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Video: SRK’s Dulha Mil Gaya Trailer

The much awaited trailer of Shahrukh Khan’s Dulha Mil Gaya is out. Its SRK’s presence that has added buzz and curiosity, making it one of the more awaited films of 2009. Especially since Shahrukh hasn’t had a release this year, apart from a special appearance in Billu.

Dulha Mil Gaya which also stars Sushmita Sen and Fardeen Khan too, has SRK in an extended special appearance. The trailer calls him “the King of Romance”.

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  • indicine :
    please conferm about shahrukh’s role in the movie coz so many people said that srk has guest appearence but in trailer it doesnt look like this , more then 10 sceens of shahrukh we hv already seen in trailer.
    and tell me what is conferm date of this movie now?
    what are the expectations from this movie?

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  • i cant understand how saju and some other guys are saying tat SRK looks older…he stil looks like35 -- 40years…. if u people do not like him avoid seeing his films and trailors and dont say such cheap comments against anyone…every human being wil become old… u , me our parents and all…so wats there to say tat he is old and lik tat….grow up saju.. this is 2009…

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  • shahrukh khan is beyond comparison for dimwits like saju dey. people like saju are loosers who can stand supersucessful people like srk.srk is 44 but atleast does not attempt to play a college yuppie.srk will always be the man who entered the industry and made it on his own merrit rather tha get launched and relaunched by by star fathers/directors/producers/musicians so on & so forth. As far as dulha mil gaya is concerned its an old film trying to cash in on srk’s name. The producer is srk’s old friend & srk stood by him. That’s the greatness of the man. Srk has the guts to experiment with films like billu rather than falling for the cheap trick comic movies being churned day after day. His last full fledged film rab ne bana di jodi was an example of a star actor who carried the entire fil on his shoulders with a 20 year old newcommer and turn it into a blockbuster. So Mr. Saju keep criticising Srk and he will slap u on your face and frustrate you with blockbusters every now and when even when he turns 54. Watch out for my name is khan!

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  • Khan shut up. u keep talking rubbish get a life man.
    yes i agree SRK presence in dis movie makes u want to watch it oderwise it just looks like a normal Bollywood film.

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  • saju day:
    i m biggest fan of akki and i dont know ke akki ki next koi movie hit ho gi ya nahi par veer to lazmi flop ho gi
    tum dekhna.
    where is ur sallu uncle’s star power ??? london dreams jaisi superb movie bhi flop karwa di us ne
    akki ki to movies achi nahi hoti is liye flop ho gaien. lekin sallu uncle ki to har film achi hoti hai MAMK n londond dreams woh kion flop hoien ???
    dono ka business mil ake bhi akki ki super flop cc2c jitna nahi banta

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  • shahrukh khan is the king of bollywood and every person who watch indian films interested shahrukh khan’s films

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  • It’s good that we get to see SRK in at least a short role. If this movie was not released this year,I would have had to wait till next year February to see him. Good luck darling Shahrukh!! :-)

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  • hey stupid SRK haters… think before u comment…just becos of his presence this film has become so popular and interesting..can any of fardeen khan film has been promoted like tis…thankyou indicine for deleting the bloody comments of saju…and indicine wat is ur opinion of SRKs presence in this movie.. hasnt he been so good in tis u feel him looking as older than amir… well i cant see any problem with his dancingand all… he is not at all tired .. he is quick in his steps and is still handsome… pls reply indicine ur opinion

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  • You dumb ass that have no brain this is NOT SHAHRUKH FILM!

    The promo look good and SHAHRUKH LOOK HOT. I am excited to see this film.

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  • sorry Indicine but i just had to say that. Its just bugs me that SRK haters is finding another reason to hat SRK for no reason. Its not his film and I have that its being promoted as a SRK film. Shahrukh is just too nice to do such appearance for friends. Viveck isn’t really has friend cause if he was then he wouldn’t be doing this to SRK. Some friend.

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  • Saju Dey, almost all your comments from the site have been removed. Unless you start posting something sensible your comments will not be accepted / published.

    Stop spamming with your craze for Veer all over and read the rules!

  • If you have any requests / complaints -- contact us via email. Dont ruin discussions here. Stay on topic, not all topics Veer-related.


  • we r bak and we juss saw the trailer again properly. fardeen looks gr8 : )!!!!!!!!!! u r awesome and our favourite film of urs was om jai jagadish and all the best was a crack up….all the best with ur new film!!!!!!!!!!!! hehe!!!!
    btw we juss read da comments above if u r a SRK hater then u shouldnt even be here and watchin the trailer in the first place. SRK is KING KHAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and no one else is ok!!!
    no one can be SRK…every actor has their own talent and place in bollywood.

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  • This movie is going to be blockbuster movie. I am sure King khan apearace is going to make cinemas and multiplexes houseful. I am extremely waiting for this movie.

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  • i dnt think that dulha mil….will go well……i fear srk may be consistent wid billus box office review………..srk being the badshah should be tasteful abt movies………….

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  • I so happy for relising this movie,i am bing vary happy to My Name is Khan this Pictur, No any others movies to compeard with this movies, This Movies is a historical truth. i Hope above movies will be same. i Waiting for thise movies relised.

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  • I have read all the comments here and found so many lovers of SRK as like me. SRK is known as SRK because of his own talent. And Indian Cinema is now a days known and watched by people from abroad only because of His craze in foreign countries. Go to Philippines, None knows there, who is Aamir, akki, or Salman. But if you ask them do they know SRK? They will jump at you and tell you Yup. And thats not only in Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia, UK, USA, Almost all the countries where Indian films got released. Other actors can’t stand SRK’s Success, That is why they tries to underestimate SRK’s success. Only Akki is Someone who had similar story like SRK. To get Success in Bollywood, Both of them had to prove themselves by their own merit. But SRK, got succeed before Akki, Because, SRK, has the X-factor in him which really attracts people easily. His sheer screen presence can make a film succeed. And its true. I don’t know, have i crossed the topic here or not. But I felt that I should share this to clarify that, SRK is Far better Human Being than Other actors. You must see, SRK never underestimate anyone’s success. He never felt threat of anyone. But other Actors like Aamir always tried to cross his limits by doing such low things. Thats what bring the true educational background of them. SRK’s parents helped him to grow up as a good human being, that is why he is so modest and not over confident. But about Aamir, I should say, He has lots of problems in his own Family. He even has or had bad relation with his Father and Brother. Where, SRK, lives with his Sister and take care of her no matter where he is. Thats the difference. I think, I am a big fan of SRK because of his human nature rather than acting. And he has more fan because, He never Acts actually. His doing things Look like so real that is why he does not need to be as perfectionist as Aamir is. He feels his character rather than thinks of it. This is why he is true hero. A guy who came from Mumbay railway platform to Bollywood Film industry and ruling it nearly 2 decades now and I am sure he will continue to rule this for more years to come. Watch out “My name is Khan” India will never forget this film. God bless SRK and his Family.

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  • Dear m/s Habib Bhai …… The god give to srk this honer, no any person in houle the bollywood teame same to srk in side the god mind, I wish him to god do the success of every works. god born srk for succecc of his life.Amit jee is a bollywood sahinsa. but srk is a all over world Badshah. one daysrk was sayd on the band stand. i will be king of the India. Srk says to that kisi chize ko agar dill se cahoo to sary kaynath usee tumse millane ki kosish me lag jati hai. srk is a star who is born to lighting in the world
    I will be try to meet srk.

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