Video: Blue – Akshay Kumar, Katrina Kaif

The first theatrical trailer of Blue starring Akshay Kumar, Katrina Kaif, Sanjay Dutt, Zayed Khan, Lara Dutta is out and it looks, by Bollywood standard, simply mind blowing. Check it out

There is a lot to look forward to in the film. Every Akshay Kumar film is keenly anticipated and Blue is no different, Katrina Kaif (in an extended special appearance) has probably never looked hotter. Lara Dutta from the promo and the first look, seems to have spent most of her time shooting underwater in lotsa bikini’s.. and Sanjay Dutt always rocks in action entertainers. Not to forget, Kylie Minogue’s item number!!

Blue should break most box office records.. What do you think? Comments below, do watch the video.




  • trailor looks good just as hollywood… i think sanjay dutt rocks more… bcos his action is having an excellent style… hope akshay will catch up with him…lara dutta is stunnung in bikini…

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  • Whether movie rocks or not but Promo is simpli awsome.Hope movie turn out be good since Other two biggie ALL THE BEST and Mai or miss khanna is releasing same time .so need to be good to tagged movie as hit other wise other two movie will just be hit since cost of movie is almost 100 crs

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  • oh my god its tremendously osssom gonna bresk pirates of the carribean record definately looks like an hollywood flick i think biggest movie of the millennium

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  • blue song:

    iam blue,

    aba dee aba duy, aba dee aba duy, aba dee aba duy,

    i have a blue house with a blue window, blue is the colour of all that i wear,

    blue are the streets and all the trees are blue, i have a girlfriend and she is so blue,

    iam blue

    aba dee aba duy, aba dee aba duy, aba dee aba duy, aba dee aba duy,

    aba deeeee, abas duy !!!

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  • Nice promo, nice casting ….
    great job akashay .. For nice stunts…
    chigi-wigi song is moodyyy. . sexy and mind blowing..

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  • Chiggy wiggy is awesomeeeee,, thank to rehman and thanks to sonu nigum,,,,thank you rehman bhai to giving awesomeeeeee music,,ciggy with you boy,,,,,,

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  • Blue film i like it the songs akshay kumar means aarav i know you you in the movie in a bollywood that to sam that in tho no ko bhai bolana aour mere lye aarav tum mere best superstar ho os ka lye ma tomare he bat kar ta rahoga LADY IN BBLLUUEE BLUE

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