Sana Khan in Salman Khan’s Mental?

Times Of India reports that Bigg Boss 6 contestant Sana Khan is also one of the leading ladies in Salman Khan’s Mental. Apparently, Sana will begin shooting for the film from March 25th.

Earlier, Kannada actress Daisy Shah was signed to play the lead in the remake of Stalin.

For some strange reason, Sohail Khan has been extremely secretive about the film. The cast comprising of actors like Tabu, Yash Tonk and Ashmit Patel hasn’t yet been officially announced. The title was only confirmed by Salman on Twitter, that too a day before the first shooting schedule in Dubai.

Sources close to the film say, Mental will Salman’s first ‘sensible’ film in a long time. It will cater to the ‘thinking’ audience, as well as Salman’s strong fan-base at mass centres.

Never heard of Sana Khan? Never mind, we have a high resolution picture of Sana in her ‘Halkat Jawani’ look.

Sana Khan

Sana Khan



  • Salman Khan may be the biggest superstar, but this guy certainly does not have any class. Casting someone like Sana Khan in a big movie like Mental…really?

  • As Karan Johar said, people go to watch a Salman Khan film to see Salman Khan only.
    Never have truer words been spoken.
    Mental will rock srkians sad little world up and down the country coz deep down they know Salman Khan makes ATBBs all by himself regardless of cast, director or a decent script. Bhai gives the people what they want and that is Entertainment in truck loads whereas SRK gives the multiplex classes what they dont want which is Boredom in tanker loads.
    @star bhai roxXxXxXx plus he doesnt need any daisy, sana or tabu to rock whereas srk needed Kat and Anushka to rock in jthj just to give the film some energy…! :-P

  • Neither Daisy Shah nor Sana Khan look good. Not up to the mark of a heroine. There are so many good looking girls in the industry, both in bollywood & down south, but I really don’t know what is wrong with the directors today. They keep on casting new girls who don’t even deserve to be heroines.

    Feel sad about the fate of these girls.

  • ” Mental will be
    Salman’s first ‘sensible’ film in a long
    time. ”

    please tell indicine which was his last ‘sensible’ film ? LOL :-D

  • @NABIN who says you katrina sells ticket? Priyanka, vidya and karena has more fan following than katrina and they have good acting skils. Now a days deepika and anushka sherma fan following increasing and they have also a good acting skils.
    @NABin you say srk need top actress in a film then i say you forget last 3 blockbusters of srk chek de india has no actress dec blockbuster, oso and rnbdj has a debtant actress dec blockbuster. Jthj fail to create magic like other yash ji film beacause it has a no good story, not kind hearted lovestory, katrina’s poor acting and also srk weekest performance till date and lip lock scene and clash with sos. With long & boring 2nd half jthj is a worldwide blockbuster and domestic hit acc boi Only watchable for anushka sherma performance jthj collect 263cr worldwide after 3idiots and ett acc to IMDB. Now srk face his bad phase but he did’t give any flop film then think when good phase of srk coming then how many atbb coming wating for chennai express on 8 aug this eid, it will cross 200cr in india and 385cr plus worldwide by breaking the record of 3 idiots made. The king khan is back with comedy/romance/action a complete massala entertainer with chennai express.

  • Sr Bachchan did a film which portrayed his standard : “Shahenshah”
    Shah Rukh did a film which portrayed his standard : “Baadshah”

    Finally, our bhai is doing a film which will portray his standard : “Mental”.. LOL.

  • Yes bhai rocks !!!! Mental wl break titanic record and bhai wil get oscar award. Bhai is real mard..he cn do anythng. He cn not even tolerate his own gf and beat her.
    Mental rocks!!! Being mental.

    yayyy so eksited !!!! Bhai roxxxxx!!!!!

    hamare bhai ka koh kuch nai bigad sakta kyu ki bhai dawood ka dost hai. Bhai is real dabang!! Bhai rocks!!!!

  • Sana khan!! She is a cheap actress n i watched big boss n found that Salman always favoured her!this guy is so partial..this film will b d crapiest movie of d year..

  • It is similar to Sachin’s craze in Cricket.

    People flocked to stadiums and tv sets across the country to see him bat, and when he got out, they switched off their tvs and moved out of the stadium.

    That is the stature of Salman in movies. The One Man Show. The Show Stopper. The Ultimate.

    The ONE.

  • @all Haters aka srkians.
    Salmans next film will be an All Time Block Buster guaranteed.
    Srks next film will be an All Time Flop Disaster 100% certainty.
    Reason being when Salman Bhai makes an entrance on screen, his shirt will open due to a gust of wind inside the theatre, villains will suddenly wet their pants in fear, the audience will be left awe struck and bedazzled by bhais aura and charm. Bhai will utter those 4 famous legendary words that will bring the house down and that is:- “Lets do the Jalwa” and audience will stand up and have a 5 minute party with Govinda, Anil ji and Prabhu leading the festivities.
    On a sombre note, the Screen next door, our fading weak king srk will make an entrance on screen in his 6 yr old train drivers second hand uniform and have a saddened look on his face as not only is his train absolutely empty and low on fuel but the theatre is also running to empty houses. Only ‘xzone’ is sat in the front row but hes only being kept alive due to free electrical shock treatment being provided by Being Human foundation sponsored ‘Mental Asylums’. Poor xzone wants to get into the ‘Jalwa’ mode but srkians like ‘star’ and ‘king’ have him pinned down thus forcing him to endure another 3 hour torturous crap from king srk.
    The indian public know what they want and that is dashing charming Salman Khan as opposed to a depressing chimpanzee like buddha train driver srk.
    @star bhai roxXxXxXx

  • @romance express, ok dude calm down and seriously reevaluate the nonsense you just spouted out. 3 idiots record???? Dude aim abit lower and that way your false hopes wont get squashed like an ant.
    Firstly let srk beat the record of his real life duplicate Shreyas Talpades record of “Teen Thay Bhai” before dreaming of getting close to ‘Murder 3’ collections. :-P
    Katrina roxXxXx and has a huge following in India and puts bums on seats. How else can you explain a crappy film like jthj collecting around 100 cr in India…!
    Without Kat jthj would have been on a par with Jism 2 seeing how both movies had crappy lovemaking scenes which would make a substandard B grade indian blue film a hollywood classic.

  • Romance express@
    Whatever u Said is absolutely correct only srk is not going any bad phase at all its just u guys always Said so bec sallu out class every actor now and secondly JTHJ worldwide collection is 211 crores not 263 crores

  • @navin…ha ha i love ur comments u know why coz they show ur frustation ha ha…how frustated u hv become by watching ur lallu khan movies….dnt wrry bro one day will come when lallu will do at least 1 logical movie…nd stop taking off his shirt to flaunt his thick flab and abbs turned wrinkeld body…ha ha….

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