Varun Dhawan extends incredible box office run

With the success of ‘Badrinath Ki Dulhania’, Varun Dhawan extends his incredible run at the box office. The actor now has 8 back-to-back successful films, starting from the beginning of his career in 2012 to his latest release.

In other words, the producers of his films have never lost money, which is a pretty big deal at the very beginning of a career. In fact, his biggest commercial disappointment was a big film like ‘Dilwale’ where the responsibility of the film’s success was on the shoulders of a much bigger star. 

There’s been a steady growth in the level of the opening that his films are getting too. In the first half of his career, his films would open somewhere between 6-10 crore, while his last three films have all achieved opening day totals of 10-15 crore. Also, none of his films have opened to collections of less than 6 crore on the first day – something that none of the actors, barring 4 of the biggest, have managed in the last 5 years.

His choice of films has been excellent and when experimenting with darker off-beat films like Badlapur, the economics have been spot-on – giving films with limited reach a chance to be successful at the box office.

With a big film like ‘Judwaa 2’ scheduled to release later this year, 2017 could well be the year when Varun inches closer to becoming the top young star in the industry. The ‘superstar’ status is still a fair distance away. Among stars who made their debut after 2005, only Ranbir Kapoor has come closest to it after the release of ‘Yeh Jawaan Hai Deewani’.

But if Varun can continue to make the right choices and manages to extend and establish his fan-base, the trade could look at the him very differently in the next 2-3 years.

Note: Badrinath Ki Dulhania is still running at the box office. The film has already recovered its investment and is a clean box office hit. It could go on to be a super-hit or even a blockbuster if it does well in the next few days.

Student Of The Year19 Oct 201270 crHit
Main Tera Hero04 Apr 2014 54 crHit
Humpty Sharma Ki Dulhania11 Jul 201477 crSuper Hit
Badlapur20 Feb 201553 crHit
ABCD 219 July 2015105 crSuper Hit
Dilwale18 Dec 2015148 crSemi Hit
Dishoom29 July 201670 crAbove Average
Badrinath Di Dulhania10 Mar 2017115 cr*Super Hit
8 Movies5 years692 cr*


  • Varun dhawan is my favourite after SRK.

    I also like akshay, tiger, salman, hrithik, shahid

    I dont like ranveer, aamir, arjun kapoor

    Not much bothered about sushant singh, ranbir, imran khan

    I love all heroines btw. Katrina and kriti r my favourite

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  • Judwaa 2 is a sureshot success .Potential 150 cr Grosser & it’s opening can be better than all Akshay ‘s Movie i.e 17 cr or Above
    Watched BKD today & Loved it….

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  • more power to him love u loads Varun
    stage is set for his mega opening Judwaa 2

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  • Excellent track record for a newcomer…Varun moving forward and other guy arjun,siddhart,ranveer just tanked their…lol..

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  • We have been saying for a while he’s the biggest star among all the new actors and in popularity he is neck to neck with ranbir

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  • Great, the way you r praising Varun..Same way akshay also should be praised by you as he also gives 12-16CR opening all the time with 50CR weekend and that too with medium budget movies …! And Akshay needs to be labelled with SRK now .

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  • varun dhawan is most loved star in younger actors
    judwaa2 will make fanbase strong

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  • I feel dishoom was a big budget movie with 2 main leads and Should have been declared Average or below average. He has given an unsuccessful film .

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  • Varun Dhawan’s record has been brilliant . 8 films without any failure is too good . BKD will become the Highest Grosser in the month of March beating K & S . Judwaa 2 is the biggest film of his career . He is working with his dad for the 2nd time after MTH . The successful streak should continue with Judwaa 2 except if something goes horribly wrong . When this successful streak will come to an end ? The answer to this question only time will tell . But till then let’s wait and watch !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • i think ranbir and ranveer both come in same category
    both have 180 cr grosser
    but they dont have good success ratio
    by one film we can’t consider they are big star in younger actors
    in my opinion varun is bigger star than ranbir ranveer
    ranveer is only hit with slb and deepika
    were ranbir is also hit only with deepika
    adhm is hit because of controversy and brand dharma kjo
    next films of younger actors will tell clear who is big actor
    ranbir is senior actor and his debut film released on 2007
    ranveer 2010 varun 2013
    varun is 7 years younger than ranbir

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  • VARUN DHAWAN will be the next Superstar in Bollywood after Mr. Hrithik Roshan……..

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  • Varun is more universal & entertaining than the overhyped Ranbir & Ranveer!

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  • Salman Khan And Varun Dhawan Is Very Close To Break Late Rajesh Khanna Sir’s 15 Back To Back Hit Record…
    Be Positive 😊

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  • Raees 137 semihit
    Kaabil 85 Avg
    Jolly llb 2 116 Hit
    BKD 115 Superhit
    I think Ranbir is way better than Varun . Ranbir can do any kind of role my fav barfi , yjhd , rockstar , Rocket Singh .

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  • Varun Dhawan is the biggest superstar after Khans, Ajay and Hrithik.

    After Varun next biggest is Ranbir, then Ranveer and then Akshay, and. then Siddharth.

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  • Varun dhawans pr has played a major role in his so called success. He is always on your face, promoting himself 24✕7 on television. It has also been proven that media unfairly supports him big time becoz it is evident by the fact that everytime before the release of his films, we can clearly see rumours floating in media that his films have a very low cost & it will be a major success even if it doesn’t collects anything at the box office, lol. Media declares his films as hit even before the release of his films. His pr has been doing a commendable job.

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