The stars of Bahubali 2 did not go on reality and comedy shows: Kunal Kohli

Filmmaker Kunal Kohli, the director of films like ‘Hum Tum’ and ‘Fanaa’, has mocked Bollywood celebrities for attending reality and comedy shows – when the stars of India’s biggest blockbuster ‘Bahubali 2’ didn’t make national television appearances – nor did they answer “silly Q&A’s” in various interviews that are said to be a part of film promotions.

“So the stars of Bahubali 2 didn’t go on reality & comedy shows & make an ass of themselves doing silly things & answering silly q&a’s” Kunal said.

The director also made a valid point when he questioned why people are only discussing the record-breaking numbers – but not the content of ‘Bahubali 2’ which is getting those numbers.

“The juggernaut of Bahubali 2 rolls on. As amazing as the numbers are. Why aren’t people discussing the content which made the numbers?” he said in his second tweet.

‘Bahubali 2’ became the first Indian film to cross the 1000 crore mark on Sunday, just 10 days after its theatrical release. The marketing spend was less than the money that gets spent on marketing low to medium budget Hindi films – yet the Hindi version of the film will eventually break the record of ‘Dangal’ to become the highest Hindi grosser of all time.



  • Well said but frankly speaking the mentality of bollywood industry will never change!!! U only go andown promote your movie if u believe it’s crap

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  • In bollywood only Aamir is not promoting his movies by going in comedy shows he knows
    if content clicks movie will work whether you choose to promote or not.Bollywood now have to make big budget movies with great content then bollywood will grow they have to keep faith and movie will work bollywood is just making low budget movies they should have to make a movie with big stars with big budget 260 crore or even 300 Crore budget then movie will work if content clicks.. and any movie which is nade on a huge budget can do easily 1000 crore or even 1500 crore

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  • going to reality shws & interviews is just waste of time !

    Bahubali 2 proves big budget & huge scale content movies doesn’t need any big star to be superhit .

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  • krabhas killed sattapa or not ? Wht is bahubali all about? I still don’t knw anythig about this movie ….and all nation is going crazy about it .

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  • My prediction
    Life time collections worldwide

    2017 – baahubali2 all versions – 1700 + crores gross.

    2018 – 2point0 all versions – 2000+ crores gross

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  • What is he saying.. every films are not so huge like bahubali 2. . It needed no promotions. .. same goes for dangal and pk… they were huge…. bt films like hindi medium. . Or jolly llb 2 needs promotions.. also kapil sharma show is one of the major platforms to promote films… why is he saying so??? Only problem with bollywood is they cannot find giod directors who can direct pan Indian films. .. (except rajkumar hirani and anand l rai) they should make more films like 3 idiots

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  • Good Film Dont Need Marketing or World tour promotions.
    Just release the trailer and songs on TV or any social sites I think its enough.
    But you should concentrate on making good film and Quality
    Not strategies of Promotions.

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  • No one promoting his or her films like srk every TV shows, reality shows, news channel or even cartoon networks etc.

    But salman aamir never promote his films because he is true superstar that not need media.

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  • Q and A are Shits. Only a handful of people read and see them

    But celebrities should come on television.
    I am talking from the consumers perspective.
    I Iove to see Salman and Srk on TKSS, I wish aamir,bahubali team, RAJNIKANT would have made it too.

    I don’t know it’s impact on film promotion or anything
    But as a viewer these STARs lift The excitement each time they are on reality shows.

    Bollywood is severely criticised this time , this only shows the expectations on Bollywood.

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  • One should go to TV for promotion as larger audience watched them and you have to make them aware it was not problem for Baahubali as it has already been hyped enough.

    If he believe such he would have casted non star for his movie but he needed them to have much more audience .

    If he is talking about content then does he agree that his movies are not good enough

    Everybody has their way . And one should promote it to awake awareness it’s not like people will wait for advertising of you movie trailer and get details

    Silly people talks silly things

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  • Kunal Kohli has made a valid point . Promotional activities are important but they should be unique and exciting . YRF had a terrific promotional strategy with Dhoom 3 where they only showed the teasers of the songs before the release . Promotional activities create awareness among the audience but it also increases the budget and the expectations of the audience . If the makers are confident about the product then there is no need for promotions . Ra.One had extensive marketing campaigns which became repetitive and also diluted the interest of the people . So there needs to be a balance between minimum promotion and awareness among people . !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • If Salman khan or shahrukh khan wd nt go like aamir khan then what will happen to tv audiences who see them with great chao n also bring high trp. This is also a industry as billions of people watch tv today.

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  • Hes a crappy director who got this much needed media coverage bcoz he mentioned that 1 word which is the current rage in India- Bahubali…. otherwise noone would know of this peasants existence…!

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  • The only promotion that works is fan interaction whether it be special screenings like what Aamir did for Dangal in China or something thats unique like Aamirs tour of inner India whilst under disguise promoting 3 idiots. Something that stands out which makes you seem more genuine whereas these appearances on tv just make you look like you have to be there rather than want to be there. Audiences know that about Aamir hence if or when he does occasionally appear on tv then its bcoz he genuinely wanted to be there not bcoz he was obliged to do so.

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  • Its a landmark film for hindi cinema as it has again shown the true potential of the indian cinema. If u give me contents film i wil see u in theatres. It was the time in d early n mid 2000s aftr Gadar that biggest blockbuster cud not cross even 2cr footfalls to the time when Salman n aamir started bringing 3.5cr footfalls in the films like Bajrangi bhaijaan(3.55cr ff) & Pk n now time has changed suddenly Bahubali merges south n north market to bring much bigger footfalls. Its time to bring pan india film which can delivers another Bahubali n bring aidiences from both north n south in d theatres. You cant ignore south industry now as they hav made their own market which is equivalent to hindi market.

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  • Absolutely agree..BB2 starcast did not believe in this fake publicity …on the other side we have our diamond hearted bhaijaan who laughs like a mad man in kapil sharma much tat he sleep on the floor .BB2 has proved tat in spite of doing non stop lallu giri and non stop overacting/ non acting we should focus on our work….

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  • @sunny makhi

    u shouldn’t either …..the whole nation is going crazy over baahubali is the proof that how big this movie is…neither there was such a movie made before nor there will be in the coming days….so if you are done cleaning toilets; go watch this once in a life time movie….you wont be disappointed.

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  • BB2 has proved tat real toofan wohi hota hai jo talent aur mehnat se aata hiatus na ki unlimited promotion aur fake non acting se …tabhi to lallu jaan jaise stars ko ab logon se apne chote mote teaser subscribe karegi bheek tak maangni pad rahi hai…poor sallu.

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  • Amitabh bachachan is solely responsible for introducing crap masala fests like don , deewar, ka alia, shaan, lawaaris etc tabhi to hamein aaj real dons jaise dawood Abraham, choti shakeel aur crap movies jaise sultan , jail ho, prdp; dabang jaisi movies jawani pad rahi Hain. .shame on lambu bachachan. Proud of rajesh khanna Ji. ..

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