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Special 26 Weekend Collections

Special ChabbisAkshay Kumar’s Special 26 has collected Rs 23-24 crores at the domestic box office in it’s first weekend. For a movie that opened to a lukewarm response on Friday, the film managed to put up good numbers on Saturday and Sunday.

Business was best at big city multiplexes, while single screens (were the film released on limited screens) were poor. From here on, the Neeraj Pandey directed  heist drama will rely entirely on it’s multiplex business. The film needs to collect 70 crore+ for ‘Hit’ status, which means it has to triple it’s first weekend business to be a clean success. Weekdays will be crucial.

Special Chabbis would have probably managed to put up better numbers over the weekend, possibly a 28-30 crore weekend, if the clash with Prabhu Deva’s ABCD was avoided. Especially in Mumbai, Mysore and Nizam/Andhra circuits, where ABCD was running to near capacity at multiplexes on Sunday.

Special 26 Weekend Box Office Collections

  • Friday – 5.7 crores
  • Saturday – 7.5 crores
  • Sunday – 9.75 crores
  • Total Weekend Collections – 22.95 crores


  • seems like ppl keep eating up the collections ;) Saturday n sunday i was not able to get a single ticket !!

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  • @amish… movie released only on 1575 screens.. limited release so it was doing well at places where it released. I think single s were close to nil. No mass appeal for this film

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  • I like akshay kumar has actor but his fans r really untolerable , so fr u i present u this-

    Top grosser of the Year,

    1988 — Tehzab — Anil Kapoor
    1989 — Maine Pyaar Kiya — Salman Khan
    1990 — Dil — Aamir Khan
    1991 — Saajan — Salman Khan , sanjay dutt
    1992 — Beta — Anil Kapoor
    1993 — Aankhen — Govinda
    1994 — Hum Aapke Hain Kaun — Salman Khan
    1995 — Dil Dhulania Le Jayenge — Shahrukh Khan
    1996 — Raja Hindustani — Aamir Khan
    1997 — Border — Sunny Deol
    1998 — Kuch Kuch Hota Hai — Shahrukh Khan
    1999 — Hum Saath Saath Hain/Biwi No.1 — Salman Khan
    2000 — Kaho Na Pyaar Hai — Hrithik Roshan
    2001 — Gadar — Sunny Deol
    2002 — razz- dino moria
    2003 — Koi Mil Gaya — Hrithik Roshan
    2004 — Veer Zaara — Shahrukh Khan
    2005 — No Entry — Salman Khan , anil kapoor , fardeen khan
    2006 — Dhoom 2 — Hrithik Roshan
    2007 — Om Shanti Om — Shahrukh Khan
    2008 — Ghajini — Aamir Khan
    2009 — 3 Idiots — Aamir Khan
    2010 — Dabangg — Salman Khan
    2011 — Bodyguard — Salman Khan
    2012 — ek tha tiger-salman khan

    where is akshay kumar here ..he doesnt even hv top grosser in his 20 yr carrier ..nw tell akki fans wht 2 say ?

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  • Oh come on… friday i watched it in single screen only.. sat n sun was not able to get tickets even at single screens… today am goin for the 2nd time…

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  • Special 26 has shown decent jump over the weekend. Jump is big on Saturday from Friday and again big on Sunday from Saturday. Special 26 has collected around 26.5 crore nett in its opening weekend at the box office. It has collected around 10.5 crore nett on Sunday.

    S26 showed a jump of around 15-20% on Sunday from Saturday. Jump is good considering Saturday business was also big. Occupancy of S26 on Sunday was around 65%. Occupancy of the film over the weekend was around 55%. Special 26 has collected decently in the opening weekend. But collections could have been better also. Anyways it has more or less collected decently and now weekdays are crucial for the film success. Reports are positive and hopefully film will be steady in the coming weekdays also starting Monday itself.

    Collection Breakup --

    Friday -- 7 cr nett.
    Saturday -- 9 cr nett.
    Sunday -- 10.5 cr nett.

    Total -- 26.5 cr nett.

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  • box-office collections dont mind. Only once sentense for the movie , Best movie , Best story , Best acting , Best direction-production of this year . Akshay and all stars in movie , Rockzzzzz.

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  • Damn I cant believe Dino Morea made it to the top in 2002 with Raaz.
    With all due respect that film has to be credited to Bipasha first and foremostly and then the ‘Ghost’. Lol Dino was so wooden in that film and carried that same gormless look throughout the film. Bips rocked from first frame to last.

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  • really its a good movie..everyone don’t like this kind of intelligent movie..bec now a days people don’t want story..they want some crap fights,itom songs etc..don’t see the movie based on box office collection..

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  • in 2007, akki has 4 releases, no critically or commercialy fail.
    all successfull. if any khan roshan or devgn has star poer than release 4 movies in a year and make them successfull. its my challenge. if akki release 2 films pr year all will be bb.

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  • when omg release all were saying its akki’s movie, as it started from 4.5 cr 1st day. but when it ends up at 85 cr, all haters become jealous. all say it is not akki’s movie. now it take 5.75 cr start according to boi, see where it goes. when it will show decent collection then they will say it is manoj’s movie. huh.

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  • @salman khan fan, boi rated akki as 2nd biggest star of bollywood. this year sallu has no chance in top 3.

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  • akki fans prayin in temple,chruch,masjid to make spl 26 a hit like chak de india and taree zameen paar…but 23-25 crores in weekend…some akki fans prayin tht it should trend like barfi,omg murder-3 and jayaant bhai luv story are releasin so collections will drop….

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  • it proves people only like crap brainless movies than this master piece movie special 26 is a perfect movie bt some people in india only like crap movie thts y good movie suffers

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  • @karan wat abt chakde india and taree zameen paar…last year omg and barfi? akki suits only for film hf-2 and r.r

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  • Akki should take a rest. He is like a permanent fixture in the movie circuit maybe film buffs are getting tired of him no matter how good the script

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  • ****** Spoilers Alert********

    1. The climax shows that Jimmy Shergill is Akshay Kumar’s companion and they all are partners in crime. So, why the hell did he get in touch with the real CBI? No one could testify against them for the first heist on the minister’s house. There were no witnesses, except the Minister himself who did not want to report the heist. Jimmy also identifies Anupam Kher and thus the entire group. Why? They could have gone about conducting many such raids before the needle of suspicion actually falling on them. This is my biggest grouse with the movie, that the entire film was a sham and there was no need at all for the real CBI, and thus Waseem Khan in the picture. And without them, there would have been no real drama.

    2. Why did Jimmy Shergill, Diva Dutta, and their fake Police commissioner go the minister’s house after the heist? Just to conduct a drama to mislead the audience? Like normal criminals were they not expected to have a fear of getting caught while they returned to the scene of the crime, and that too for staging an act? On a related note, why did JS and Divya Dutta keep waiting in front of the Minister’s house after the fake raid, while making tensed faces at the camera? Again, to fool the audience?

    3. Assuming there is some valid reason for JS to involve the real CBI and thus planting a time bomb behind all of their asses. Why the hell did Waseem Khan allow the show to go on. He could have apprehended them and made them confess. Just like he made Anupam Kher confess. There was no need for the drama. In other words, the characters of the movie behaved as if they knew a movie is going to be made on the events they are involved in, and they wanted it to be as spicy as possible.

    4. Why did the owner of the jewel shop agree to Waseem Khan’s proposition? If they wanted to nab the culprits, he was at the complete liberty to refuse cooperation. He was made the subject of an experiment by the real CBI, which ultimately led to his devastation. Even after this huge goof up, Waseem Khan is still shown as a CBI officer and obviously still as eager to catch the culprits. But how the hell did he stick to his job after his pathetic show.

    The above four points are my broad issues with the logic of the events shown in the film. The following are some of the issues I had with the execution of the film. These things were more glaring as the film is being projected as an intelligent, no frills heist drama, which is out of the ordinary.

    Redundant first half: The climax just reinforces that the movie Special 26 is based entirely on the final act which lasted for about an hour or so. The first half has many unnecessary scenes and sequences just to add to the length of the film. The initial heist is fantastic, and creates tremendous curiosity. But from there on, the first half is an exercise in futility.

    What was the need of the wedding sequence? Just to show a celebration song. This is akin to creating a song situation in a Masala movie.

    The romantic angle is so insipid and irrelevant to the plot that it can be seamlessly edited from the movie, without actually disturbing the rest of the screenplay. The 30-40 minutes thus saved could have elevated the movie to the next level (at least in the eyes of those who don’t think there are any logical holes/plot holes).

    What was the need to show the Kolkota heist? It has been done really well, and is really entertaining to watch. But like we get to know later in the movie, the group had conducted 50 raids in their career. Like we didn’t get to see the first forty seven, there was no real need for them to show the 49th either.

    The chase sequence of Manoj Bajpayee in CP is superb. But again, it was not connected to the the movie in any ways. Did it really need to be so long? They could have connected this chase to the rest of the plot to make the movie more seamless.

    The detailing of the film is pretty good, especially in the Delhi sequences. But when the action shifts to Mumbai, the VFX is so in your face that it becomes unsettling. Especially the scenes which have the sea as a backdrop. The green wall to sea conversion is pretty substandard.

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  • Wow wow wow.finest movie of the year.better than all crap south remakes and fake love stories. We all akki fans feel proud today on this movie. Akki made a lots of money now he needs movie like this

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  • These days any crap move can make some money.but no one can deliver this kind of movie. We all Bollywood audience should encourage this kind of cinema rather than watching craps and making them blockbuster hit at the box office

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  • @bhuwan, who is free to read ur so lengthy comment. and by the way from which biased site you copied it???????????

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