Simran Teaser

The teaser of Kangana Ranaut’s next film ‘Simran’ is out. The film has been directed by Hansal Mehta and produced by Bhushan Kumar and Krishan Kumar.

Simran also stars Sohum Shah, Rupinder Nagra, Esha Tewari and a few other actors.

The movie releases in theatres on September 15 this year.

Check out the teaser below:



  • Utter nonsense !…

    @Indicine… You have time and space for this nonsensical trailer but not for small films like ‘Behen hogi teri’, dear maya and Dobaraa…

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  • Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see.

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  • Kangana is a very good actress. .Perhaps one of the best of her time. …bt she is doing too much women centric films…. she should follow anushka deepika… who are also doing commercial films…. bidya valan has wasted her career by doing it too much. … also ahe can learn from alia…to choose both universal and off beat films

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  • No doubt she has great acting capabilities… But her ego makes every talent she has a pure garbage shit… She should be less self focused.

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  • One question please indicine…
    Y dont u post trailers of other small and medium budget movies??
    Any spcfc resun.. i mean if u put it defintly vl increases ur views of website.. v need to chek utube r sum other websites fr trailer..
    i wonder wat can b da resun..

    Sumtyms i feel lyk u jst wanna maintain a hifi standard by postng nly big budget movies info news nd trailers🤔
    If dis is tru den itz a vry sorrow state

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  • ~she is da only actress in industry who have guuts, fearless attitude & surviving without da big Dogs of industry!
    #ReQuest 2 all…. instead of bashing her ,we shld all support her !!
    #goodluck KG

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  • Ok, so this another film where the girl is quirky, bubbly, carefree and does not want to get involved into the complexities of life.
    When will Bollywood learn?
    We don’t expect a movie like Bahubali 2 from Bollywood, but at least they should stop these wannabe cool movies. Duh!

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  • Admire herđź’“ and no one Comes close to her currently among the females in terms of acting … Highest paid gender superstar. Hope she does some no moment essentric movies after this.

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  • Such innocence! Nice teaser. No awaiting the trailer. Hope people appreciate her work and come out to theatres to watch it.

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  • teaser is cute… kangna is a very good actress, we admire her… but i don’t understand some people who brings aamir, srk, salman, pravash, baahubali etc etc here in comment box of simran teaser…

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