Soni De Nakhre – Partner

Soni De Nakhre
Movie : Partner – 2007
Music Director : Sajid, Wajid
Singers :Sneha Pant, Wajid, Labh Janjua
Lyricists :Sanjay Chhel, Shabbir Ahmed, Jalees Sherwani
Cast: Salman Khan, Govinda, Katrina Kaif, Lara Dutta

soni de nakhre sone lagade o meinu, soni de nakhre sone lagade – 2

oh keindie pump up the jame oh keinde
oh jannah jannah (4)

soni de nakhre soni lagde meinu…… (4)
oh keinde pump pump pump up (4)
oh jannah jannah
oh keindie pump up the jame oh keinde (4)
oh jannah jannah oh keinde

mainu bhi nakhre sone lagade tere, mainu bhi nakhre sone lagade – 2
(o char din ki jawaani aah aah
o bitein tanaha na raani aah aah) – 2
woh pyaar tera main rakhwaanga aah aah
ho sar aankhon pe deewaani aah aah
soni de nakhre sone lagade o meinu, soni de nakhre sone lagade – 2

(oy kudi naal mere nachle aah aah
ho mainu baahawich kas le aah aah) – 2
Aaaja ishq di kadi wich aah aah
ho thoda jile thoda marle aah aah
soni de nakhre sone lagade o mainu, soni de nakhre sone lagade – 2
soni de nakhire soni lagidae tainu (4)

oh keinde pump pump pump up (4)
oh jannah jannah
oh keindie pump up the jame oh keinde (4)
oh jannah jannah oh keinde



  • this song is really gr8……..especially the unique lyrics and music……..but the lyrics mentioned above is i guess wrong………it should be keindie pump up the jame not keindie funk funky jame……..

    • It is ‘pump up the jam’ .. A phrase used in dance music.. Only the accent makes it sound like pom puppy jam..

  • awwww i jus luv dis song ma fav song hana IS IT NT SUPPOSE TO OH KEINDE PUMP UP DJ NU KEHNDIE EH ???????

  • i love this song soni de nakite especially when salman comes in i like that bit and when they said funk funk funk that is so funny

  • hi i think katrina and salman dont make a good couple katrina is not that preety i prefere that preety zinta should get married to salman and katrina should get married to akshay kumar because mosly she does a lot of films with him

  • Zainab, shut up… just stop blabbering
    when u dont have any knowledge about d industry, then u should not poke ur nose, u dodo
    Just fuck off

  • jeeez shipra…im sure u cud have been nicer than that….. i mean it was jsut an opinion that zainab mentioned, so like mind that tongue of urs why the rudeness???? just chill yo!

  • Thanks NIT, zahra and all other for bringing to our notice the errors in the lyrics. Corrected it now.
    Anymore errors notify us.

    Enjoy n Keep visiting.


  • Hey M not punjabi …
    Can any one explain wat does this line mean I m very curious..:)
    Oh keindie pump up the jame …

  • yh i don’t know what the line means either i think their trying to speak english but they speak freshy english

    anyway its a copy of hitch. so wat if they copied it english movies copy japanese movies and indian movies they copy english movies so really u saw the same film twice! JOKES!


  • I think after watching this movie you can get the meaning of this line……..i got the meaning after watching the movie but am not able write in words…….sorry for that…..

  • I think its Pump up DJ nu keinde hai cause jame doesnt really make sense ???or does it ionno i like singing to this song so i like to noe the lyrics so let me know if anyone confirms that line :)

  • Its Actually ” Oh kendi pop poppy shame kaeindi eh oh jane janah”
    Poppy shame is a late 70’s song and one of the Salman’s favorite song.

  • I love this song i love all indian songs but this one is unique and has a great sense of r’n’b in it i love bhangra

  • or mayb poty jam lol bad joke but the track rocks!!!n i luvvvvvvvv sohail khan guess he had sumthin 2 du wd the film too dat haznt been mentioned newhere

  • i luv dis song man! they finally got it rite afta a long time! nd just 1 question, ayeasha r u frm new zealand?

  • this song is awasome …….i love this song toooooooo much dis song drive me crazy when ever i hear it ….sallu bhai has done some thing wonderfull in this film n in this song ………i m wid u sallu bhai for ever ..

  • wow great movie i likd da song soni de nakhre though i dont know hindi bt i realy like hindi films coz dey rock … salman,katrina,lara, govinda u all rockd guys lovd da film

  • Guys n gals you must be nuts listening to such trash.
    Sallu is growing old and neither govinda is growing younger

    The song sounds like some santa banta stuff. Idiotic!!!!!

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