Shashank Khaitan wants to make third ‘Dulhania’ film

Shashank Khaitan has directed two films – ‘Humpty Sharma Ki Dulhania’ and ‘Badrinath Ki Dulhania’ – both have featured Varun Dhawan and Alia Bhatt in the lead and both have performed very well at the box office.

The director plans to continue entertaining the audience with the third film in the ‘Dulhania’ franchise.

“We are delighted with the response. We are getting a lot of encouragement. After seeing the film, the audience is coming out of the theatres with happy faces. I am really keen to make the third instalment of the ‘Dulhania’ franchise.. But till now, what will be the story and when will we start it… That hasn’t been decided yet” Khaitan said.

Shashank also said the message of women empowerment in the film has been appreciated both by the audience and critics

“Through this film, we have tried to give a message in a very entertaining way. Critics and audience are realising and appreciating the core message which the film gives. So, we as a team are really happy with the outcome and result of the film” Khaitan said.



  • Come on man you are a good director, so go on and show your versality and talent, dnt just waste it in this Dulhaniya series. If you make one more very soon it will become very very repitative, so go and make more massy catchy indian movies…..

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  • Sit back & relax for a while (at least 1 year) before you start rolling for the 3rd film, jaldi ka kaam shaitaan ka kaam! Meanwhile, start scripting a very good story as the expectation from the next movie has already increased. Also, try something other just than the ‘Dulhania’ series.

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  • Do The Third Part With Ranbir Kapoor And Shraddha Kapoor And It Will Be Biggest Dharma Hit Ever Becos They Goodlooking And Superb Together

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  • @Indicine… I hope you are aware of ‘Trapped’ being release tomorrow… I hope as you are such a big shot filmy website that you won’t consider such a film for any mention on your homepage, doing LBO prediction is far cry… But you must be interested in ‘Machine’ definitely… And as far as I can predict if ever you’ll feel the need you’ll just mention the collections of ‘Trapped’ and declare in your intellectual way that such kinda films are not massy or not meant for big business and blah blah blah !..
    And you won’t publish my view also because I have spoken the truth… Good luck !

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  • no. He should move on from the series for a while. Maybe do another movie with a different cast and not in the romantic comedy space. Then come back to the series in 2022-2023, when Varun and Alia will have become genuine superstars and the audience will have nostalgia for the series.

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  • Varun Said To Khaitan Just Direct Bigger Actor Rabir Kapoor In The 3rd Part It Will Be Blockbuster So My Advise He Should Pair Him With Shraddha Kapoor Or Kriti Sanon And It Will Be Fantasic Pair

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  • #mathew are u out of your mind ranbir why u want a flop from Khaitan.. Varun n Alia best pair n choice no one can replace them n who said u that ranbir is bigger star 😛

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  • Such is the state of Bollywood movies now when such a shitty movie has so many needless articles & a film like trapped doesn’t even warrant a mention. Most of these less hyped movies turn out to be the best of the year. Case in point last year Aligarh, Waiting, Nil Battey Sannata, Laal Rang, Dhanak.. I’m glad such movies are still being made but they truly need a wider audience & more appreciation ; only then we can say our Bollywood industry has truly evolved.

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  • Bollywood you only make Dulhania films…Man just grown up..have u seen Baahubali 2 trailer…

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