Second promo of Aamir Khan’s Tap Dance in Dhoom 3

Get ready to be amazed with the second promo of Aamir Khan’s Tap dance in the song titled ‘Dhoom Tap’. The perfectionist superstar underwent training for 40 days to master the skill of tap dancing.

Was all the effort put into the song worth it? Watch and tell us what you think.



  • Listened the audio of was nice.nice combo of 4 flavour of music genres viz bollywood,indian classical,jazz and arabi.

  • Aamir is best at what he does…… Just wanna say
    “DHOOM 3 KI JAI HO……

  • Frankly though I wish Dhoom3 breaks all records, I don’t find anything more difficult in tap dancing than Hrithik acrobatic dance in Dhoom2. Anyway, all the very best!

  • Why people comparing Hritik dance with we all know hritik is far better dancer than him but you have to also agree that aamir is far versatile and better actor than hritik.
    Srk ka to naam na lena uski itni hasiyat nahi ki use aamir se compare kiya jaye.

  • wat hritik does is gymantics not true dance…aamir trying somethin out of his zone instead of runnin around trees..

  • Just to all the people who are saying Aamir Khan can’t dance like Hritihk, I bet even Hrithik can do tap dancing without practising it …it’s not an easy dance …40 days of practise is not a joke, Try to appreciate the people who work hard, thank you

  • Can Dhoom 3 Top All?

    The biggest question still remains as Dhoom 3 is still to come so can it top Chennai Express to become the biggest hit of the all time?

    1. Chennai Express
    2. 3 Idiots
    3. Ek Tha Tiger
    4. Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani
    5. Krrish 3

  • in the end of the promo, he is giving pose like angry kid….
    it should be cool …
    anyway its just average not matching the standard of dhoom..

  • Hrithik is unmatchable in dance. Good luck to aamir. After Krrish 3 destroyed chennai express’s record, Dhoom 3 will also destroy the record of ce.

    By the end of the year, the ranking would be…

    1. K3/D3
    2. D3/K3
    3. CE

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