVIE MASTERPIECE!!!!THIS IS A REAL CINEMA ART!!!!MADHURI CONGRATS U!!!U R HIGHER THAN ALL THIS STUPID RACING!!!RESPECT!

  • fantastic movie n madhuri is great there is no othr actress in comparison of madhuri. she is lady amitabh of bollywood.

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