Talaash Box Office Collections: Opening Day

Talaash has collected Rs 14.52 on it’s opening day at the domestic box office. The morning shows were around 60-70% at multiplexes, but the film showed huge growth for the evening and night shows.

In the cities like Bangalore, Mumbai, New Delhi, Lucknow, Noida, Mangalore, Pune, Hyderabad, Chennai.. and other major cities, the film was running to near 100% capacity for the evening and night shows.

The word-of-mouth is mixed, but Talaash is likely to show good growth over the weekend. We expect Saturday to be around 15-16 cr, as the morning shows at key centres today have slightly better occupancy than yesterday. Sunday will be huge. It remains to be seen if Talaash can cross the 20 crore mark.

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  • very poor..12.5 cr according to most reliable site boxofficeindia…those amir fan see this film say they were total dissapointesd with this…ending is rediculous..poor song…very slow pace..nothing to see..this are not my view telegraph newspaper public view

  • most of amir khan fans say they were totaly dissapointed after watching this film and most important question from them why amir you did this kind of poor film..you were known for mr perfectionist..poeple dont expect this kind of crap film from you…it is surely one of the black hole in amir career..

  • i go to cinema hall keep amir in my mind..but i was dissapointed after watching this film and so most of the amir fan go to the cinema hall were also dissapointed ….

  • its looks a great movie to me,,,sure i will watch it no matter what ppl say,,,,and waiting 4 dabbang 2,,,,,,,,,humengous is the word that cming

  • to be honest ending is really rediculous…movie is too slow..khanni is 100% better thriler than talaash….song is poor..amir look is not good but acting is good…but karrena is poor..rani good…most of people were dissapointed after watching this film…..

  • i am amir die heart fan..to be honest this film is not amir film standard no way….. we wait for dhoom3…

  • According to Boxofficeindia.com, it collected 12.5 crore on its opening day. Why are you saying it 14.5 carore?

  • The movie has been made on the lines of classic film-noirs such as Chinatown and Vertigo complete with the conflicted protagonist, shady backdrop and a female character whose motives are never clear enough. I personally rate this very high as a Bollywood suspense thrillers, as it reminded me of yesteryear gems like Kanoon and Dhund. But I doubt that the current generation of moviegoers, growing on the pedigree of Dabangg and Rowdy, would be able to appreciate the Hitchcockian build-up, the multi-dimensional characterization and the pathos running throughout the movie. The movie also sheds light on the plight of sex workers in Mumbai, or by extrapolation anywhere in the world, and points towards the legalization of prostitution as a possible solution. It is a film which works on several levels, and this leads me to believe that it would have been rejected outright in India, save for the presence of a superstar. All hail the Indian viewers!

  • according to the talegraph today article..most of multiplex owner in kolkata were dissapointed with first day collection and most important thing word of mouth is negetive for this film..

  • all the comments above is given by one person who just changed different names and show negativity. i am not a aamir fan I am a salman fan but i watched it and with utmost sincerity it is by far the best film of 2012. aamir’s performance is best of the year and beating performances like ranbir in barfi and hrithik in agneepath.ever this is perfect about the film story, acting, even songs didnt look impressive but in movie it actually fit. overall, a very good movie go and watch it in theater.

  • People those are saying that 14.50 Crores is poor figure are ignorant.Considering it was a suspense thriller and also don’t forget it released with less screens comparing to other big hits this year and in a working Friday and it is also facing the competition from JTHJ and SOS.
    It was a great movie,well directed and well acted.
    Kudos to whole team.

  • Indicine I have been visiting your site for quite long and all films collections were been taken from boxofficeindia. But it seems now you have decided taking collections from different sites do you think its fair to other films. Example some site shows including official site Agneepath collected more then 120c in india and 23+c its first day but you show boxofficeindia collection for Agneepath which is 120c and other films collection from different site. My point is you show some movie collection from boxofficeindia and some from official site which is unfair for some films cause its a big dofference in collections.

  • dont waste ur money and valuable time.
    aits not fare to pay 300rs to watch last 7 mins only.
    I lost it but good job aamir.
    as salman bhai fan I dpnt expected more than but easily collected 100 cr. not like police films action and drama its something like hollywood.
    watch it only at home because its not bhai type movie to watch in theatre its tv oriented movie

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