Shahrukh Khan – Vijay TV Awards 2013 Photos

On Saturday, Bollywood superstar Shahrukh Khan was honoured with the Chevalier Sivaji Award for Excellence in Indian Cinema – an award given annually by television channel Star Vijay.

SRK received the award from legendary Tamil actor Kamal Haasan. Khan was also seen performing to a popular Tamil song with actor Vijay.

List of winners of the Chevalier Sivaji Award

  • 2006 – Kamal Haasan (Actor, Filmmaker)
  • 2007 – Mani Ratnam (Filmmaker)
  • 2008 – A. R. Rahman (Music Composer)
  • 2009 – Rajinikanth (Actor)
  • 2010 – K. Balachander (Filmmaker)
  • 2011 – S. P. Balasubrahmanyam (Singer)
  • 2012 – Shahrukh Khan (Actor)

We have a few pictures from the Vijay Tv Awards 2013. Have a look. (Click on the images for higher resolution pictures)

SRK Kamal Hassan

SRK Kamal Hassan



SRK - Tamil actor Vijay

SRK – Tamil actor Vijay

Shahrukh Khan Vijay Awards

Shahrukh Khan Vijay Awards

SRK Vijay Awards

SRK Vijay Awards



  • SRK I love you man
    every day you make me more proud of you

    you are so amazing so sweet person who deserve to be the happiest man in the world

    Go a head king of bollywood god bless you

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  • SRK is pride of bollywood
    He and hrithik taking the bollywood in to a international level

    SrK and HR rocksssss

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  • @mohit

    Correct bro. Smeagol is taking Bollywood international and I still remember the day Raavan sequel ‘Raavan Returns as’ released worldwide and it was universally lapped up by everyone as being on a par with the brilliant ‘Green Lantern’ for example. Truly speaking that movie made us all proud to be Indians who are known for great story ideas and even better story telling than the west. Smeagol roxXxXxXx

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  • @Mr X- I guess Salman bhai did not wear a lungi on any filmi poster so hence Smeagol did and such was rewarded by the South Film Establishment…! :-P

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  • @Mr.x. Sharukh khan got award coz of his popularity and his contribution to south india. Why shud salman get award? For copy pasting south indian movie ? No body watch salmans movie down south dear

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  • @indicine
    why dont you post the news about ddlj chosen as the best film in the indian cinema beating sholay mughale azem hum apke hai kaun 3 idiots kahaani dabanng

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  • Srk is the only actor who won almost every award, the king of bollywood, makes us always proud.
    Highly rated comment

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  • @soroop My naive friend, smeagols movies are watched India all over and yet they cannot get past Readys 123 cr mark when as you say only North Indians watch bhais movies but every corner of India flocks to Smeagols movies then why the struggle to match Ready let alone beat it???
    I would guess despite being rewarded with free give away like mickey mouse awards clearly doesnt increase number of seats been taken up in empty theatres the country over…! :-P

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  • @soroop : Chennai then called as Madras, 1995, Karan Arjun running at Albert Theatre. There was a huge applause n storm of whistles when
    Salman jumps n arrives at fighting ring. Gaalis n taunts when srk rides on a horse n plays with slingshot like a kid.

    December 2012, Goa. Dabangg 2, there were groups of foreigners who book the D2 tickets in advance n srk JTHJ was sulking !!!! :p
    Salman bhai rules in whole India n worldwide. Srk only in overseas.

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  • these people just point out good points and his good flims why dont u talk about the series of flops he has given srk is the most consistenet actor that is why he is badshah of bollywood these name did not came overnight frm last 15 years people address him with badshah tag unlike dabbang salman who just started giving after 2011 before that there is a whole bunch of crap of movies

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