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Will Talaash affect London Ishq?

With Talaash now postponed to November 30th, the big question that everyone seems to be asking – will Shahrukh Khan’s London Ishq get affected?

It’s a scenario that’s quite similar to 2009, when Ghajini released just 13 days after Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi. Many believe, if Ghajini wouldn’t have released soon after Rab Ne, the later would have gone on to be the first film to cross the 100 crore mark.

But a quick glimpse at the collections of Rab Ne; Week 1 – 42 crore, Week 2 – 25 crore, Week 3 – 9 crore, Week 4 – 5 crore. Quite clearly suggests that the film ‘did not’ crash even after the release of Ghajini. The drops were normal, maybe a little more in Week 3. We’d like to believe, even without Ghajini, the SRK starrer would have collected about 5 crore (at best) more than it did.

Getting back to Talaash and London Ishq, the later is expected to release on 13th of November (Diwali), which is 17 days prior to Talaash. A gap of 2 weeks is sufficient for most films these days, in fact almost 65-70% of money is earned in the first week itself.

What most forget though, is the fact that two other biggies are also scheduled to hit screens this Diwali – Ajay Devgan’s Son of Sardar and Akshay Kumar’s Khiladi 786. If those two films stick on to their announced dates, then, they are more likely to affect London Ishq and not Talaash.

Oh and Dabangg 2 is slated to release 20 days after Talaash! 3 big films, featuring all three Khan’s, November and December will be huge!

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  • Aamir said in an interview that Talaash will get release either on 30 nov. or 7 December. It will affect London Ishq’s buisiness by 3-4 cr0res at best. As regarding 3 releases on diwali..S.O.S will get preponed or postponed and Khiladi 786 is still in pre production will arrive in december or early 2013

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  • why ppl r abusing aamir khan , he posponded the movie only coz of kahaani which is same genre as talash so got worried what is the problem with it now he will make some changes in the movie but still i dont think it will be as good as kahaani which is a masterpiece in itself

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  • obviously srk will be the winner neither sallu’s or amir ‘s magic spell will be successful.because amir
    khan is like a new born baby in bolly… who depends on publicity by srk[earlier],now on sallu[now].

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  • MrNc Nc nana, Aamir was already a super star when shahrukh came.. Aamir gave us Andaz Apna Apna, Dil Chahta Hai and 3 IDIOTS.He was first to cross Rs.100 crore mark and also first to cross 200 cr0re mak. On the other hand Shahrukh’s highest grosser is RA.One 115 crore.

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  • Are yar tmlog har jagah jhagda shuru kar dte ho,mjhe to afsos is bat ka hai ki ab eid se pahley tak koi film ni hai dkhne wali……

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  • Talash will not effect SRK`s “London Ishq” becouse 2 weeks are too many to do a big business now a days and yes London Ishq will do it in those two weeks….
    And also SRK star power is bigger so his film will not be effected….
    And one thing more is that SRK is releasing another love story on diwali which will be a huge blockbuster i-e ALL TIME BLOCKBUSTER (will break all records at box office)

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  • Amir is gona be mad he will delay his film otherwise it will be effected bocause of London Ishq

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  • salman Is bigger star than amir ok and srk is biggest stop praising amir salman can any day beat amir and srk is not from this world he is fab

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  • @megha true salman is ahead of amir no comparison with king because one good family movie of his will destroy amir three idiots in half run

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