Salman ties up with Suzuki Motorcycle for Being Human: Pics

Bollywood superstar Salman Khan’s Being Human Foundation has collaborated with Suzuki Motorcycle India. As a part of the tie up, Suzuki motorcycles will launch a special edition ‘Suzuki Access’.

Talking about the tie up, Salman said “Suzuki’s networks will help us increase the reach of the Foundation and provide education and healthcare for the under privileged.”

As the actor is already endorsing the Japanese brand, the new association is an extension of the existing ties with Salman Khan and Suzuki Being human apparel and merchandise will be available for sale at Suzuki outlets.

Launched by Salman Khan way back in 2009, Being Human Foundation has its outlets in Mumbai, Ludhiana and Ahmedabad.

Salman Khan at Being Human and Suzuki event

Salman Khan at Being Human and Suzuki event

Suzuki Motorcycle ties up with Salman Khan's Being Human

Suzuki Motorcycle ties up with Salman Khan’s Being Human

Salman Khan launches Suzuki Salman Khan ties up

Salman Khan launches Suzuki Salman Khan ties up

Salman Khan

Salman Khan



  • Being Human would have been much better under SRK.
    Salman is simply using it for self promotion.

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  • Salman should open a new foundation “Being Good Driver” which teaches people how to drive cars carefully and not harming people sleeping on the streets

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  • @LOL yeah right…..Salman started this human being foundation to cover up the illegal activities he has done over the years.. otherwise who will promote a charity like this? if charity is given for a reason then its not a charity.. it should be low-profile..

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  • cant wait for jai ho.. the gap of more than one year for a salman khan movie is too much for salman fans to handle.. they will throng to the cinema halls when it releases

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  • . being human on a bike. really don’t know whether suzuki is paying sallu bhai or vice versa. coz WY would a company like suzuki want to have a guy who is so so famous for his drunk driving ale accident case. oh sorry even some persons were killed. lol. man seriously suzuki should be banned by the government in the interest of the society. so that there shouldn’t be other bhai with reckless driving

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  • @sakhi. plz plz don’t expose me here. my film is going to release in a few months and I need to beat Chennai express collections in my dreams.

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  • @ sakhi
    atleast salman does charity for a reason but SRK just dances at marriage parties and shows for money and never ever gets associated with any charity.

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  • @SALMAN troll: CE record is safe only till DHOOM-3 or Salman next release KICK so don’t worry enjoy CE success till then. some fans of other stars are so insecure they started negativity even before trailer release of Salman’s movie.

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