Shah Rukh Khan becomes first Indian Actor at TED Talks: Some Quotes

Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan joins the likes of Bill Clinton (former US President), Bill Gates (Microsoft founder), Sergey Brin (Google Founder), Jeff Bezos (Amazon Founder) amongst many other remarkable people – to address the audience in a conference at TED Talks (Technology, Entertainment and Design talks) in Canada.

The iconic superstar, who is known for his articulate speeches at various universities around the world, has become the first Indian actor to speak on the TED talks stage.

Apart from SRK, the current edition of Ted Talks will also witness top tennis player Serena Williams and business-magnate Elon Musk  – as the other motivational speakers this year.

Back home in India, Shah Rukh has been signed to host the television show ‘TED Talks India: Nayi Soch’. He awaits the release of his upcoming untitled film, directed by Imtiaz Ali.

Some inspirational quotes from SRK’s speech:

  • You can use your energy to spread the darkness of destruction or you can use it to spread the joy of light to millions.
  • There are so many people in India who would like to come out with their ideas and thoughts, and speak them in Hindi.
  • We had expected an expansion of ideas and dreams; we had not bargained for the enclosure of judgment.
  • Humanity is a lot like me. It’s an aging movie star, grappling with all the newness, wondering whether she got it right.
  • I sell dreams and I peddle love to millions of people back home in India who assume that I am the best lover in the world.
  • It has to be you who creates a world that is its own best lover, that should be the future you.
  • I looked at my face and realised I am starting to look more and more like my wax statue at Madame Tussauds.


  • Brunol for haters..

    Now they will bark about collections and all..

    Accept it he makes India and we Indians proud globally.

  • One of the most educated actors in bollywood…
    educated from Hans Raj College and
    Jamia Millia Islamia… a degree in economics & Mass communication….
    delivered outstanding speeches at Yale university, Edinburgh university and at our own universities in hyderabad…..and TED at Canada…

  • Never understood how someone as intelligent and educated as SRK.. can even approve scripts like Ra One, Jab Take Hai Jaan, Dilwale, Fan and almost all his films in recently. Not one film has had even an iota of sense or logic.

  • @Tiger bro, get ready for abuse comments from srkian. :-P :-D but the fact is srk struggling for clean HIT on BO. :-)

  • Whats with these Boi footfalls?
    They decreased Ddlj footfalls from 6 crore to 4.7 cr and have increased Hahk ffs.
    3 yrs back there was 80lakhs difference only and now so much difference
    Boi footfalls cant be trusted.
    Anyways good that they said in a q and a that Sunny Deol and Srk ruled 90s
    Also they decreased ddlj from 61cr yo 55 cr but increased hahk from 68 to 72 cr. I have screen shots as well
    They had declared oso athg as well but now changed

  • Am surprised that ‘the Canadian citizen’ himself was not appointed to make the prestigious speech. Akki’s fans shouldn’t attack me, only expressing my opinions.

  • @tigress..


  • @chuha and mayanmar, your superstar desperately needed a “Hit” just a few years back. So its obvious that you guys know the value of a clean hit more than we SRKians do.

  • SRK 1st Indian to speak in Ted talk held in Canada (2017)
    SRK 1st Indian actor to honour at San Francisco film festival …(2017)
    SRK 1st Indian to recieve invitation from Oxford university (2016)
    Srk never fails to make India proud on global level again and again biggest superstar

  • @tiger the real chuha beta clean hit toh first movie ek south remake kar tiger shrof bhi de deta hai aur ek adult comedy grand masti kar vivek aur aftab bhi de dete hai aur toh aur aaj aaya young actor prabhas bhi tumhare so called back to back south remake revived megastar urf 2010 born star ki band bajane ki hasiyat rakhta hai but name and fame kamane ke liye bahut kaam karne pdate hai uska koi shortcut nhi hota hai bhaai awards mai nil batte sanate waale actor ke chamcho ko kya pata ki ish kuch ke liye kya hasiyat chaahiye

  • can i watch this on youtube? Watching sarena willaims is altogether dffrnt experience ..she is so hot BTW srk should stick to these type of things now ..he is giving no profit to his prouducers & distributors ! His next will be no dffrnt.

  • The most educated actor in bollywood industry proud of you king khan truly a versatile actor as well as an wonderful gentlemen my only wish is to meet him and one day that will surely happen,have seen him twice in mannat during his birthday celebrations just want to meet him badly love you so much sir

  • @myanmar
    Let the dogs bark….There is a kahawat…. Haathi chale bazar kutta bhonke hazar..

    Thanks…. Good luck for next time 👍👍

    You guys don’t believe in indicine’s data and statistics….Call them fake. Now chanting that BOI is fake….. Indirectly you are trying to say that you srkians believe only Red Chillies calculator figures and Baba Gurmeet’s calculator figures…. Hahaha

  • Gives ‘great speeches’ but still approves shitty scripts….

    2 things are obvious-

    1- he has a great speech writer and
    2- he is as stupid n illiterate as his peasant fans for continuing to work in third rate garbage nonsensical films…!

  • Not sure about his wax statue but I definitely know that with each passing day he is increasingly looking like his on screen character from the Lord Of The Rings franchise- Smeagol…!

  • “I sell dreams…”

    Hhhmmm not sure about that bcoz in last few yrs you only sold your jobless senseless homeless fans second hand lungis n broken phankhas which they still proudly bought…!

  • Yeah Right he is a educated one among all but i wonder why he doesn’t educate his fellow citizens like us instead of blabering on international platform Aamir never goes to such platfirms instead he educate his fans and audience through his movies and shows and whenever there is a social gathering for kids with heart diseases or women empowerments cause Aamir is the first one people approach and i wonder why we don’t respect this educated person with degree in economics and blah blah blah by calling him in our country’s social events or it is possible that he takes money for coming on some social causes gatherings of our poor india thats why I think aamir and salman has got love from indians and shahrukh is struggling for it for the past decade.

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