Aamir Khan spotted with fans: Photos

One of the biggest superstars in the country, the man behind every big club – whether it is the 100 cr, 150 cr, 200 cr or 250 cr, Aamir has always been the first to cross a big milestone. But off-screen, unlike his good-friend Salman Khan and arch-rival Shahrukh Khan, who have this larger-than-life presence, Aamir has no starry air around him.

He mingles with fans and chats like a commoner. We spotted Aamir with a couple of his fans on Tuesday. Check out the photos.

Aamir Khan snapped with fans

Aamir Khan snapped with fans

Aamir Khan

Aamir Khan

Aamir Khan with fans

Aamir Khan with fans



  • Classics of Aamir Khan – Lagaan, DCH, 3 Idiots, TZP, AAA, RDB, Sarfarosh, Rangeela, JJWS, QSQT Classics of SRK – Billu,Ra-one.Ye Lamhe Judai Ke,Guddu, One 2 Ka 4.

  • To Debut In A Film With Hrithik Roshan
    Is A dream Come True : Pooja Hegde In an interview, Pooja was asked how
    she got her dream role in Ashutosh’s
    film, Pooja replied, “Sunita Gowariker,
    Ashutosh’s wife spotted me in an
    advertisement and called me for an
    audition and I got selected. I’m extremely excited and honoured to be
    a part of the movie. To be able to do a
    debut film with such a visionary
    director and such a huge star like
    Hrithik is a dream come true for me.”

  • I read afew comments saying ‘aamir has fans…?’ followed by a fools laughter LOL

    My sweet Lord we all know there is one Global Dictator of Burma sorry King of Paglapur who has an endless army of orcs sorry IDs coming from the underground or Mordor sorry Paglapur but why these goats sorry fans dont watch Smeagol sorry Sarkars movie in theatres is their problem but having a pop at people wanting to watch Aamirs movies is just pure silly…! Get your own house in order- you claim to be devotees of Thakur so show your allegiance to Sauron sorry Sarkar by watching his movies on Youtube sorry Theatres and prove the mythological story correct- which is Sarkars fanbase is really 3.7 billion strong….

  • @Nakli Nipun..yes dear, your superhero HR has genuine fans like Khaitan and Orient to make him fly and swatters to kill the mosquitoes..lol

  • Aamir has big fan following than any other khan / superstar.. i can show u pics…where he has been surrounded by large crowds… when he visited to patna over 20 lakh people came there.. and when he visited to gaya during smj again huge crowd gathered him… around 2 lakh people.. The thing is that aamir doesn’t show off…he is a simple and shy person..

  • Aamir has more fans than flop Srk proof 3 ATBBs in 5 years, an unbeatable feat in India. While Srk gave huge flops like Ra.One, Mnik, Billu etc.

  • Reality about fans its true that salman & srk have more fans than Amir but if u see in theatre when amirs mvi going u can find every actors fan but in case of salman srk akki’s mvi u will get mostly their fans and thats the biggest reason behind records of Aamir….respect him everyone wants to see amirs mvi thats the class of his mvi his acting his style….He is the only legend in bollyd i hav ever seen

  • Bollywood Aamir se hai Aamir Bollywood se nhi…..only genius can understand this …rest go & watch karn arjun or HTHS

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