Salman returns from US, Sessions court hearing today

Bollywood superstar Salman Khan returned to Mumbai on Monday, to appear before the Sessions Court for the 2002 hit and run case.

Salman had been to the US to treat his nerve disorder.

Photos below.

Salman Khan returns from USASalman Khan returns from USA

Salman returns from US to attend court's hearingSalman Khan returns from US to attend court’s hearing

Salman KhanSalman Khan with media

Salman Khan returns from US to attend court's hearingSalman Khan

Salman Khan returns to Mumbai after Medical Checkup from USASalman Khan returns to Mumbai after Medical Checkup from USA

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  • salman fans dont need to worry about this case
    court will take atleast 10years more to give final judgement
    then his carreer will end

  • This is so unjust. Justice needs to be seen and heard. The common men of India dont care about this ‘obvious mistake/ tragic accident’ but care more about the poor mans plight and rough justice at the hands of a power driven egotistic maniac throwing his weight around. Unions should be in unison and in uproar in support of the poor ‘Wankhede Stadium Security Official’ who was so viciously mistreated and brutally mishandled without prejudice by Srk and his entourage. This is a travesty and Indian Judiciary needs to bring swift justice for this poor tortured Security Official and bring this unashameful crapstar SRK to court and hold him accountable for his unforgivable actions.
    @star bhai is innocent and srk is guilty of making the poor commonmen of India feeling like peasants.

  • Indicine always in posting negative news of salman wher is awesome hosting of salman in guild award . .

  • Ha!ha! Salman criminal will go to Jail for hit and run case.welcome back Salman. Kanoon ke ghar der hain lekin andher nahin. He is a killer.

  • Star Guild Award Faces Huge Loss By taking Salman to host..
    T.R.P rates are very poor 2.5
    Direstor Of Guild award says, ” I can’t Believe that T.R.P rate of this award shows goes that down, Sorry Indian Audience for dissapoint you for poor hosting”

  • why these salman fans r supporting him in this case,this is not good
    all these guys support sanjay dutt?
    law is equal to every one
    definately he will get punished,if not now,after sometime

  • god is watching , he has committed very big sins, no one can escape, he will get his punishment today or tomorrow but for sure, even sanjay dutt who is the most loved actor in bollywood has to go to jail then why not salman

  • #Poor Navin

    1. What do you do if a man is dis respecting your daughet out of thousand people….. ??

    2. What Do you do if your any of family members died in Hit and Run chase??

    Think Twice before commenting…
    It was officially proofed by tv camera footage that Security Guards are disrespecting suhana and his friends….
    Don’t be fool by saying same things

  • Punishment should be layed. Everyone should be equal in law. No one should be subjected for special treatment. If he had killed, he should be sent to jail. Oh and navin, u seriously consider blaming a wankade official a more serious crime than killing an innosent man? Bro get your brain checked. These type of idiotic thinking is why stinking politicians stay atop while all the good ones are anhialatd.

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