Bahubali stands for biggest, nicest, boldest way of storytelling: Shah Rukh Khan

Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan has hailed ‘Bahubali’ calling it the “biggest, nicest and boldest” way of storytelling. He also said the vision and the thought of making a film like ‘Bahubali’ proves “no guts.. no glory”.

“I saw ‘Baahubali’ part one. Unfortunately, I have not seen part two yet. It’s an extremely inspiring film and I think it holds true for part two as well. Not just the success with numbers but the vision, just the thought… No guts, no glory… and ‘Baahubali’ stands for that”

The actor said the fast-advancing technology will always be a big part of cinema, but the industry was making “wonderful films” even before technology came in.

“Technology, of course, will always be a huge part of cinema. I believe that. I would never discount the fact that other kinds of films can also be made. They’re fantastic and beautiful… Before technology came in, we still made wonderful films.

“But if you want to create that big cinema and that big dream to sell to a big number of people, you have to have guts to take that storytelling on and say it in the biggest, nicest, boldest way possible. ‘Baahubali’ stands for that” Khan said.

The superstar awaits the release of his romantic film directed by Imtiaz Ali, also starring Anushka Sharma in the lead.



  • Sir we saw your guts but we didn’t see any glory.Now u ar down u are humble. Back then u never saw anything gud in other Ppl it was all about you. U were so proud, calling yourself king,idiot. Now failure has humbled u.

  • @Kesla Amadi- It’s not SRK’s fault that Gangu Teli sallu struggled for two back to back decades, Idiot. He was the King and people still call him the King, cause other stars don’t have his royalty.
    @Indicine-why are you blocking it again and again?

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