Varun Dhawan Interview: I still don’t get mobbed!

Three months have gone by since the dream release of ‘Student of the Year’ and as per Varun Dhawan, ‘absolutely nothing’ has changed. The fact that he is still getting his fair share of scolding from his mom is a testimony of the fact that it is as ‘normal’ as it can get for the youngster who is already being looked at as the next big thing.

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So is the feeling of being a ‘star’ struck you?

Arrey please, honestly mujhe aisa koyi change nahi lag raha hai (smiles). Those who say ki ek picture ke baad hi change aa jaata hai, woh jhoot bolte hain. Kuch zameen assmaan ka faraq nahi hai. I have come to realise that unless you are Sachin Tendulkar, one of the three Khans or someone amongst the Top-6 stars of the country, nothing changes at all.

You seem to be finding some good attention coming your way from the female folk though?

If 5, 10 or 50 of them come, say Hi and go then that is no big deal. I am not seeing any stampede with 1000-2000 people behind me when I walk on roads. It isn’t like if I go to theatres then people don’t allow me to watch a film. I guess that kind of hardcore excitement takes time to build on. I am not yet getting mobbed and that’s not my aim either.

So what’s your aim?

I would tell you something that Karan (Johar) said to me. He said that you concentrate on being an actor and audience would do the rest to make you a star. My goal is to be an actor for my own and also audience satisfaction. Hopefully both of us would be entertained.

In this endeavour of yours, what’s the career advice that you are getting on the home front and beyond?

Karan is very keen that I should not just stick doing a film with his or his banner. He doesn’t want me to have a mindset that I work with only one or two people. Of course my loyalty lies with Dharma but then people in the industry should know that I am available for them as well. Otherwise it is very easy to be spoiled after working in a film like ‘Student of the Year’ with Dharma Productions. But then if I don’t expand my wings then all hard work of mine as well as that of Karan would go waste. Even dad wants me to make my own decisions.

What else is your dad advising you, now that you are a part of Bollywood?

He wants me to give respect to everyone who is a part of my film, be it a co-actor or a technician. Since he comes from the editing background, he really feels that those working behind the scenes really need to be acknowledged for their effort. Eventually everyone is here to work and help each other grow. I understand that as well.

How about your understanding on the kind of roles that you wish to play?

I am okay with doing a positive, grey or an out and out black role. I am very self critical about each and every small thing though. I have set certain targets for myself which I don’t wish to reveal as such. I know though that it would take me a lot of years to reach there.

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