Vivek Oberoi trending on Twitter

It’s quite funny, but the last thing the Bachchan’s would want to hear at probably the happiest moment in their lives, is the fact that Vivek Oberoi is trending on Twitter!

The most re-tweeted tweet is “One minute silence for Vivek Oberoi.”

Being a star it sometimes gets difficult to be ‘left alone’ during such private moments.

Big B is known to respond to the most popular trending topics, we assume he wouldn’t be too pleased to hear about this!

Some tweets

  • vivek oberoi started trending due to some other news articles, later the trend caughtup due to ppl asking questions why is vivek trending..
  • Rather unsurprisingly #BabyB is trending. But rather surprisingly, Vivek Oberoi is also trending!
  • All jokes apart, Vivek Oberoi trending today instead of Abhishek Bachchan must be the poor guy’s biggest failure till date.
  • Twitter is so funny . Abhishek is the daddy ; but Vivek Oberoi gets the glory as top trend in India
  • What next? Salman trending?


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