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Shocking: Hrithik Roshan FAT to SEXY!

Below is a picture of Hrithik Roshan before and after his 10 week workout program. The actor had put on oodles of weight due to his back injury.

To get back into shape for his superhero act in Krrish 3, the actor hired Kris Gethin who trained him for the last 3 months. The transformation is shocking! Have a look at a never before seen picture of a FAT Hrithik Roshan and then his sexy bulked-up look for Krrish 3.

Hrithik Roshan FAT

Hrithik Roshan FAT

Hrithik Roshan body look for Krrish 3

Hrithik Roshan trained by Kris Gethin

Hrithik Roshan stunning look for Krrish 3

Hrithik Roshan's unbelievable Biceps!



  • @indicine:

    hav u gone mad…the fat guy’s picture is morphing… come on indicine…wat happened to u..u believed the pic??

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  • Yaar hrithik ne sallu ko haraa diya in his body,,sallu ki body ab kuch ni lagti,,,or ye dono pics real h brothers n sisters

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  • Though Salman has set the was SRK’s OSO that publicized 6packs..
    and BTW Hrithik..has the best body..critically rating..

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  • @ashkaran, it not salman who set the tradition it was sanjay dutt. yes salman and hrithik gave it a boost

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  • Dear Agar paper padhte ho to Ghuzaarish ke time ka weight abhi se 16kg jyada tha since Sanjay leela bhansali wants that weight for that role. So how could u say bro that this fat pic is not real. This is perfection for roles man…………..why some of u carzy fans of salman & srk try to compare each editorial……………. Salman aur srk se upar bhi uth ke socho doston there are too many superstars lyk Aamir Khan, Ajay Devgan, Akshay Kumar…………. I seen it many time koi bhi column aaye chehe wo kisi bhi hero se related ho ye sallu aur srk ke crazy fans aapas me ladna chalu kar dete hain jabki usme sallu ya srk se koi lena dena nahi hai…… Stop this stupidity dear………….come on be fare……….. Jo bhi achchha hai uski tareef honi chahiye na ki humsha comparision kar karke mar jao………………. This time Hrithik rocking…………. then accept this fact…………..

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  • Bakwas pics i d’nt like xxl sleeper size hrithik face salman khan is best he is the real macho man

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  • Whole world called salman sir macho man and he is the real man a trend setter even salman teachs hritikh body building cheak facts understood salman is the bestest ever

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  • hritik is nothing compare to salman. salman is 46 and hrithik 38 now. go look the pics of salman when he was 38 in mujhse shaadi karogi time and movies before. salman is still fit and but not quite as hritik because he is 46 now. they say hritik has greek god look but i dont know what people gonna say when he is gonna turn 46. may they will call him greek monster by then

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  • @Others: He guys, the photo has been published by Hrithik himself and yes the photo is definitely real because Hrithik had to be fat for the film Guzaarish, that time he posted some other of his photos which looked fat of his body so yes this photo is real.

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  • Sallu bhaai ko kuch nhi kehne ka..Rember Sallu ne he pehle jo iss hrithik ki physique thi banwayee thi..apni training mai..;-)

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