Bombay Velvet Screen Count, Runtime, Budget

We answer a few ‘Bombay Velvet’ related questions:

Q. What is the screen count of Bombay Velvet?

A. Bombay Velvet is releasing on approximately 2600-2700 screens across India. The film will have a limited single-screen release. Even at multiplexes, the number of shows is much lower than what mega-budget films usually get.

Q. How much does the film need to collect to be a profitable venture and what is the budget of ‘Bombay Velvet’?

A. From its theatrical business (overseas and India), Bombay Velvet has to collect around Rs 150 crore just to recover costs. Assuming that it does fairly well overseas, the film would have to collect around 125-130 crore in India. Cost of production is Rs 90 crore, the makers have spent around 20 crore on marketing. Total costs – 110 crore approx.


Q. What is the runtime of Bombay Velvet?

A. The runtime is 2 hours and 30 minutes.

Q. Can Bombay Velvet take the best opening of the year?

A. The hype is missing. In fact, there is quite a bit of negativity surrounding the film. What helped ‘Roy’ (where Ranbir made an extended special appearance) was hit music. With Bombay Velvet, both the promos and music have failed. Our prediction for the opening day is Rs 9.5 crore (Also read: IndicineFBO: Opening Day Prediction of films)

Q. How is the advance booking of ‘Bombay Velvet’?

A. Poor. It had to be better because ‘Bombay Velvet’ is a big film.

Q. Will the excellent response to ‘Piku’ affect the business of ‘Bombay Velvet’?

A. It would all boil down to the content of ‘Bombay Velvet’. If the film finds appreciation, business won’t be affected. Having said that, Piku has done well enough during the weekdays to ensure that it retains enough shows this week. If ‘Bombay Velvet’ doesn’t do well, it’ll benefit ‘Piku’.

Q. What is there so much negativity around ‘Bombay Velvet’?

A. It’s a combination of several events. It all began with reports in the media that the film hasn’t shaped up well and the makers were planning to reshoot a few sequences. This rumour coincided with the film getting delayed by 6 months. The theatrical trailer wasn’t received well either. And finally, the makers organised a party for the media, days before its release.

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  • It is very difficult task , producers should immediately go to insurance company to save from a great loss.(if available)

  • I want to know who is the producers and distributer of this film ? Wo kya ha na hmko bhut bura lag rha ,bechare sadak par na aajaye kahi.

  • Flop or Disaster..Nothing can do ranbir..Have a big budget movie ranbir will fail..After all,media created star..

  • Will watch this for KJO sir,Anurag sir as well.also will be great to see really good actors like ranbir ,anushka.looking like akki,sallu fans already started their negativity against the film knowing this doing such kind of movie is out of reach in the part their star.

  • Superstar or flopstar….he looks fake when says apun repeatedly in one of the promo dialogue.. and indicine please clarify that isn’t it a wrong precedent to set when makers organise party for critics….isn’t it kind of giving bribe indirectly…..pathetic

  • is akshay kumar’s fans are really fool
    other stars fans always speak bad & produce negitivty about akshay & his films.
    even they ignore to watch akshay movie in cinema.
    they dont apriciate the conent movies of akshay & always talk about joker action replay, TMK, OUATIMD
    BUT they forget that tmk & joker are srk movies after dispute akshay helped farah family & Frah Family gave him fops of the decade. action replay,boss, k786, tashan & OUTIMD are the movies ruined by supporting cast
    but akshay haters always talk about these films & try to down akshay

    but in other hand akshay fans never speak bad about others & they watch other stars craps after craps in cinema.
    so they are fool
    its time to give return gift to other stars & their fans so they got lession
    otherwise haters will really made akshay to retire
    tit for tat

  • BV will easily do more than 100 cr. Its bad that people want a complex masterpiece like BV to fail and are supporting 3rd class craps like Gabbar.

  • 1 st weekend 40-50cr
    if good lifetime 110cr
    if average 80 cr
    if bad 65 cr
    Ranbir kapoor is 5th Mega Star in bollywood.
    after 3 khans and Hrithik.
    I bet .This time indicine’s prediction will

    Ranbir Kapoor is Johnny Balraj, a street fighter. He swoops down on a big, balding, Bob Christo-ish fellow and lands punches that sound like a bike ramming into a wall. Why? So that we know Johnny is Very, Very Dangerous. Just in case him telling someone that he’ll put a bullet in their head if he runs into them again didn’t make that point clear.
    Karan Johar is Khambatta, also a thug, only in a tux and a thin moustache. Going by his styling, it won’t be entirely wrong to expect his first dialogue in the trailer to be, “Sara sheher mujhe Loin ke naam se jaanta hgai.” He too is supposed to be Very, Very Dangerous. Because he sits still, raises eyebrows, sips whiskey, smirks and punctuates every word in each sentence with a pause.
    And then there’s Anushka Sharma, dressed like a five-year-old’s Barbie birthday cake. She is Rosy Noronha, or the ‘voice’ of Bombay Velvet. She’s only a little bit dangerous because she just has one line in which she threatens to kill Johnny. Her single expression – that of a child denied a chocolate – throughout the trailer is compensated with a zillion hairstyles. A Bindu bouffant, a Sadhna fringe, a Mumtaz hairband and a Jackie Kennedy bob among others. She clearly isn’t happy being a singer although singing in bars must have been one helluva lucrative profession in the 1960s, considering her stylish wardrobe.
    Together, they are as compelling as Sunny Leone’s Hindi.
    So what is this trio doing in Anurag Kashyap’s much-anticipated Bombay Velvet? Johnny goes from punching people and smooching Rosy to turning into a runaway character from a Quentin Tarantino suit (he’s wearing a suit, firing two machine guns and making a face that makes you nostalgic for Suniel Shetty in Border,…HAHA

  • BV will be flop or Average.
    but It can manage to collect 65cr atleast.Because of Ranbir Kapoor.
    if Good 110cr
    Average 80cr
    terribly Bad 65cr.

  • Flopstar Ranbir ki ek aur film gayi. Fox star earned 45-50 crore from Bang Bang and losing 60 crore from BV. Lol. Profit gayi paani main.

  • @indicine, why u not posting abt PK china premiere and release date, screen count of PK in china. You are a SRK based bollywood site.

  • @vish,no you’re wrong this year belongs to KING KHAN.akki already gave 2 flops and will give one hit that also due to KJO sir,lol.

  • Now flop star Ranbir ‘ll bcome hall of fame n cut anurag’s hathyar fr destroying his career..

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