Talaash is not a universal film like Dhoom 3 – Aamir Khan

Talking to the press on Tuesday, to celebrate the success of his latest release Talaash, Aamir Khan said the film had limited appeal unlike his next release Dhoom 3.

The supernatural element in Talaash

  • Aamir: Talaash’ is not a universal film. There is a supernatural element in this film and it was a risky film to make. Around 80 to 90 per cent of the audience liked the film.

Will the film get repeat audience?

  • I don’t think that a suspense drama does not have any repeat value. In fact, the audience is liking the film more when they are watching it for the second or third time. The film has not got a 100 percent positive response as many people may not like the supernatural element, but ‘Talaash’ has repeat value.

Talaash is not a universal film like Dhoom 3

  • Dhoom 3 is a highly mainstream film which everyone will enjoy. It has a very universal appeal which Talaash lacked. Even kids will like Dhoom 3. But Talaash has got a different audience. But I am glad that the film has opened so well and is doing good business at the box office. What made me really happy was the emotion that I went through while shooting for the film, even the audience went through the same emotion while watching it.

Cant compare Talaash to Khiladi 786!

  • Talaash is more realistic and sensitive than a masala film like Khiladi 786 or Singham. The film showcases strong inner battles within characters and deals with their demons. It cannot be compared to mainstream films. Those films are out-n-out masala movies, which have been successful in the past and will continue to do big business.


  • Talaash will run at the multiplexes the next two weeks until Dabangg 2 so it should cross the 100 cr mark as classes are really liking the film. K786 will do very well in mass belts for sure but I have doubts about whether it can sustain itself in the multiplexes so Talaash will benefit from this.

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  • @ sahir you know one thing…

    talaash will cross 100 crore despite being of a offbeat genre..

    buy u must know 1 more bigger thing:-

    k786 will not cross 100 crore despite being of masala genre!!!

    i like both aamir & akshay & want their films to cross 100 crore …but looks like on talaash will do it…k786 90-95 cr…

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  • Akshay and asin will meet salman on big boss 6. Confirmed by times of india. Plz write an article on akki-sallu frendship. Also dont delete my comment.

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  • Talaash is bad movie. Barfi and don2 can cross 100cr why not talaash. He is not confident about the film.

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  • Bechara Aamir. Talaash flopped and he knows that Dhoom 3 will be big hit because of the brand ‘DHOOM’ , not because of him.

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  • those srk fan and ajay davgan fan plz check boxofficeindia today view both sos and jthj gets only hit status..dont even superhit and after 20 days jthj collect 100 cr and sos dont eve come closer to that ..it is most reliable site/…what srk and ajay fan say now????????????

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  • Aamir i respect u very much i knw talaash is not a universal film like d3 and d3 will do record business but ma quest to u weather 3idiot was universal movie. . . Huh . .

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  • hello Anti Aamir’s first thing is that Barfi was not a suspense movie so its has more reach and Appeal than Talaash and its also have 2 open weeks while Talaash has not and inspite of having this zonar movie he get opening weekend of around 47-48 crore rs which is big achievement and do u have any brain u r saying that Aamir don’t have fan following he is the one who create 100 and 200 cr club and both movies get highest opening when they released tell me any other movie in 2009 where salman and Akshay having 4-5 movies each but not get opening like Ghajini insite of being released in Festive season Blue on Diwali and wanted on EID, Aamir have guts to make different kind of movies while others lacks only two actor having guts like Aamir for experimental Hritik and Ranbeer Kapoor while other lacks
    look at Akshay And Salman making same kinda movies again Action and mass apeeal, while i liked ETT and Dabangg but Akshay gave only one good movies which u cant say it’s Akshay because it’s Paresh rawal Movide OMG forget abt that he making nonsense movies like Housefull, housefull2 and Khiladi 786 while srk is only busy to get his foot stronger in domestic bozoffice and failed every time his movies gets big opening but not sustained well and for abt DON 2 its is sequel so having more Apeeal + action zoner so u can’t compare this also to Talaash
    ans I have seen Talaash it is very good movie only made for class and inteleeigent audience and for someone who like different kind of cinema.

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  • Wait for 2 days, once we see joker part 2 then everyone will shut up on their own, guys why are u arguing with useless akki’s fans, all they care about is money as they haven’t seen a quality movie in their life

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  • Not one song of khiladi 786 is original, each one of them is a cheap copy of some foreign song, if that is not enough then the movie also has breaking the jeep with one leg scene,etc. so much for a good movie, khiladi 786 is a disgrace

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  • Jab tak srk or salman 202cr ki recoard dont brek tab tak koye srk or salman ka fan comment nehi karoge

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  • Such a lazy fan..of salman & Srk

    befor releses dabang 2010 salman khan was called ‘FLOP KHAN’

    Salman Flop_27 (FLOP KHAN)

    Srk Flop_25

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  • Never ever compare Srk & Salman film With Aamir khan film.

    Becouse Aamir 1 film= Srk 3 film =Salman 5 film

    Aamir khan The “MR PERFECTIONIST”

    Everywhere you go can watch Aamir khan’
    Oscar nominne
    Padmashri Awards
    Padmabhusan Awards
    3 National Awards
    6 Best movie Awards
    3 Filmfare Awards
    1 Director Awards

    Box office’
    1st 100cr Movie Ghajini
    1st 200cr Movie 3 idiots
    1st 300cr worldwide Movie 3 idiots

    in Asia’ Aamir khan is one of the most Populer Actor out of Top 3

    No other Actor Even Amitav or Srk none are nare Area of Aamir Khan. IN THERE Salman khan out Of List.

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