Will you watch Rangoon in theatres?

With 10 days to go for the release of Vishal Bhardwaj’s Rangoon, the actors are pretty much going all out to promote the film – which releases in theatres on February 24.

The film is a casting coup of sorts – both Shahid Kapoor and Saif Ali Khan have delivered their career-best performances in Bhardwaj films. The role of Langda Tyagi won Saif several awards and immense critical acclaim. Shahid too has been outstanding under Vishal’s direction, with flawless performances in films like Kaminey and Haider.

The two stars also have a past – what with Kareena Kapoor dating both men and eventually getting married to Saif. The whole setup becomes even more interesting with a terrific actresses like Kangana Ranaut playing the love interest of both actors in a period love-triangle set in the 2nd World War.

The positives though end there. The promos have received a mixed response and the audience, from the various surveys that we and others have done, doesn’t seem to be too interested in watching the film in theatres. The problem seems to be the dark setting, along with the ‘sensual’ almost-naked scenes which could discourage the family audience.

The costs vs hype or interest is somewhere not matching up, although critical acclaim is almost a foregone conclusion for Bhardwaj films.

Will you watch Rangoon in theatres next weekend? Vote and tell us what you think:

Will you watch Rangoon in theatres?

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  • I have skipped Jolly LLB 2 because of my Exams So no chance for Rangoon any how The next movie which I will watch in Theaters Is Badrinath ki dulhania After exams

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  • when the cast was announced i was quite excited, but the promos and songs are really poor. even the whole setting looks fake which is something not expected from bharadwaj. It is more like ” repelling ” us to watch even in TV. Very recently I have watched DANGAL, KABIL, RAEES, JOLLY, there is no way i am going for this one.

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  • In the last 2 months I have seen Dangal, Kaabil, Raees and Jolly LLB 2 so I don’t think I will watch Rangoon . I am yet to decide whether to watch or to skip . The trailer of Rangoon was good but not something expected from Vishal Bhardwaj . Rangoon is the most expensive and the most commercial film of VB till date . Saif and Kangana were absent in 2016 . This film is important for all three of them .

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  • Amazing strategy adopted by this site .reject producers figures of film kraft or rakesh sirs or hrithik related films giving excuse of inflated figures which actually are genuine and aalccepting all other producers figures of films of khans .which may be inflated ..kudos wow wt a new unique tracking system…..

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  • This looks like an urban film. But I’m sure even the urban audience won’t go for it. They only go for massy movies and then complain that the industry should stop churning out the same masala movies. Nobody cares about the fact that this movie looks really good in its presentation. There seems to be actual effort put behind the visuals and the production design. For all I know, even if it turns out to be a good movie, the audience will make it a flop by not turning up coz to their amateur minds, its dark and sensual.

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  • Vishal+shahid+saif+kangna=masterpiece (best).
    E.g. are kaminey, haider,omkara.
    KAMINEY is one of the my favorite film.

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  • @aman kapur

    Exactly…… This site is pro Khans. Hrithik’s Kaabil & Baba Gurmeet’s Hind ka Napak ko Jawab are doing earth shattering business but this 2rs site isn’t reporting. #SHAME.

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  • @tiger the fake king yes bro ..it’s really a shame tat this site which I used to follow has become 2 rs site today because of people like u …and yes don’t talk about earth shattering business. …..i m not sure if u were born in 2006 when hrithik roshan had done “””” not earth but universe shattering business with krrish and dhoom 2…”…hold on before u start giving ur bhai eid releases….let me tell u krrish and dhoom 2 were released on 23 st June 2006 and 24 November 2006 .these dates are neither edx nor independence day or Republic day or any day still. Wt happened every body knows if hrithik is given a solo release date with a holiday hrithik can give a run for their money to ur bhai jaan. Biggest example was on 26 Jan 2012 when agneepath broke bodyguards record..in future u will witness earth shattering films from hrithik yes ….and don’t compare baba ram raheem to hrithik .compare this baba to ur bhai jaan .this will suit more as ur bhai jaan crap films are very much similar to hind ka naaakabil ko jwaab. …wow wt a shame#.

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  • will watch if it releases in Pakistan…Vishal is a master filmmaker…Omkara, Haider are classics…indicine plz bus kr do har waqt boxoffice, boxoffice….it is too much now…u just care about box office…quality b koi cheez hoti h…!!!

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  • Mega Star Mammootty’s The Great Father teaser crossed 6 Million views on Facebook within just 3 days of its release.

    Thus,The Great Father teaser surpassed the record of DANGAL official teaser, by becoming the “Fastest Indian movie teaser to cross 5 Million mark on Facebook”.

    Pls post an article on this

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  • @Indicine for fuksakes can u stop saying the same shit over and over again – family audiences. What era are u morons living in the 90s? wake up tossers!! this film looks interesting!! it will work in main cities!!!

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