When Michael Jackson met Hrithik Roshan!

It was not too long ago, when Bollywood’s greatest dancer met the King of Pop for the very first time, infact it was about 7 months back in December 2008.

Hrithik Roshan, who was shooting for Anurag Basu’s Kites in Los Angeles, was quite stunned when Jackson walked into his makeup room and introduced himself.

According to those present in the makeup room “Hrithik was in his make-up room when MJ’s two bodyguards entered. He was taken aback to see these burly men enter the room. On questioning them, he learnt that they were Michael Jackson’s body guards.”

The most interesting moment of the meeting is that Jackson introduced himself to the actor. “Michael introduced himself to Hrithik. It was a funny scene to see someone like him who the whole world knows introducing himself. The two spoke for a short time and then Micheal left. Hrithik was left stunned and took quite sometime to gather his thoughts.”

Amazing.. Imagine the most renowned entertainer in the world coming upto you and introducing himself! Must be a great feeling..!

Watch the videos of both the dancing superstars below and drop in your comments below.. By the way, this is no comparison topic.. Just enjoy watching the two perform, especially MJ’s Moonwalk.. Its a ‘Thriller’!!!

First some of Michael Jackson best moves


Some of Hrithik’s best




  • How can people even think about comparing rittik and michael!! michael is a legend so how can people compare him with a person like rittik!!!!!! man i wanna puke!!! sorry to say this rittik’s fans but michael is waaayyyy better!!!

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  • lol….ppl r carzyyy…cant u read???fool…MJ ws d greatest nd d original….nd he cumin nd introducing himself shows wat a genuine guy he mst b…bt at d same time hritik is too gud!!

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  • Well its glad to know how they met!! It is strange if one of the most famous people introduces himself to you!! Thats weird!!

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  • While you cannot compare the two dancing legends… Obviously Jacko is better.. But Hrithik with the kind of physique he has, its not easy perform the way he does.. MJ is slim, agile and has much lesser muscle.. Hrithik is strongly built and to move the way he does, is amazing!

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  • indicine team: iam surprised you class hrithik roshan as the best dancer india ! are you sure about that ?? do your research and you will find there are far better dancers in india than hrithik. trust me, as they say in hollywood.

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  • Spiderman, there are many great dancers in India which includes the likes of Prabhudeva, Javed Jaffrey and others, some of them we dont even know.. But these “Best Looking Man / Woman” – “Best Actor in the World” – “Best Dancers” usually go to the most popular people of the world..

  • Indicine Team, I dont like Prabhudeva… He’s too shabby and lacks class… Javed Jaffrey is good…

    Spiderman, to add to what Indicine Team already said, IMO i think Hrithik is the best dancer i have seen and i say that being a Jacko fan for years

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  • michel jackson is agood dancer .but……
    Hrithik roashan is the best performer,a good actor as well as a good dancer.
    he i best of the best.

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  • hrithik is too good. We are all soory for the king of pop’s death. it’s tragic. hrithik is a great fan of Micheal and as much as hrithik’s fans know of hrithik is that he’ll never want anyone to compare him to Legend Jackson. Hrithik is very humble and will always say that he isn’t on the same level as Micheal Jackson. but Hrithik does his work honesdtly and to th ebest of his abilities… he’s the best in every deparment: looks, body, acting, dance, action…. he’s perfect…
    Hrithik please bring on Kites, Guzarish and Krrish 2 soon…. love u so much…..t

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  • and yes.. Spiderman… hrithik is the best dancer. i totally agree with indicine team, suniel and sabawoon….
    hrithik is the best

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  • Well I disagree! Sorry to say but Hrithik cannot beat Michael Jackson! First of all have you seen Michaels songs they are just AWESOME! No one can dance like him totally he rocks! I’m not saying that Hrithik is a bad dancer but if you havent seen Michael Jacksons dance movements go see them on t.v or buy a dvd they are awesome! Hrithiks good too hes not bad! But yes maybe in bollywood he is the best dancer!

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  • there is no way u can compare michael jackson to hrithik….mj is waaaayyyyy better then hrithik…!!! i dont even like hrithik…

    MJ will b missed soooo much!! i love his music!♥ ~RIP~

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  • hey nabeelah! u r the best! well…………..u r like the only one who actually agrees with me! thank u soooo much!

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  • MJ… there was only one person like you…. nobody can fill the gap left by him…
    there is only one king of pop, ‘MJ’…..
    Hrithik was lucky to meet him….. only few ar lucky…..

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  • hrithik is a really gud dancr…i agree wiv dat bt srk is olso a gud dancr…he’s nt bad….

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  • i dink dat srk is vry humbl n nt proud lyk hrithik…..bt i do agree dat hrithik da world nw bst dancr (nw dat mj’s gne)…..

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