The Shahrukh Khan Show – BBC Asian Network (Live!)

The Shahrukh Khan show is now live on BBC Asian Network. It’s a radio show that SRK tweeted about earlier this week “Hate putting work messages from alien phones but no other go.. join me on my radio show this wed 6-9 pm live on BBC Asian Network with Tommy Sandhu.”

To listen to the Radio show (which is LIVE now) go straight to BBC website

Click here to watch it live on Webcam

SRK on BBC Network

SRK on BBC Network



  • That too he is doing his show on BBC!!! which is great!!!!
    SRK dude u rock!!!!

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  • Oh yeah he really looks like father of both Anushka and Katrina…..
    God plz save them from this man

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  • A treasure of Countless Expressions, A sea of Millions Emotions, A Heart of Gold and An Idol of Inspiration… Yes, It is Shah Rukh Khan that I’m talking about… Even these words aren’t enough to describe Him.
    He can floor even the best speakers with his mesmerizing, impeccable communication skills… No wonder, he is among the 50 most powerful persons in the world! He can make even a poor script to run for weeks together… With the cinema halls packed with his charismatic performance! The baadshah.. The king.. Success icon of a billion hearts! Hats off to you you’re the greatest!

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  • He is the God of Acting in Bollywood.


    Love you SRK..<3

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  • SRK is the most hard working man of the world… He still has the middle class touch from where he has come.. He has super inspiring power, which he shares with his words, work and love..

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  • illiterate fans of other actors…
    saale sab itne jaahil,gawaar,dehaati aur anpadh kyun hote hain?

    chhoti soch wale…khud to bhikhari hain..isliye dusron ki taang kheechte rehte hain..

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  • SRK – Love ya!!!!!!!!!! Chal chaya chaya, my favorite song!!!!
    Thumps up , if your agree that u couldn’t sit on your seat while listening to SRK!

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  • I love srk. I will be listening this show frm tomorrow. I m anxiously waiting for srk yash chopra movie. That will be the best movie of the year.

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  • SRK so nice like him
    I wish someday I can dance together with him
    Salaam from other country, Indonesia

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  • Looking like 60years old age b*ddha.s*ale iske fans bhi kaiso ho saktein hain in his all films he is done ch*kkas role.

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