With technology, action is safer but not easier: Hrithik Roshan

Hrithik RoshanTechnology may have made action safer but not easier, says Bollywood actor Hrithik Roshan, known as much for his superbly executed action stunts in films and ads as for his acting.

Action in Bollywood films was of the “dhishoom, dhishoom” variety till the 1990s, but advanced technology and increased use of special effects brought in a new twist.

“Action is not easier (with better technology). Maybe it is safer,” the actor told IANS over phone from Mumbai.

Hrithik has done films like “Mission Kashmir”, “Krrish”, “Dhoom 2” and “Agneepath”, all of which gave him ample scope to demonstrate the daredevilry that has won him so many fans. He recently wrapped up the action-packed “Krrish 3”, and even jumped off a cliff in Bali for an ad for aerated drink Mountain Dew.

In his view, actors and filmmakers who dabble in action have many advantages now, especially with the boom in demand for films like “Rowdy Rathore”, “Dabangg”, “Don: The Chase Begins Again” and “RA.One”.

“There is a lot more that you can visualise now than before. There is a lot more scope for you to think out of the box, and things which were unimaginable a few years back are now possible.

“In that regard you can say, yes (technology has made action easier). When it comes down to doing them, there is always some adrenaline pumping and there is nervousness,” said Hrithik, who is fit as the proverbial fiddle.

At 39, and after over a decade of making his way to the A-listers of Bollywood, Hrithik, son of veteran actor-filmmaker Rakesh Roshan, believes success comes when “dreams turn to challenges”.

“Once you live enough of life, you realise that all those dreams that you are afraid of are only challenges. So, I call them challenges and it will make you nervous, which is full of good energy. The anxiety and nervousness is good for you.

“It is all of this that has got me where I am today. I have reached this place only with this kind of philosophy,” said the actor, who used to stammer once upon a time.

Hrithik, now a father of two, made a blockbuster debut with “Kaho Naa…Pyaar Hai” in 2000. He then cemented his spot in the industry with projects like “Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham”, “Koi…Mil Gaya”, “Dhoom 2”, “Jodhaa Akbar”, “Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara” and “Agneepath”.

A dancer par excellence, the actor admits his only aim in life is still about “putting in my best to find out my true potential”.

“I am on a mission to make this the best life, come what may, and every day is a step forward in finding out my true potential,” he said.

That holds true for his brand associations too.

After endorsing brands like Hide & Seek, Reliance Mobiles and Liberty Footwear, the actor is promoting Mountain Dew, the slogan for which reads: “Darr se Mat Daro, Darr Ke Aage Jeet Hai”. It translates to – ‘Don’t fear your fears, victory lies ahead of them’.

Hrithik feels it is “one of the best fits” for him.

“The brand has taken the philosophy of my life and put it on the billboard, as well as visually expressed it through various channels to the people. The basic principle of my life has always been that way,” he said.



  • Wish Akshay Kumar was there in Krrish 3 for villain’s role instead of irritating Vivek Oberoi. Wanna see the two superstars together (Akshay playing the villain) in a movie.

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  • Waiting for k3..bt i want to see a pair in another movie ie hrithik and deepika..i think it will be a hottest pair

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  • @JMo, yeah dat cud hav brought more excitement bt dnt frget d evil act of vivek in shootout at lokhandwala wich won him lots of accolades, well let’s c wat vivek has done in it n yeah evn i wnt to c hrithik n akshay tgthr in a hardcore action movie !!

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  • hrithik takes up all challenges and overcomes them, that’s true dedication. come on hrithik, bring it on………..waiting for krrish 3…!!!

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  • @JMO rightly said bro.akshay kumar vs hrithik roshan in a action scene.wow.. dadly combo.
    bring it on producers,directors.what you say hrithikians???

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  • @velocity k3 will be the more biggie if aki plays the role of vilen. You know aki negetive role in ajnabe looks great but salman fans hate vivek even bhai jaan hates too. Thats the only problem of k3. Otherwise i like kmg and krish but only vivek k3 will lose bussiness. Even the ajay and srk is the 1st choice to play the role of vilen as vilen is more powerful than the hero but why this role given to vivek. K3 trailor will release with chennai express, a romantic journey on 8 aug this eid.

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  • @velocity @SAMAR: It’s true that Vivek looked deadly in SAL, but one can’t never forget the negative roles that Akki did in movies like Aflatoon, Ajnabee and Blue. He fits in the evil avatar so well. Let us hope for the two stars coming together in Krrish 4 which will definitely have high-octane action scenes. Hrithik has already expressed his desire to continue the Krrish series.

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  • Waiting for another superhero film after Ra.One, but i hope it will better than Ra.One

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  • Yeah.hrithik and akki in a same action movie would have been much intresting.also what about john abraham??two muscular heroes in a movie.!!wow..thatz also would be xciting..:D

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  • @romance express, u r uncomfortable abt krrish 3 only coz it has vivek oberoi in it ?? really ?? nw wat reason is dis ?? shud evry man on dis earth shud please ur so called bhai jaan ??? is ur bhai jaan sum god ??? luk evry actor’s is to do their actin well, as long as dey do their wrk honestly , its all n gud !! personal matters shudn’t brought to screen n film ! please watch a movie or nt fr its quality nt coz of sum personal matters of ur star, dats jst plain foolish !!

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  • @SAMAR, well i wud lyk to c hrithik n akshay in anoder action movie n nt in any krrish movie, dey both cud well fit into a sci-fi action thriller or zombie thriller wid lots of action n thrill !! nw dats sounds super cool !!

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  • @Romance Express go & check BOI again koi mil gaya is a blockbuster which collected around 42.50 cr in India.BTW here is the url in case don’t find it

    & Salman had an extended guest appearance in KKHH and Srk was the main lead there.But K3G was a multistarrer movie and it wasn’t a solo Srk movie.There’s not much difference between their screen timing also more or less though Srk had a much better role.But It wasn’t a regular solo Srk movie.It had Hrithik & AB so It is a Hrithik’s movie as much as Srk’s.He has Total 5 BB.

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  • i also want to see akki and hrithk in a movie,but not in k3
    because krish is hrithiks franchise,so most of the success credit will go to hr
    i like both

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  • one can’t underestimate the acting skills of vivek oberoi as we have seen it from the beginning itself. with movie company he already proved his acting skills and he even did diverse role such as lover boy image in saathiya. so pls don’t underestimate him.

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  • @boss, agree would love to see hrithik & akshay in a action movie but definitely not in Krrish.btw Akshay has also expressed his desire to work with hrithik in a action movie.Hope someone brings them together in a project.Am sure it will rock & it can be the best action movie ever made in bollywood as Akshay is the best action hero we have and Hrithik has also very good potential to do action by his own.

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  • Hrithik is a fantastic actor, we Hrithikians are very proud and happy that hrithik was born in our Generation.

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  • he is first actor who got best actor award for flying….i can imagine his fans IQ level…

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