Top 5 Actors in Bollywood – Box office battle

There has been a lot of discussion in the comments section as to who the Top 5 actors in Bollywood are at the moment. Most in the Singh Is King Box office collection topic were of the opinion that Akshay Kumar post Singh is King has gone past Shahrukh Khan as the King of Bollywood.

So we decided to do some research on the Top 5 actors in Bollywood and their last 5 movies. The actors included in the battle are Shahrukh Khan, Akshay Kumar, Hrithik Roshan, Aamir Khan and Salman Khan.

The results were quite unexpected. A few things before we give you the numbers.

Some points to remember are, actors with more releases in recent times (Post 2006) have an advantage over actors whose movies released in say 2003. That is because of the mutliplexes that have come up all over the country and also the increase in the number of prints.

So Akshay Kumar has a much bigger advantage over Aamir Khan as Aamir’s 5th movie Dil Chahta Hai released in 2001, when there were hardly any multiplexes. Also dont forget the inflation!

Here are the number.

5. Salman Khan – Salman Khan is at Number 5. We havent taken God Tussi Great Ho into count as it has just released last week and its final gross is awaited. He mainly suffers because of Marigold, as it did less than 1 crore of business in India! Salman has just one Blockbuster i.e Partner.

  • Jaan-E-Mann (2006) – 27 crores – Flop
  • Babul (2006) – 17 crores – Flop
  • Saalam-e-Ishq (2007) – 24 crores – Flop
  • Partner (2007) – 62 crores – Blockbuster
  • Marigold (2007) – 1 crore – Disaster

Total – 131 crores
Average – 26.2 crores per movie.

4. Aamir Khan – Aamir Khan although at a huge disadvantage is at Number 4. Imagine if Dil Chahta Hai had released today? It would have grossed atleast a minimum of 50 crores at the box office. Still since his come back the perfectionist has 2 Superhits and 1 Blockbuster to his credit.

  • Dil Chahta Hai (2001) – 16 crores – Hit
  • Mangal Pandey (2005) – 29 crores – Average
  • Rang De Basanti (2006) – 51 crores – Super Hit
  • Fanaa (2006) – 53 crores – Super Hit
  • Taare Zameen Par (2007) – 61 crores – Blockbuster

Total – 210 crores
Average – 42 crores per movie.

3. Shahrukh Khan – Has been affected big time due to the failure of Paheli. It didnt even get a face saving opening at the box-office and did just 13 crores. Rest of his movies have done well. KANK and Don bearly managed to go on to be hits. Chak De and Om Shanti Om were blockbusters.

  • Paheli (2005) – 13 crores – Flop
  • Kabhi Alvida Na Kehna (2006) – 46 crores – Above Average to Hit
  • Don (2006) – 50 crores – Hit
  • Chak De India (2007) – 64 crores – Blockbuster
  • Om Shanti Om (2007) – 87 crores – Blockbuster

Total – 260 crores
Average – 52 crores per movie.

2. Akshay Kumar – Now this was a real toughie. But we decided to push Akshay Kumar down to second due to several reasons. He is the only star to not have a single solo ‘Blockbuster’ to his credit (Welcome was a multistarrer with Anil Kapoor, Paresh Rawal and Nan Patekar). Although we have included Singh Is King, it has not completed its complete run at the boxoffice. We had to predict the total nett gross of Singh Is Kinng to 72 crores (44 crores in week one is confirmed + 18 crores in week 2 is also confirmed + 6 crores in week 3 and about 4 crores in the rest of the weeks is a prediction). The other reason for placing him at second is he is the only actor who has the advantage of every movie releasing Post – 2006. No release in the Pre multiplex era of India Cinema.

  • Heyy Babyy (2007) – 52 crores – Super hit
  • Bhool Bhulaiyaa (2007) – 54 crores – Super hit
  • Welcome (2007) – 76 crores – Blockbuster (Multistarrer)
  • Tashan (2008) – 31 crores – Flop
  • Singh Is King (2008) – 72 crores – Hit to Super hit

Total – 285 crores
Average – 57 crores per movie.

1. Hrithik Roshan – By far the youngest actor in the list, Hrithik Roshan by pure box office numbers of India, tops although by a very close margin. 2 solo blockbusters (KMG, Krrish), 1 multi star Blockbuster (Dhoom 2) and 1 Super hit (Jodha Akbar). His only failure in the last 4 years has been Lakshya which did average business at the boxoffice. A great comeback after about 6 failures in a row after Kaho Naa Pyaar Hai.

Hrithik also has two movies pre 2006 which is a disadvantage.

  • Koi Mil Gaya (2003) – 44 crores – Super Hit
  • Lakshya (2004) – 23 crores – Average
  • Krrish (2006) – 66 crores – Blockbuster
  • Dhoom 2 (2006) – 86 crores – Blockbuster
  • Jodhaa Akbar (2008) – 63 crores – Super Hit

Total – 282 crores
Average – 56.4 crores per movie.

The whole list might change when Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi and Chandni Chowk To China release in December. SRK could make it to the top if Rab Ne works big time. How Chandni Chowk fares will also be interesting. Hrithik’s kites releases in the summer of 2009 and there is news that it could be sold for 100 crores if not more. Aamir Khan’s Ghajini too releases this year end and is expected to create boxoffice history.

We will post an update here after all the 3 movies; Rab Ne, Chandni Chowk and Ghajini release.

Note – These figures are only of how the movies fared at the Indian Box-office. Shahrukh Khan is the undisputed king of the overseas box-office. Akshay Kumar and Hrithik Roshan come a close second and third.

Lets discuss below, if you dont agree with the article please post a comment on why. Thank you for reading.



  • I do agree with you Shy.. Harman, as a debutant, was given a difficult role in his movie LS2050, he just needs little experience to improve his dialogue delivery, that’s all, but as a hero, he’s perfect. I got the same feeling too, that he’ll be on top one day.


  • well among the top 5 actors i think it should be aamir khan at number 1. but no one seems to be talking bout him. well aamir seldom does a movie. that too over a period of 1-2 years min, mainly with unknown directors at that point of time like rakesh omprakash mehra(rang de basanti), farhan akhtar(debut film) and if i may include some of his previous movies ghulam(vikram bhatt’s debut movie), sarfarosh(john mathhew mathan’s debut movie),lagaan (debut movie of ashutosh), i think he should be at number 1 judghing by the amount of risks he takes and still is able to deliver superhit movies.
    i know many people over here may disagree saying only the last 5 years is being considered but didn’t just anyone say in his/her comments below that a star is remembered down the line for the movies he made and not for the money.
    shahrukh khan fans are goin to kill me with the no of hits prior to the five years. but remember tht most of his films even in tht period was with established directors and producers.
    so the point being stop fighting over akshay and shahrukh khan


  • actually we’v got2 consider dhoom 2 also 2 be a solo hit of hrithik as if we watch it keenly we find hrithik to be the hero abhishek, uday were all just the cops doing the same thing which they did in dhoom i surely will agree with the rest of it(the listing)except for salmaan should not be in this list instead shaahid would have been a better competor


  • Sangida: You are right, as Salman didn’t do any good movies lately except (Partner) which was also a pass time movie, but Shahid Kapoor did 3 good movies, Vivah, Jab We Met & Kismat Konnection.


  • @ Raj and Fathiya.

    Please dont get personal. Fathiya’s it you who got personal first by pointing out that its not his “dads” website.

    For now i have deleted all the abusive comments.


  • Indicine Team: yes.. I said this to this guy:( It’s not your dad’s website) because he asked me to leave the website!!! Why??Does he own it?!! If he does, then let me know now, at this moment and I will quit, or if other nationalities r not allowed and shouldn’t share their opinions with others and this website is meant to be (only) for Indian nationalities, so I’m sorry, I didn’t know that!!

    I didn’t swear or harmed his parents, never said any bad words that I deserve to hear what he said!!! and what do u expect Indicine Team?!! To hear what I heard and then keep quiet?!! Did I ever, since I joined this website used any bad language except now, after I heard all those words?!! What do u expect?? Someone tell u ( a whore) or ( a prostitute) and then keep quiet?!! See the reactions of others, after my message, humiliating Raj, how was the reaction of some Indian as they replied and (maybe) they didn’t read Raj’s comments as it was deleted!!! That was exactly my reaction.. if u guys disrespect me.. so don’t expect anything better!!



    I have a suggestion ( if u don’t want any people from other nationalities share their opinions about movies or filmstars with u), just tell your producers, when they sell their movies aborad, to other countries as million of Indians are living everywhere, to put a big board at the enterance of any cinema and mention the following:


    And then.. no other nationalities would ever visit your websites to express their opinion about anything, or watch your movies!!


  • Fathiya, please stick to normal case i.e Smaller case. Uppercase is difficult to read.

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    Raj mate, please cool down. This is just a list of the current top 5 actors. If you are interested in writing something fair on boxoffice from your point of view, your free to do so. We will publish it with your name on the site provided it is fair and makes sense to us.



  • hey FATHIYA: WE ARE HERE TO mention the five top actors of bollywood not to speak bad things about commentators and countries. Please donĀ“t do this! I will be very happy !!!!!!!!!


    1. Akshay KING KUMAR
    1. Darshil Safari
    2. Salman Khan
    3. Hrithik Roshan
    4. Amir Khan
    5. shah rukh khan


  • Thanks Indicine Team, and Abdur Rashid: Are u ready to shake hands? I don’t mind, I got a clean heart, and forget and forgive soon, that’s me, and if Raj is ready to do so, I don’t mind ( sorry Raj, I’m really sorry if I said anything which hurt u):

    My Top Bollywood actors are as follows:

    1) Shahrukh Khan & Hritihik Roshan ( they both deserve to be equal and at no. number ( 1 )
    2) Aamir Khan
    3) Akshay Kumar
    4) Saif Ali Khan
    5) Sanjay Dutt

    Shahid Kapoor can be (6)


  • my top actor list is going to be best of us!

    After The KING OF KING, Shanesha AMITABH BACHCHAN BIG B , Sanjay Dutt and Shah rukh Khan

    1. AKKI Akshay KING KUMAR
    2. Himesh Reshammiya
    3. Nil Nitin Mukesh
    4. Ranbir Kapoor
    5. Shahid Kapur


  • Mukesh Walia: R u really serious about your list?!! Do u really considier Himesh Reshamiya as an actor?!!!!!! I said: as an actor.. not even one of the top 5?!!!

    Honestly tell me.. what did u find good in Himesh?! I consider him one of the worst actors in bollywood which he should never thought of acting at all. did u like his moive “Aap Ka Saroor”?! It was one of those movies which u watch one time and then u forget about the next day!

    And I saw the promo for his upcoming movie, a crap, he doesn’t how to act Mukesh Walia? And just see his hair!! just like he’s wearing a wig!

    I think u r not serious about Himesh, all the actors u have listed before Himesh I do agree with u.

    And Neil: he’s a newcomer and did just one movie so far, he got a great future but u can’t consider him as one of the top actors in Bollywood, he got a long way to go

    I love Ranbir, so talented and cute, but also he is new.

    Don’t be mad at me, we’re just discussing and sharing opinions, but I’m really surprised that u mentioned his name among the other actors!


  • darshil safari ?? the one hit wonder. are you joking ? he has only made one film for heavens sake. why should he be no.1 ?? how many good performances has he given ? apart from that one performance

    this is very funny indeed !!! made me laugh.

    i would have put in vivek oberoi in place of darshil. at least vivek is cool.

    ”bum bum boley masti mein doley, bum bum boley masti mein tu dhol rey !”


  • I have changed my top actors list. The new list will be the best on this website. The new list will be present the actor under 60 years. I hope so!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Fathiya, Raj , Indicine Team
    2. Akshay KING Kumar
    3. Hrithik Roshan
    4. Sanjay Dutt
    5. Shah rukh Khan



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