Best Movies of Shahrukh Khan

In 1992, Shahrukh Khan started his Bollywood career as an outsider, without any father figure in the industry and today about 17 years later, he is one of the most popular Bollywood stars in the world. Overseas, Shahrukh is Bollywood’s single most recognizable figure.

From Negative roles to Bollywood’s most loved romantic hero to a hockey coach, the highly inspirational SRK has done it all..! All in a career that has gone from strength to strength and shows no signs of slowing down even at the age of 44!

With My Name Is Khan all set to release next year and while his fans await what could probably be his most powerful role to date, we ask you dear readers to vote for your favorite Shahrukh Khan movies.

With 35 movies to choose from, we thought, it would only be fair to give your more options. You can vote for UPTO 5 MOVIES from the list below.

Anything related to Shahrukh, his movies, his career, his life.. you could share your memories too.. all below in the comments section.

Shahrukh Khan's Best Movies

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  • I think SRK has done good job on Chakde india.Om shanti om n Karan arjun(this one is my even though i donot like SRK)

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  • Hi SRK’s fans,
    I like all the movies of shahrukh.
    But i think some of his movie are increadable! Thease are given below
    1) DDLJ
    2) Swades
    3) Baazigar
    4) KKHH
    5) RNBDJ

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  • Hats off to his career,i was totally impressed by his love life with Gauri,the way he came to film industries,the respect to women,really impressing.

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  • Indicine Team: I already expressed my feelings and my opinions about SRK’s movies in many pages on the website, but 5 movies to select out of 35 as his best movies are just few.. u should’ve given us a chance at least 7 movies.. anways.. I consider his best movies as follows:

    1) KKHH
    2) Dil Se
    3) Mohabbetain
    4) Veer Zara
    5) Chakde India

    6) Devdas
    7) Kal Ho Na Ho

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  • this is Beeky and for
    8.KAL HO NA HO

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  • hi all,

    it is quite difficult to choose srk’s best movies as i like all of his movies. Any way if i have to choose among the above list . Here are they:

    1) Chak de
    2)Om shanti om
    3)Dilwale dulhaniya le jayenge


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  • Actucally it is a very difficult job to choose only 5.

    1. Chak de India
    2. Kal Ho Naa Ho
    3. Swades
    4. Devdas
    5. Rab Ne Banadi Jodi

    6. Asoka
    7. Kabi Alvida Na Kehena
    8. Darr
    9. Bazigar
    10. Veer-Zaara

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  • 1.chak de india
    2.dil se
    3.kabhi ha kabhi na
    4.kal ho na ho
    7.kabhi khushi kabhi gum
    10.kuch kuch hota hai

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  • It is most difficult to choose 10 movie so iam with 20 movie. all movies are fav. for me.

    1. DDLJ
    2. KKHH
    3. K3G
    4. RNBJ
    5. KANK
    6. OSO
    7. CDI
    8. DTPH
    10. PARDES
    11. SWADES
    12. ASOKA
    13. MAIN HO NA
    14. DEVDAS
    15. DON
    17. KOILA
    18. DAR
    19. BAZZIGAR
    20. KAL HO NA HO


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  • Ithink sRK’s best movie is chak de India and Swades and I hope MNIK will be better then all.

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  • i personally took to disliking SRK aftr OSO bt before dt i hd alwz been a HUGE fan..
    in my oinion d gravitas he lent to movies lyk swades, dil se, devdas n chak de india is commendable..

    sry 2 dissappoint hard-core fans bt IN MY OPINION most of his ‘hit’ movies lyk ddlj,kkhh,k3g,mohabbatein etc are hammy,cheesy n repititive..

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  • Well, Here is a list which according to me are Shahrukh’s top 5 movies…..

    1. DDLJ (No doubt about it as it was a new trend setter in bollywood)….
    2. Chak De India ( I think He acted really well in this movie)
    3. Devdas (It was a well made movie with some very good acts)
    4. KKHH (According to me, Kajol took the credit away from SRK in this movie even though he also acted
    well but Kajol was at her best in this movie)
    5. Darr (This is the only movie where i liked him doing the negative role)

    Well the list is good enough but I think if we go through the list one more time, we will realize that SRK hasn’t been able to deliver good performances in variety….. In most of the movies, His looks and acting has been similar…. Quite Strange……Like DDLJ, KKHH, Pardes, DTPH, Yes Boss etc etc…. All seem to be similar with similar kinda story i guess…… Anywayz, He is a star performer and I hope that he will continue delivering good performances in variety from now and on as in Chak De India and Rab Ne Banadi Jodi… I find him a bit different in RNBJ and he acted good in it…..

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  • 1- My name is khan ( I know it isn’t released yet but I predict it’ll be his best movies)
    2- Devdas ( The only classical movie in SRK ‘s career & it’s difficult to do a movie as it again )
    3- Don ( the best action movie of SRK & he was the best Don )
    4- Chak de India ( Srk was awesome despite of he wasn’t a lover boy but it was a great love story with his country)
    5- Ashoka ( the better show of the emperor warrior lover’s story)
    6- KANK ( very mature role of SRK inspite of “Dev” was immoral guy but SRK made one respects his feeling)
    7- RNBDJ ( great work of Khan in the double role & a very different look of him as “Suri” in a very real love story)
    8- Chalte Chalte ( Amazing performance of SRK as real jealous loving husband)
    9- KKHH ( the triple was rock, SRK, Kajol & Rani)
    10- Hats off to ( Kal Ho na ho, Vz, Darr, Anjam, Baazigar, one 2 ka 4, Paheli, Swades, Mohabbatein, K3G,DDlj,karan arjun, OSO)

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  • Hats of 2 srk…he roks 2 d core..nobody iz dere in bollywood 2 compare vid him..he rulez d bollywood…his all d movies r superb.

    luv u srk !!! <33

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  • kabhi haan kabhi naan is one of my favourite films of all time !!!

    baadshah also is one of the funniest comedy films ever !

    the worst film of srk = asoka.

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  • shahrukh es el mejor del cine indio todas sus peliculas son de los mejores arriba srk eres el mejor actor del mundo CLARO ESTAMOS ESPERANDO MY NAME IS KHAN sera un exito en todo el mundo……………….desde peru PORFIRIO VILCABANA CALDERON FANATICO NUMERO 01 ………

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