Video: Veer Trailer

The much awaited theatrical trailer of Veer is out! And the film written by Salman Khan himself has a Jodha Akbar – Lagaan feel to it, both classics directed by Ashutosh Gowariker.

Veer directed by Anil Sharma and produced by Vijay Galani, this period drama also stars Sohail Khan, Mithun Chakraborty, Lisa Lazarus and Jackie Shroff. The movie releases on January 22nd 2010.

Watch it and let us know what you think of the Veer Trailer.




  • OH MY GOD i just watched VEER promo.
    i dont know wat to say. amazing amazing promo
    Sallu is gonna kick ass.
    even those who dont like hime cant ignore him in dis film

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  • i dnt intend 2 mean dat…………. i want 2 say dat it’s jst mind boggling……………
    dat’s all!!!!!!!!!!

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  • hummm promo is good in hollywood these kind of movies always work but not in bollywood . best of luck with veer.
    salman should release worldwide especially usa market with english dubbing may be it can get good business in overseas market.

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  • first time wen i watched it i felt nice but then it felt a bit borin…

    Fights- like jodha akbar and 300 style.. hmmm can even say telugu Maghadeera style..

    romance- lagaan style

    bare back scene kurbaan style..;)

    if the content s gud den sure shot blockbuster.. budget s said to be 40-50cr so it can recover its cost…:)

    Sallu s accepted mostly in such style so it can be another ghajini in d making…;)

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  • Salman will start promoting movie the same way aamir did for ghajni…..Salman is looking damn good….Movie budget is 40 crs and if it can get same type of promotion of ghajni then sure blockbuster

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  • ONE Thing is sure for the movie…..Salman khan will promote this movie very deadly n will be wait to see people reaction of it!!!!!!!But promo is very gud…especially love story the music is good….Lyrics are from gulzar so we can be sure that there will be 1-2 good songs eventhough song may not be big factor of movie

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  • awosome ! mind blowing ! fantastic ! this is called an epic film !!!! VEER its gonna be part of the legendry films of indian cinema ! so guys wait for the legend film ! hail TO SALMAN KHAN FOREVER N EVER !

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  • The Promotion will be Hugeeeeeeee…… Remember how he promotrd wanted…. He will promote this movie almost 10 times more than that…..

    Music Release 5th DEC. , Andheri Sports Club…

    The Movie Looks Ultimate….. It will Break all the Records SET in Single Screens…. Multiplex Collection will be also huge…..

    All in all BLOCKBUSTER material….

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  • INDICINE.COM I think da promo is one of da best one in recent time!! Salman looks a true fighter.WHAT DO YOU THINK PLZ TELL ME? Can it break ghajni’s collections?PLZ PLZ PLZ

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  • @ Amish,
    I have noticed something here about you amish,

    you are against KHANS , is there any agenda are you following, we all from India and proud to be the part of the land(INDIA) where ebery body has full right of living in their own style, you ugly thoughts sound like , you belong to the sick tribe of (Narinder Modi), the CM of Gujraat, and for your kind info. I am Hundu

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  • Asim bhai- phir se agaye aap….

    wer on earth came this against khan thing yaar.. wen did i ever say tat.. i just said bout some resemblances.

    Wy u keep on finding faults in me always…. If u r Hindu or muslim does it matter… V r Indians and All Indians r my Brothers and UR sisters.;)

    Veer was a movie v al wer interested in.. I did like d movie trailor first time but 2nd time it was a bit borin i said.. tat was my opinion.. I did say if the content s gud movie s sure shot blockbuster.. can even beat ghajini`s record..
    i never say somethin like movie shud flop, never go to watch it etc like some ppl say.. Being a fan respect others. U keep doin this with me always.. am sure next u `ll msg tellin Ban this amish..;)

    If u r true salman fan go watch d movie in theater and den comment.!

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  • Content of the movie should be good other wise it will be flop!!!mainly because this type of movie doesnot work on india.It all depend of how SALMAN khan will promote the movie n if it can get around 20-23 crs weekend …only chances are it can be hit!!!!!!If it manage to do so then ,no one can stop making it to big hit!!

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  • @INDICINE TEAM-wat is your thought about veer trailer???plz tell us…did u like it or not…..honest opinion plz….nothing biased……request…..waiting for ur response

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  • nice trailer but what i noticed in this trailer is that the voice of Sallu doesn’t sound good on a character like VEER. the voice had to be a bit heavy or authoritative something like Hrithik’s voice in jodha akbar . but anyways the trailer is nice . i hope it works

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  • guys it is 5:15 pm so i m going to my university and i ll finish my uni at 8 and movie will start 9 pm australian standard time.
    stay tune with me i will put my review at 6 pm IST .
    hopefull movie would be good like other priyadarshan+ akki compination.
    i will put my review on de dana dan pridection page.

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