Anushka Sharma with Aamir Khan?

After making history with 3 Idiots, actor-director duo Aamir Khan and Rajukumar Hirani are teaming up for another project. Ever since Aamir unofficially confirmed that he is a part of the film, there was tremendous curiosity around the actress who will be lucky enough to play the female lead.

Sources say, the Band Baaja Baaraat girl Anushka Sharma  is the chosen one! The young new face in B Town was been lucky enough to romance Shahrukh Khan in her first film. Now, if things fall into place, the Raju-Aamir film could be the biggest of her career.

Currently though, Aamir is busy with his  TV show ‘Satyamev Jayate’ and will begin shooting only after the release of Talaash on November 30th.

We wonder what this means to Yashraj Films’ Dhoom 3. Will it be shelved or will Aamir be replaced by someone else?



  • amir khan is bringing his movie after 2 weeks of srk movie…

    if he thinks tht he is beeter thn him and all thn why dont he bring his movie on the same day i.e diwali or be4 2 weeks of diwali…….

  • @gau….it’s simple because aamir khan is afraid of srk since aamir is biggest g.. a.. a.. n.. d.. u of bollywood.

  • Aamir is numero uno.No hero can match his intelligence.Xcited abt Dhoom 3 nd Aamir-raju combo.Dont care even if dhoom 3 is shelved

  • Anushka has a lot of potential and she’s future top heroine of bollywood and yes she should make movies with some good actors not like Ranvir singh who looks like rikshaw driver below her status.

  • why srk has not potential to bring movie same day with aamir. Why srk not bring my name is khan on christmas or in early january? Why he release movie in feb simple ans is that srk too has not potential to come with aamir.
    if you talk abt aamir he has potential to release a class movie taare zameen par with akshay’s welcome at the time when akshay also ruled bollywood.

  • Anushka is a talented actress. Love to see her pairing with Amir. But she is about twice the height of Amir. :O

  • heard that if aamir will not b a part of dhoom3 the movie will be offered to ranbir kapoor……..indicine is this true?

  • @vinay- but anushka had done 1 film with the biggest superstar of this galaxy.. That is Shahrukh Khan(Rab NE BANA DI JODI) .. And also her 2nd film With SRK in progress..(Rumoured titled London ISHQ).

  • Dhoom 3 is not shelved. Aamir’s records of 3 Idiots were yet to be broken and now he is ready with future mega hits in Dhoom 3 and Raju Hirani film! Poor haters can keep yakking in jealousy!

  • Lots of love and best of luck for anushka for her film with amir , i also want to see her with salman , hritak , ranbir kapoor and jay.

  • sky for your kind information srk don released with jaane mann of salman and akshay and it was washed by srk and aamir khan just delayed his movie because of less promotion and other thing in june all big movies are releaising thats why for your kind information its not srk who has fear its sk and aamir khan who delayes their movies because of competition now on dewali srk and ajay movies are releaisn on same date srk dont delayed his movie but salman khan first delayed eik tha tiger from june to eid and now aamir khan did the same and delayed to december

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