Tubelight Box Office Collection Update

Salman Khan’s Tubelight has dropped further a day after the Eid holiday. The film collected Rs 12 crore on Tuesday, to take its 5-day business to around the 95 crore mark.

In comparison, Salman’s 2014 Eid release ‘Kick’ collected Rs 21.66 crore on the day after the Eid holiday – which would probably be equivalent to 23-24 crore of business after adjusting for higher ticket prices this year. So in real terms, Tubelight on its 5th day has collected almost half of Kick on its 6th day.

The poor trend over the 4-day extended weekend sealed the fate of the film, which is now looking at lifetime business of somewhere in the 135-140 crore range. It would still need to hold fairly well in the second weekend to beat Shah Rukh Khan’s Raees and become the highest Hindi grosser of the year so far (not including the dubbed film Bahubali 2: The Conclusion).

In other words, the lifetime business of ‘Tubelight’ is likely to be lower than the 4-day collections of Salman’s last Eid release ‘Sultan’ which collected Rs 142.15 crore in its first 4 days.

TubelightCollectionsGrowth / Drop
Day 1 (Friday)21.15 crore-
Day 2 (Saturday)21.17 crore- 1%
Day 3 (Sunday)22.45 crore+ 6%
Day 4 (Monday)19.09 crore- 15%
Day 5 (Tuesday)12.00 crore- 37%
Day 6 (Wednesday)6.50 crore- 46%
Day 7 (Thursday)4.50 crore- 31%
Week 1106.86 crore
Day 8 (Fri) to 10 (Sun)8.25
Day 11 (Mon) to 14 (Thu)3.40
Day 15 (Fri) to 21 (Thu)0.68
Day 22 (Fri) to 28 (Thu)0.07
India Total Collections119.26 crore





  • so now it is clear that elictrical equipments are unlucky for khans..first SRK with fan now sallu with tubelight..hope Amir will stay away from these..otherwise he will also get shock..jokking apart..really shocking collection..i am srk fan still after raees and bahubali i was desparetly waiting for tubelight the expectation were quite high after bajrangi bhaijan but after trailer my interest reduce but after reviews i decided to skip it..


  • Stardom doesn’t work, if content is not good (like FAN, now Tubelight) that’s y Aamir is expectional


  • Monday,Tuesday and Wednesday are holidays that’s why it has collected a bit more… if Tubelight was non festival, then 100 cr would have been impossible for the so called megastar !!!!!!!!!


  • if it even earns 150cr it will be considered as disaster… if it is earning 130 to 140 cr then it is megadisaster for so called only indicine given tag megastar sallu…! and yeah srk s only flop of this dicade fan was flop in domestic but worldwide hit… but fuseliight in overseas doesnt even earned a face saving money… according to trade it wont even earn 7million in overseas… srks last film who earned less than 7 million in overseas was paheli… this proves no one can beat king khans stardom..! indicine believe it or not SRK is not one of the biggest crowd puller in the industry… SRK is the only biggest crowd puller in the industry…. if not then tell me any name from any industry who can earn 20+cr on first day with bad phase with clash with another superstar on nonfestive season… prove me wrong or else tell all srkians sorry for underestimating srk..!


  • I really loved Dilwale, not sure why it flopped. It has everything, best commercial director, superstars, superhit music, beautiful cinematography and I also agreed with Varun Dhawan comparison. It should have released on Eid.


  • before tubelight release bhaitards :
    it will break Dangal’s record, it will create history in China , it will beat Raees on its five days, Salman is bigger than the movie.
    after the release: tubelight is an art movie , too niche, comparing a big festival release with Fan which released during non holiday competing against Jungle book, in order to wipe out the shame that Salman has brought upon himself and his pathetic fans , his fans are suddenly bringing his past craps in between blah blah !!!!!!
    wish JHMS had released with tubelight or Dutt biopic released with TZH so that everyone came to know his stardom.
    one clash and his real face will be revealed in near future !!!!!!!!
    pan india star my foot !!!!!!!


  • Yesterday saw TL…. It’s not a bad movie at all…. It’s good but not great……
    Critic Reviews Are so Personal….
    By D way This time Salman Wasted EID….

    But there is a movie called TZH ….
    So don’t Jump Too much u haters
    Just wait till Xmas 2017


  • @Javed… and Only SRK can’t touch 150 on Christmas
    Shame, coz even Ranveer crossed 180 crs on Christmas LMAO


  • Hindi film industry is obsessed with niche cinema and even our superstars falling prey to that..
    Tubelight is not for our set of audience.. Neither it’s a quality movie nor entertaining..
    Its sad for a movie that was touted to challenge Baahubali2 hindi collections struggling to collect even 140cr..
    If it wasn’t for Salman and eid, movie would have collected below 20cr..
    Its high time industry need to realise that our writing appeals to very limited audience, else it would be too late..


  • Yesterday saw TL…. It’s not a bad movie at all…. It’s good but not great……
    Critic Reviews Are so Personal….
    By D way This time Salman Wasted EID….

    But there is a movie called TZH ….
    So don’t Jump Too much u haters
    Just wait till Xmas 2017



  • Karan Arjun

    Mother : Son check if there is power in our house
    SRK : Fan isn’t working
    SK : Tubelight isn’t working.


  • Tubelight : 2.3 stars still collecting 130-150 crs…
    Fan : 4.5 stars & Hollywood type actions and Good WOM but wrapped under 80 crs…
    Raees : 4 stars & out and out maslala with Sunny Leone & Positive WOM and just 120 crs
    Dilwale : 4 stars & Out and out masala with high octane actions and Good WOM still 148 crs that too on Christmas (excuse wale BM was 180 so we can call it flop)….

    Excuse of clashes… Bang Bang 180 crs with clash
    BM 180 crs with clash against the same whose film failed to do 180 crs… Excusewale se Besharamwale mat bano SRK fans… Besharmi ki bhi hadd hoti hai



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