Secret Superstar moves to Diwali

Aamir Khan has postponed the theatrical release of ‘Secret Superstar’ from August 4 to the Diwali weekend – setting up a clash with Rajnikanth and Akshay Kumar’s Robot 2.0.

The decision comes two weeks after Akshay Kumar’s ‘Toilet: Ek Prem Katha’ was postponed from June 2nd to August 11th, making it two major releases a week after a word-of-mouth dependent film like ‘Secret Superstar’.

It’s a sensible business decision as ‘Secret Superstar’ isn’t a commercial film featuring Aamir Khan in the lead. The superstar only has a cameo and the film needed time to grow. During a major festive weekend like Diwali, there should be enough space for a film like ‘Secret Superstar’ and the more commercial ‘Robot 2.0’.

This is what we had predicted in last week’s QnA, when a reader asked about Secret Superstar releasing a week before two major films “We think Aamir will push Secret Superstar to a different date. He is one of the best minds in film business and he’ll probably know it’s a small word-of-mouth film. It needs two open weeks to grow and perform at the box office. If it comes a week before the two major films, it may not find too many takers in Week 2 unless it turns out to be an exceptional film. Even assuming it’s an outstanding film, it’ll still lose out on business”




  • Now sceret superstar will destroy robot 2 first raula will defeat toilet then sceret superstar will destroy robot 2 lol akki to face 2 major defeats this year

  • Obviously to gain buzz via 2.0 ..
    Don’t mistake me.. Amir is a star but secret superstar was buzz less untill now cz he just had cameo.. now it will get substantial attention cz of clash..

  • Good Decision by Aamir Khan. Now, SECRET SUPERSTAR hav potential to cross 100 crores. Multiple Audience will turn out in huge for this film.

  • Great update abt Dangal.Reported fig. were only for Taipei.Rest of Taiwan was not incl.Total fig.are 3 times reported.30MNT$(1M$) till second weekend.
    30MNT$ till second weekend.Almost 1MUS$ till second weekend.Must have crossed 1.25m$ after second week.Ab china mein kya hoga,bhagwan hi jaane.Screens have been increased to 50 from 16 this weekend.HISTORIC ABSOLUTE HISTORIC.

    Highest non aamir starrer SRK’s MNIK-0.046M$ LT.Dangal has done more than 20 times in 10 days.Competing with japanese/hollywood films in taiwan.

  • Wonderful for non-Madrasi audience who don’t care for Rajinikanth. Aamir’s is anyways a smaller film and a great alternative for us

  • Indicine please post a thread on dangal taiwan collections(ATG by a huge margin there), 1M$ till second weekend,a small country and wld still gross mugh bigger than australia for dangal.Also abt it’s impending china release in mid may.

  • i m srkian but respect akki too .. plzz akki take your toilet movie to 4th august.. give us solo release.. ! however u gonaa loose u know that but still u wanna release your movie on same date as srks roula… !

  • I am aamir, akki, & srk fan…
    But it is a truth that aamir has gone mad after the blockbustre success of dangal & not awarding national award…

  • Right decision anyway, I think they aren’t looking more than 1200-1500screen for the movie, also its content oriented movie where Aamir having a cameo, I am sure that Secret Superstar will be won of the best movie of this year, Aamir never produce average films, Movies he produced are gems so SS will be the same.

  • Not only secret super star, 2.0 will also get more publicity b’coz of clash…craze & buzz already on it’s peak…

  • go Aamir khan and teach this shameless Kumar , joker Kumar , flop Kumar a powerful leason so that he will learn for the rest of his flop career !!!!!!

  • IMO, if both films are liked then,

    Secret Superstar- 75 cr
    Robot 2.0- 175 cr

    The clash might turn out to be similar to Welcome vs TZP. Secret Superstar is a small and will it get more publicity due to this clash. The only concern how will it perform in south. If a normal Rajini film like Kabali can only create a big chaos, a film like 2.0 would be Tsunami in south.

  • SRK , Aamir , Salman and hrithik all have delivered the biggest hit of the year many times in their career but this Canadian joker hasn’t delivered tbhoty in his pathetic long career !!!!!!!!!
    I’m pretty sure Ranbir and Varun will deliver the biggest hit of the year in future but this gobar Kumar will never give the biggest hit of the year in his 100th birth .
    shame on his Canadian soul !!!!!!!!



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