We must focus on 1000 crore mark: Karan Johar

Karan JoharFilmmaker Karan Johar, co-chairman of the FICCI Frames 2013, says the focus on the Rs.100 crore benchmark, is limiting the growth and content of Bollywood films at a time when the aim must be to mint Rs.1,000 crore from one film.

“Rs.100 crore is restricting the limits of our self. We must add one more zero the Rs.100 crore films and take it to the next level. Rs.100 crore is limiting the growth and content (of films). The possibilities are endless, and we must focus on Rs.1000 crore mark instead,” Karan said here.

“In next five years, we will be in a position… it might sound aspirational, but there is a possibility that we may have achieved all that,” added the filmmaker.

He spoke Monday at a press conference of FICCI Frames 2013 — an entertainment and business summit of the Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FICCI) starting Wednesday in Mumbai.

The theme of the conclave this year is – “A Tryst Destiny: Engaging a Billion Consumers”.

It will serve as a platform for dialogues between thought leaders, studio heads and academics, who will talk on a range of topics like digitisation, censorship, marketing, exhibition, distribution, the future of content consumption in an era progressively getting defined by the digital media, innovation and planning required in various policy issues within TV, cinema, animation and gaming.

Talking about the state of theatres in the country, Uday Shankar, who heads FICCI Media and Entertainment Committee, said: “The number of theatres in our country is very few and the films releasing is more. We need to have more theatres for screening.”

Adding to this, Karan said: “Hollywood is a much bigger market. It has six to seven films releasing on a Friday. Here, if more than one film releases, it is considered as a war. There is so much made out of two films released in a single day.”

The FICCI Frames this year will especially tackle issues related to censorship.

One of FICCI’s Policy Representation on the media and entertainment industry mentions that “the Cinematograph Act needs to be urgently amended, so that there are no impediments to its screening once the censor board passes a film”.

“There is a special emphasis on the Cinematograph Act this year, especially with regard to what happened to ‘Vishwaroopam’ (which was banned in Tamil Nadu after being passed by the Central Board of Film Certification).”

“This needs an immediate attention. We believe that the censorship should be the final authority on a film’s release. Censorship on satellite has already been tackled,” said Karan.

FICCI Frames 2013 will be held March 12-14 at Hotel Renaissance in Mumbai.




  • Karan johar if u want to focus on 1000 crores then u should take salman khan and aamir khan in ur movie bcoz only these 2 actors movies “ett” and “3 idiots” has crossed 300 crores worldwide and their popularity is increasing day by day.


  • karan johar needs to make a universal movie starring salman khan and aamir khan together bcoz at present both r capable of giving 400 crores movie worldwide and their lethal combination together maybe after 3-4 years can achieve 1000 crores landmark.


  • At present 1000 crores is impossible but this year “dhoom 3″,”mental” and “krish 3” can achieve 400 crores worlwide box office collection.


  • aamir khan and salman khan should act together in a movie again..then only bollywood can gross big amount..its possible..bec they are very good friends..just imagine the hype..if they decide to act together then no need to think about script..bec aamir is there..


  • 1000 crores mark will be only achieved by SRK in the future……Salmaan and Aamir will surely be limited by 100 to 200 crores mark….Becoz SRK is most popular actor in the world…….His latest movie were not so good for entertaining but all the movies crossed 200 crores grossing in the worldwide box office…It is only due to having most fans following of SRK…..When SRK will give a good movie then It will be certainly crossed 1000 crores marks….It will be sure


  • poor ppl, ur khans r getting older, get ur facts cleared, dey will last fr 3 years max. as lead heroes ! the future lies in d hand of young brigade consisting of hrithik,john,ranbir,emraan etc , dey vl surely mek gud films n tek bollywood frwrd n plz dnt compare a perfect actor lyk aamir to salman, salman cn only mek remake movies while aamir meks novel movies !


  • @vipin srk’s RNBDJ and OSO,CDI were good movies and srk was his prime then y these movies can’t achieve 100 cr Domestic or 200 cr worldwide while Ghajin which was released 2 week after Rab ne set 100 crore club domestic and 190-192 cr worldwide even that time Aamir popularity was not same as srk have, and these 3 moive which i mentioned above was critically and commercially successful so my dear frnd srk wasn’t set any record in his prime time so how he can achieve in his bad time and srk last 4 release were coleected 200 cr worlwide due to high promotion by srk of his movies , in overseas srk movies collected very well because his movies supposedly made to attracted overseas audience that’s y srk last 4 movies Ra one,Don 2, Jthj and MNIK were shoot abroad location in which MNIK was completely shoot in abroad that’s y it raked 100 cr in overseas so srk first come with script which have universal appeal and shoot only in India and then if he got 100 cr business in Overseas than we can admit he is King in overseas because Salman did only one movies recent time which shoot in foreign location ETT and it was second highest grosser overseas in 2012 with collection abt 60 cr overses and it was not released in Pakistan if this released in Pak who knows that ETT was highest grosser of 2012 overseas. and mark my words srk CE will get some success In India but in overseas it’s collection will be less than Salman Dabangg 2 (45 cr)…..


  • 1000 Cr movie can only be a dream of Bollywood, well even if u put srk or Salman or hrithik or any one movie also nothing is gonna happen, if u want to focus on doing 1000cr movie the Bollywood needs to stop making remakes, masala movies, item songs etc… Instead focus on developing VFX, spreading the word Bollywood every where etc. it needs to be at the level of Hollywood to achieve such big number as “1000” but unfortunately that’s never gonna happen for Bollywood, may be it will if the I dusty starts developing on such areas right now..
    I am glad the stars like srk and hrithik are trying their best to reach the heights of Hollywood standards.


  • The Immortals of Meluha has the potential to do 500 cr worldwide if made well with a very good director & hrithik starring in it.I have read the previous two parts of Shiva Trilogy & all I can say that the role of Shiva is tailer made for Hrithik. The right person for this movie to direct would be Raju Hirani or Rakesh Roshan & that guy Karan Malhotra won’t be a bad choice either.BTW I am only waiting for this movie along with P.K and I am not that excited for K3,D3 or bang bang(no way) either.

    Karan please announce it soon…


  • Aks ok I marked ur words…
    Letss see what happen…
    I think u fohgot oso.it waz a masala movie n blockbuster in overseas….
    Salman wil compete wid shahrukh in overseas….atleast not in dis life


  • @aks agreed with you that even in his so called prime srk didn’t set any milestones except overseas.btw all Hrithik’s blockbusters in that period collected much more than any Srk movies.In 2000 KNPH did 38 cr where as mohbattein did 32 cr,in 2003 kmg did 42cr & kal ho naa did 35cr and in 2006 both had two movies srk’s don did 51 & kabhi alvida got 45,where as hrithik’s dhoom 2 did 80 & Krrish collected 70 cr.so It proves that Srk is not about BO Atleast in India even when he was in his so called prime.btw everyone knows what happend post 2008-


  • 2000 2003 2006 hrithik nly fr 3 yrs…wid movies wid way better wom..nd srks oso was d highest grossing movie worldwide them.nly a few lakhs short of d 2 in ind..though d 2 had way better wom.rnbdj mixed wom..highest grossing movie in ind nd world at tat tym..nly remake lyk ghajini wid better wom cld beat it..lallu wid remake nd positive wom cld even do 100cr wrldwide wid wanted in 2009..k 3 vil do well bcause of the vfx by srk nd d script if it is gud


  • Why other heroes can never be where Srk is? He is the only one in the industry with a character. Here are some juicy reports about the so called faithful men of bollywood.

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