Top 10 Most searched celebrities of 2013

He might not have had a movie release this year, but Salman Khan has once again topped the list of ‘most searched celebrity’ in India for 2013. The superstar has edged out his arch-rival Shahrukh Khan, in the list published by Microsoft’s online search engine Bing.

The only sportsperson in the list, dominated by movie stars, is legendary cricketer Sachin Tendulkar who retired from all forms of cricket last month.

Salman Khan Actor

Salman Khan Actor

Deepika Padukone may have delivered 4 hugely successful films this year, but she is still a fair distance away from beating Katrina Kaif, who was in news for her leaked bikini pictures.

Hrithik Roshan, who was in news for both personal and professional reasons throughout the year, didn’t make it to the Top 10.

Most Searched Celebrities of 2013. List published by Microsoft Bing.

  • Salman Khan
  • Shahrukh Khan
  • Katrina Kaif
  • Sachin Tendulkar
  • Deepika Padukone
  • Priyanka Chopra
  • Kareena Kapoor
  • Akshay Kumar
  • Ranbir Kapoor
  • Vidya Balan


  • Salman with no movie no promotion nd yet still the most searshed STAR on 2013!
    That’s the POWER OF HIS STARDOM!

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  • Mainly overrated ppl are searched.that’s why katrina kaif is topping at 3rd and salman at 1st.

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  • This is called THE REAL SUPERSTAR power. Can u believe it without a release he is still NUMBER ONE, imagine the craze after JAI HO release.

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  • People don’t search hrithik because he is a non controversial star unlike salman and srk who are involved in some controversy or the other every day.

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  • Ha ha…seems roshans forget to pay microsoft otherwise hr would be no.1 there also…I think they ran out of money in proving k3 as biggest grosser ever….

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  • This list is bull, hrithik belongs on this list and so does ranveer and aamir, i dont know why kareena and vidya are on this list……….

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  • How kat is getting back to back big banner films? ?so many girls are struggling and spoiling their career in the dream of becoming a heroin despite of being supremely talented.but this talentless kat is getting more and more overrated in bollywood.

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  • Why do people search them on internet,don’t they know them?
    ??Rather they should visit…

    And this is not any criteria to decide Stardom!!!

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  • @nipun
    please don’t give lame excuses coz ur hr is not in list. truth is no one care bout hr.he is not global star like srk . his biggest hit not even collected more than yjhd.

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  • fake list. vidya balan?? y would anybody search her? where is sunny leone? neha sharma or kajal agarwal. nobody is interested in old salman and srk. 1: sunny leone 2: ranbir 3: Hrithik 4: sachin 5:katrina 6:deepika 7:Neha sharma 8:Kajal agarwal 9:Akshay 10:Kareena

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  • Salman and SRK have always ruled most searched lists. True stardom. People are interested in who they are. They aren’t just known seasonally due to a movie they do.

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  • @nipun : I expected Hrithik Roshan to be listed in top 7 but surprising to see him missing in even 10. Dont you think your comments sounds ‘grapes are sour’ feeling? plz list any controversary of Salman in 2013 except his cases which are dragging since a decade. Dude, wash your face before commenting. If HR tops the list I wud love it but your reaction wud have been totally different !!!!

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  • Some people cant digest stardom & success of other actors. They believe any poll or ratings are genuine n correct only if their favorites tops the lists. If you dont like shut your mouths n get lost rather calling over rated n all. If Salman is over rated how the hell he is in industry since 25 years n a mega stars. Now dont say he is there bcoz of his father. If it is so why Abhishek is not a superstar or successful as Salman or HR ? The bottom line is people/public love n likes Salman whether you like that or not. He may not be a great actor or a king but definitely a real Superstar, Megastar, Rockstar n darling of masses !!!!!!!

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  • This shows salman is biggest super star of bollywood in present time. Wait and watch for the response that Jai Ho trailer will get.

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  • @Indicine thanks for posting this article…without Salman bollywood is nothing… kuch logo ki to buri tarah se jal rahi hai :D

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