I want everyone to watch Begum Jaan trailer: Vidya expresses confidence

Expressing her confidence in the film and eagerness to show the trailer of ‘Begum Jaan’ to everyone, Vidya Balan has said the trailer will be launched on March 14 and she would be showing it to her family on the same day.

“I want everyone to watch the trailer. I am dying to show it to my family but I have told them that I will only show it to them on the day of the trailer launch”

“I loved it. It was so powerful. When you are working, you are racing against time, braving the weather, you don’t realise what you have made” Vidya said.

Set against the backdrop of Partition, ‘Begum Jaan’ is a story of survivors who defy nations to save their homes. Vidya plays the title role of the madam of a brothel.

The film has been directed by National Award winning director Srijit Mukherji and has been produced by Mukesh Bhatt.

‘Begum Jaan’ releases in theatres on April 14.



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  • Neither Vidya looks like a begum nor a jaan ..Will watch it only for the one who defines the title. PS: I’m talking about Gauhar Khan

  • Hope to see the same….
    But too many women oriented movie will kill your career…..
    Do a movie like bhool bhulaiyya….
    Best of luck for begum jaan….

  • Indicine you little scoundrel. I know you’re paid for this article :) . Lol
    It’s ok as long as you’re not biased to something and to promote someone’s movie which will give them profit and some money to you i would always admire Your work . Just that I love your sight and visit often and I know what kind of writing you do and want to do and this ain’t one so couldn’t resist to mock you . Kudos to or other hard work and keep it up

  • The original Bengali version was EXCELLENT and people were deeply touched and amazed.
    WE BENGALIS have full trust on SRIJIT MUKHERJEE. He is one of the finest directors of India.

    Everyone, please give BEGUM JAAN a chance. I know it will not disappoint you on any level.

  • Honestly why do actors rave about movies which are remakes?? It loses credentials big time. The bengali version was critical acclaim so this one will be the same but box office wise it will flop!! Vidya balan needs to retire or change her looks shes been carrying the same depressing looks for quite some time.

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