SRK TATA Tea Jaago Re Commercial: Video

Shahrukh Khan’s New Tata Tea ‘Jaago Re’ Commercial, where he promises to keep the heroine’s name before his in every film! Confused? Read the conversation below if you do not understand Hindi.

The lady interviewing: Hi Shahrukh, today is Women’s day and women love you.

SRK: And I love women

Q: What’s your opinion on women equality and rights?

SRK: Women should not be considered equal to men, they should be ahead. In everything, education, medicine, politics.

Q: Why not in films? Why do titles have hero’s name before the heroines?

SRK: From now on, in every film of mine, the name of the heroine will be before mine.

Watch the Tata Tea Jaago Re ‘Women First’ television ad below.

Making of the same Tata Tea TVC



  • This is simply brilliant SRK, this shows the amount of respect you have for women.

    And another excellent product being endorsed by King Khan in Frooti… Now the entire nation will be “Frooti thirsty” :)

    Question : How do you define the words ‘Standard’ and ‘Inferior’.

    Answer : Standard is what SRK sets, products he endorses like Hyundai, Tag Heuer, Videocon, Frooti, Asian Paints, D’Decor, Tata Tea etc

    Inferior is what Salman sets, products he endorses like Relaxo Chappal, Tiger biscuit, Hayate ( Jise koi nahi chalate), Revital. LOL hahaha.

    That is the difference between the two.

  • i have come to know that salman khan will endrose fair n lovely…a perfect foil to srk’s fair n handsome…and the battle begins…

  • This is the major reason why I and over millions of people consider him as an inspiration!!!

    No matter what other say SRK they all know from their heart that the king can never ever be replaced!!!

  • Producers can have srks name first, second or last in the credits but it still wont make any difference to the films fortunes.
    Simply put any film with SRK innit will always remain an inferior and irritating product to watch…! :-P
    @star Yes bro Ghanta winner bhai still roxXxXx and Golden Kela lover srk still shockszzzz…

  • Better to act, than just do media talk.

    It all looks so caring and adorable when such statements are made, but reality is far from it, though am not blaming srk.

    I feel, the media should not go to stars to take their opinion who will only talk politically correct statements just to sell their papers or improve tv ratings.

    Instead, they should make the stars part of campaign that raises woman’s rights awareness, education etc.,

    The best example can be said of Amitabh being used to raise awareness and urge to eradicate polio. It did wonders.

    Also, Ash campaign of donating her eyes, made a lot of people come forward to donate their eyes.

    Media talk is just that, media talk.

  • Thats why srk has a bilions of female fan following. No actor like sallu,amir,hriti acchive this possition expect some chances for shahid kapoor or ranbir kapur.

  • Does it really make a difference?? Srk’s name can either come first or last, it’ll still be touted as a ‘king khan’ film! It doesn’t matter if srk’s name isn’t appeared at all. Besides, this ‘ladies first’ act won’t take women anywhere. If srk really wants to give respect than he should agree doing female oriented films such as Kahaani, english vinglish to give the film box office support! I really think srk should play a important role in kahaani 2. It won’t hamper his superstardom a bit. What say guys??
    @romance express, everybody knows HRo has more female & kid fans than any other star!

  • @arman Who say hro has more female fan following its like a big joke of the year. Hro has no romantic hit film after knph. Srk has more female fan following then ranbir,shahid kapoor and saif ali khan. Hro is not looking qute in any angle

  • @ARMAN, and @velocity you are from bangladesh and i am in west bengle. We both talk in bengli. Ya i respect hritic but i am a die hard fan of srk. I don’t know hritic has big female fan following in bangladesh but in north india srk has more female fan following than hro and any other actor. After knph hro has earned more female fan following but lost in 2006 after the entry of Some young actor Shahid kapoor and ranbir kapur. Tell me if hro has more female following then why hritic has no romantic hit film after kaho na payer hai. Srk all hit film are romantic expect don1 &2. Hritic is looking hunk not kute like srk. Srk has more female fan fowllowing then shahid, ranbir and saif ali khan who only get hit film in romantic ganer.

  • @Romance Express, Hrithik definitely has more fans (both male & female) than SRK in Bangladesh if not equal. I don’t know how it happened. But I think with the arrival of new milenium, people started looking for another ‘Hero’! That’s when HRo came. People here instantly fell for him & started to watch all his movies! But, in India I know Hrithik has a long way to go to be in par with srk in popularity. SRK has billions of fans of all ages but HRo’s fans are mainly the young, teenagers, kids & of course ladies!! That’s why I said that. If HRo was as popular as the khans especially srk then a excellent film like Agneepath would’ve easily collected 150-180 crores. You are a die hard srk fan & you are saying that all his hit films were romantic!? What about Chak de india? Hrithik has no hit romantic films after KNPH bcoz he hasn’t done any after MPKDH in 2003. After that only he reached superstardom with KMG. Kites can be called a love story but it actually isn’t!
    Hey tahole toh amra banglay kotha blte pari, ki bolo?

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