‘Sridevi is truly a miracle’ says Ram Gopal Varma

Filmmaker Ram Gopal Varma posted a childhood photo of Sridevi and wondered how the little girl (in the photo) went on to become the biggest superstar in Indian Cinema.

“Who could have imagined this little girl will become the biggest superstar ever of Indian screen. Sridevi is a miracle,” Varma tweeted.

The maverick filmmaker has previously worked in Telugu films like ‘Kshana Kshanam’ and ‘Govinda Govinda’.

Ram Gopal Varma posted a childhood photo of Sridevi

Ram Gopal Varma posted a childhood photo of Sridevi



  • Who could have imagined that uh will make RGV ki aag…😋..
    Btw best of luck for sarkar series…

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  • Just like skill less beauties Deepika,Anushka & Aishwarya became superstar,she became superstar…She is not miracle but she was superstar & that is definately a miracle.

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  • who cares post something about rehnuma its music rights is sold for 15 crores post about that cmon post it

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  • perverted guy rgv lol. interms of superstar sridevi was biggest superstar of 80s era to 1991, i’m talking interms of biggestamongst only heroines but out of all the male and female actor that decade sridevi was the face and the decade of 80s. thos who live in that era would know about history of this woman, she was the only pan indian superstar and a huge following in countries like the middleast, Russia turkey.

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  • jeetendra’s career was a turning point where he starred in several of sridevi’s south telugu remaks like himatwala, tohfa, maqsad to name a few were telugu remakes that originally starred devi.

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