‘Truly Shameful’ Akshay Kumar slams Bengaluru Molestation

Bollywood superstar Akshay Kumar has released a video on his official Twitter page slamming the Bangalore molestation incident, calling it “truly shameful”.

The actor, who will be seen in Jolly LLB 2 next month, said “The Bangalore incident makes me feel we r evolving backwards, from humans to animals,rather beasts coz even animals are better!Truly shameful”

Akshay’s video on the Indian Army last year was declared as the most retweeted tweet by Twitter India.

Watch the video below:



  • And bollywood makes some crappy movies like Befikre, ADHM etc. etc.
    Because of these kind of movies some idiot illiterate people are doing even worse things…
    1st cut their penis and then hang them…Best justice for mofos…

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  • So proud of you Akki!!!
    Other superstars, too, should come up with such videos/messages.

    I went through that video and what baffles me is, there is a sea of guys – almost all are in their 20s – but not a single guy seen taking stand for those girls who were being molested.
    Instead, they were enjoying and waiting for their turn to intimidate and molest those poor girls.

    What has happened to us?
    Those who were indulged in mass molestation are definitely the culprits, but those mute spectators are equally responsible and should be slapped with harshest punishment.

    These impotent mute spectators should rather wear bangles and lock themselves into a dark room as their ‘manhood’ is of no use if they can not use that to protect the dignity of a woman.

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  • Really its shameful.these perverts male organs should b chopped of right in d middle of d road.

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  • Kya bat hai !!!!!!!!

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  • very well said
    thanks for using ur celebrity status for right cause..
    i don’t know how can people hate this man?
    keep it up akshay

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  • where was he when salman felt like a raped woman…he didn’t post a video condemning salman……these bollywood celebs are hypocrites like our politicians. …

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  • kyaa kahu ab… insaan insaan nai rahaa …. sex ke nashe me jaanvar banta jaarahaa hai…. sorry to say government has to bann porn… ye sab useeke side effects hai…. admin i know i have wrote complicit word but its my right to express my feelings…. so post my comment..!

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  • This video shows the anger of Akshay Kumar which is completely justified . The incident that took place in Bangalore was shameful . We really need to respect girls and women not just on social media but also in such kind of situations . It is embarrassing to say such an incident took place at a public place in front of so many people and nobody tried to help her instead all of them was watching Tamasha . At least somebody could have called the police . The dialogue in Pink makes a huge impact in such kind of situation – No Means No . !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • Well said xzone.that’s what I too think.those who are enjoying that incident n making fun of those mute bastards deserve harsh punishments.bloody perverts.

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