Soha Ali Khan Maxim Photoshoots

Soha Ali Khan, the dove-eyed beauty goes easy and reveals her beauty. The subtle yet mesmerising beauty, Soha has never posed for a camera dressed this hot.

This months issue of Maxim has a few pictures of Soha Ali Khan that are pure eye candy for all the guys out there. Maxim shows Soha in a never see before avatar.

Career-wise after the super-success of Rang De Basanti, Soha delivered a good performance in Khoya Khoya Chand, although the movie was a box-office dud. She is currently shooting for Yeh Hai Mumbai Meri Jaan.

Enjoy the Super Hot Pictures of Soha Ali Khan from Maxim’s May 2008 issue!


Soha Ali Khan – Maxim Photoshoot Pictures

Soha Ali Khan on the covers
soha ali khan maxim photoshoot

Soha dressed in a black bikini



  • since she has very less movies, i hv no comment abt her, she is beautiful n sweet. she looks nice in sarees when she act in khoya2 chand she got the mother looks, her mum is still a beauty of bollywood n as a daughter of nawab khandan she should be more decent in choosing her outfit.

  • I don’t agree with Ayesha…Soha has done right to expose herself…after all wts the use of remaining in cover or burka when even then the muslim girls r abused by their family members and many people still pry their eyes on them even in Burka…so better show ur talent to the world…

  • I agree with Ayesha. Is Irfan advice is same for his sister.A good actress dont need to expose her body.Acting is a art and art is creation.Expose of body is not creation and this matter dont related to muslim girls or burka.

  • Guys, could we just stop fighting…
    Maxim is a MENS magazine, and covers what men love, And dont we all just love Soha Ali Khan Pataudi, with clothes or with the lack of it??? Way to Go Soha, You have proved that all it takes is determination, everything else can just eat Shit!

  • You must remove the comment of RAJAT as you remove first the wrong words.wel done but the remaining comments are wrong too please remove them also.

  • She is one of junior actresses who’ve thirst for fame and aren’t very popular or loveable. When they do a couple of movies and won’t work at the box office, they start to look this way! (as we see her in these pics!) Soha isn’t beautiful and needs a plastic surjery in her face, her nose and mouth to look better on screen.

    Soha Khan let me tell u the following: U can’t win people’s heart when u take off yr cloth and try to look sexy, you can’t be a super actress when u wear bikini shorts and show 3/4 of your body to the world, so don’t kill yrself, it will never work.
    Being attractive, have a charisma is a gift from God which others don’t have, how much they try. Kajol was never beautiful, nevery sexy, but she got charisma and won people’s heart, Ajay Devgan isn’t handsome, but he got this charisama. So, people who aren’t girted with this charisma must find some other job and say Goodbye to Bollywood

  • soha please dont get discouraged by such comments, you can just ignore people like fathiya, these kinda people only know how to do cow … cow … like a crow stuck in a pile of a bull shit …. cheers ! soha ….

  • abhijeet we r now commenting on soha, so stop pointing fingers on those who r giving comments be material dnt be hipokrit.

  • ayesha get outta this blog, luk at urself 1st .. wht r u doing ???? stop commenting on other n get outta here … u looser , get a life 4 urself ….

  • ayesha get outta this blog, luk at urself 1st .. wht r u doing ???? stop commenting on others n get outta here … u looser , get a life 4 urself ….

  • Soha is ready to get exposed
    it means..bollywood is ready to become naked to get popular but sencor board..
    u know freinds is bull shit..its common thought now.
    “Get naked as it attracts the public” and its true…
    its sure..the local pros and high class heriones are same..coz are sold for money..
    one to survive other for fame..

    remember celebrities ka koe iman nahi koe dharm nahi..we could c family beyond limits..take example of any actor actress

  • Aziz well said!!!!!!!!!!!!!! n abhijeet u need to c doctor u r sick n get yr sister in this field so that u can enjoy seeing her too. u guy can go naked for money sake, shit, shame on u. u need to get a life out there. u need to get a treament on yr self.get some self respect first.

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