Salman Khan’s Tubelight is a colossal failure

Salman Khan’s Tubelight is a colossal failure at the box office. The film that has been rejected by the superstar’s fans, as well as the normal movie going audience.

Box office performance wise, ‘Tubelight’ is the biggest disappointment for Salman since his staggering rise to the top of the industry after 2010’s Dabangg. It’s also his first failure after Eid became a festival for film releases in the country.

The film was below-the-mark right from the first day at the box office, but there was hope that it would grow with the beginning of the Eid festivities on Monday. The growth did not come, but with Eid celebration coming to an end on Tuesday, the crash did. ‘Tubelight’ tanked at the box office Wednesday onwards and the slide will continue in the second weekend too.

Shows were reduced at multiplexes on Wednesday itself due to lack of audience. The occupancy for the morning and noon shows at several centres was lower than what ‘Bajrangi Bhaijaan’ was getting in its 3rd week.

While the producers of the film have made their profits by selling various rights of the film, ‘Tubelight’ is a major disaster for the distributors. The film fetched insanely high amounts as ‘minimum guarantee’ and most haven’t yet recovered even half of their investment. The trend of paying fancy prices for the star-value, without factoring-in the reach, concept or box office potential of the film itself, has cost the industry a lot of money.

It’ll be the case in the near future too, as we have films lined up for release that have fetched high prices because of the star, but the content and concept isn’t justifying the price.

TubelightCollectionsGrowth / Drop
Day 1 (Friday)21.15 crore-
Day 2 (Saturday)21.17 crore- 1%
Day 3 (Sunday)22.45 crore+ 6%
Day 4 (Monday)19.09 crore- 15%
Day 5 (Tuesday)12.00 crore- 37%
Day 6 (Wednesday)6.50 crore- 46%
Day 7 (Thursday)4.50 crore- 31%
Week 1106.86 crore
Day 8 (Fri) to 10 (Sun)8.25
Day 11 (Mon) to 14 (Thu)3.40
Day 15 (Fri) to 21 (Thu)0.68
Day 22 (Fri) to 28 (Thu)0.07
India Total Collections119.26 crore


  • How many times will you write article on it? Keeping aside all the losses by the distributors or so, an outright rejected film like Tubelight has crossed 100 Crises without manipulation. This is Salman fans watching it in theaters.


  • Pls do mention the movies as well.. And where is your article regarding top 15 actors..?? When will u update?? Oh sorry hrithik and Srk are yet to deliver a hit no???


  • Organize negativity campaigns against Tubelight, malice and personal attacks on Salman will only make Salman and his films even bigger in the future.

    Critics didn’t get money but bashing from Salman before the release, so they took personal revenge from Salman rather than reviewing his film.


  • Salman khan fans were celebrating tubelight for crossing 100 cr.
    distributors are mourning due to 100+ loss
    megastar roxxxxxx !!!!!!!!


  • Dear indicine. .if tubelight was released on normal weekend other than major festive event,will it be able to collect 80 cr …and that too with competing with other major release will it be able to collect 50 cr…please answer


  • As you said, Tubelight was a kinda film that needed good reviews from critics and media because it didn’t have a universal content.

    Well, that can’t be the sole reason. Something has gone horribly wrong. Even his worst haters like @javed from prisonistan didn’t expect Tubelight to perform this badly.


  • a movie which was supposed to create to magic of bb is now struggling at B.O !!!
    too much fun !!!!!!!!!!!
    Salman khan doesn’t deserve any festivals afterwards……!!!


  • Indicine please give us trade figure we don’t want producer figure , for other movies you used to give trade figure why you are becoming biased site


  • Well a salman Khan film doing 106 crore on eid is a crime and he should be stand accountable for the lose for the industry


  • Having said that, we will take this failure graciously in the right spirit and move on.

    Looking forward something earth-shattering in the form of #TZH

    Come on, haters and kritiks, see you then


  • Stars se jyada Fans k liye tamaacha h ye.

    Ab bhi dimaag ho to samjho, and respect every stars.
    Feeling bad for Salman.
    Dnt fight with each other.
    Srk n Salman are best Friends Forever.



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