I wish the ticket price of Toilet:EPK is low, want more people to watch: Akshay Kumar

Bollywood superstar Akshay Kumar has said he wants to keep the ticket prices of his upcoming film ‘Toilet Ek Prem Katha’ low, so that more people can watch it in theatres.

“I wish the ticket price of this film (Toilet: Ek Prem Katha) to be low so that more people can go and watch the film. Around 54 per cent people in our country have no access to toilets. So, my concern is to make people aware of the issue. They should go and watch the film rather than (us) counting on the box office collection”

Talking about the film getting tax exemption, Akshay said the distributors have already applied for tax exemption.

“So far there is no confirmation, but yes, the Viacom18 people applied for tax exemption. Let’s see what happens.”

‘Toilet Ek Prem Katha’ releases in theatres on August 11.



  • Akshay sir jaisa acha insaan aur koi nahi ho skta. This man has golden heart . He is doing so much for our country . So it becomes a duty of all indians to watch his movie TEPK nd understand what he wants to convey. Yrr meri haath jod kr sabhi haters se request hai ki insult krne ki jagah Akki sir ki baat smajhne ki koshish karo . Shayad society mein change aa jaae.


    • Srk desh ki liya bahut zada karta hai o sirf dakha tay nahi……do u know he is investing his money in how many villages??


    • Abe chal sale ..Canada ka nationality le lia or ab Jaan bujh ke army ko paisa de rha taki achaa image bane or sb deshbhakt bole or koi Canada vale baat pe Sawaal na uthae …2015tak kaha tha ye Jo ab deshbhakti jaag Gaya ..ye Jaan rha tha ki iska movie 60 cr kamata hai to chalo deshbhakt ban jate hai or ab 100cr kama rha usme se 1cr army ko de rha

      Sala movie promote krne ke liye Indian flag ka insult kia


    • Hahaha dekh lo isko jab ticket price kam hoga to footfalls high hoga hi zyada se zyada aadmi dekhega movie to automatically movie ka collection bhi zyada ho jaega …hahaha poor akshay fake Deshbhakt ..


    • Srk never beat the drums of his work…in 2012 he adopted 12 villages…in 2014 he denoted 25 cr even sallu just 11cr…..where was akki??..if u remeber after 26/11 he called at india gate for a speech…u will be shocked to know that in countries like germany and france 60% students mention the reason for learn hindi to understand’s srk movies…dont u feel proud??when one of the worlds biggest director james camaron says he came to know india bcoz of srk only and he wishes to visit srk’s country..


      • @Chottu, is say zyaada sad cheez dunya main kuch bhi nahi hai, ke Jamoes Cameron didn’t even know india existed other than SRK..This shows how bad the country government and impact is..And how do u know all of these facts..?? It’s because it was reported by the media that SRK has donated this much blah blah blah..
        And you are saying he doesn’t show off..??
        Who do u think informs the media..?? His PR team


    • Movie dekhney se society main change nahi aati, ye sab natal hai. All that matters for him is box office collection – same goes for his fans


    • we already know the message the movie wants to convey as from last 3 years modi jee is saying the same thing time and again. so no need to go to theatre just for the message.


  • 1st day 1st show booked. This movie is looking very interesting. I request everyone to please watch this movie . Haters always say that he is a fake desh bhakt . Shame on u haters . Instead of hating him , try to love him then u will know value of his work .


  • Donate all the money which your movie will earn from all over the world for making toilets at home after deducting your budget….then ask about box office numbers…


    • Dear look at his statement and tell me where is talking about the box office..Please unfold the cotton on your eyes and try to see and understand the thought.


      • If his only intention is to give message to society then why releasing it in theatres, rather than premiering it on TV. These days everyone is engaged in making money only, whether they raise Hindu Muslim or toilet, Rustom, airlift, padman etc…


    • Idiot, how can he donate the BO collections first and then ask for BO collections..??
      What are u smoking..??


  • Most people criticizing him probably dream of settling in the US. Some people raise bars unnaturally high for actors and don’t realize the hypocrisy in the tragedy of their words


  • This film is not having as much buzz as it was expected neither is JHMS is having good buzz. Bahubali has severaly affected Bollywood as its consequences can be seen even 3 months after its release. I don’t know how much time it will take to things become normal again. May be upto Diwali.


  • I like him but it seems he trying so hard to look a very nice human from last one year please someone explain him q bhagwaan sabit karnay ma lag gaya hai yeh over exposing irritating…
    I feel same irritation from him nowadays like he act in dharkan movie


  • Looks like the admins of Indicine have changed.
    Wrong FBO, some unrealistic answers in Q n A
    Accusations of being harsh and negative to SRK all over twitter


    Also you gave 1* to welcome when it released. U gave 1* to Ready and then 2 days back u were praising them


  • Hahaha dekh lo isko jab ticket price kam hoga to footfalls high hoga hi zyada se zyada aadmi dekhega movie to automatically movie ka collection bhi zyada ho jaega …hahaha poor akshay fake Deshbhakt ..


  • TEPK is a perfect film for Independence Day. If we exclude Bahubali 2, 2017 has been a nightmare for Bollywood so far. So the success of JHMS and TEPK in the coming weeks is very important for a the industry. Tax emption could be a huge boost to the film. I hope it works with both masses and multiplex audience. Currently the buzz to watch TEPK isn’t very high, but if the content clicks the film may find its audience.


  • ha ha…fake deshbhakt ..

    free me bech do bhai tumhari film..taki sub log dekh sakhe ..

    feku sala ..jisko toilet bandha ne paise nahi .o garib log tumhari film Q dekhe ..

    waiting for JHMS ..

    love u Don


    • We all know ki, Tere aur tere dada aur pardada ke paas toilet banane ke paise nahi hai tabhi to sabhi pariwar ke saath khulle mein hagne jate ho Tum log…

      Ye movie vishesh taur par Tere pariwar aur Tere liye hi bani hai to dekhna mat bhulna, Shayad aqal lekar ghar mein toilet bana lo…

      Lode jaisi shaql hai to yahi expect kiya jaa sakta hai Tujhhse, Bhaag Bh*sdi Ke…


  • Message to Akshay and his fans – stop begging. You look really desperate. People will watch the movie if they want to.



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