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Salman Khan in Diwali 2015 with Sooraj Barjatya film

Sooraj Barjatya - Salman Khan

It’s official. Salman Khan has signed Sooraj Barjatya’s next, which will release during the festive season of Diwali in the year 2015. The shooting begins in June 2014.

It will be Salman’s first film with Barjatya after Hum Saath Saath Hai (1999). The two have also worked together in Hum Aapke Hain Kaun and Maine Pyaar Kiya – two blockbusters that celebrate 20 and 25 years of release respectively next year.

Official statement from Sooraj R Barjatya

“It’s something that both Salman and me have been waiting from almost 14 years to do, i.e make another film together. And it’s so ironic that in the year where we celebrate 25 years of the release of our first film Maine Pyaar Kiya, we are starting this new film.”

“We start shoot next year (2014) and we plan to release it during Diwali 2015, amidst all the lights and fun. The title and the cast are yet to finalised. What’s so lovely is that, it’s another one of those romantic family entertainers, with fun, laughter, music, lots of actors and characters. The kind of film which we both love to do.”



  • WHT is yashraj n dharma production for srk , which made SRK a superstar..same is RAJSHRI PRODUCTIONS for SALMAN which they made iconic films like MPK , HAHK n HSSH..which made SALMAN a cant wait for this film , even we hv 2 wait for 2.5 yrs..bring it on.

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  • DIWALI 2015

    All records will be history. Just like earth shattering Maine Pyar Kiya (biggest hit of 80’s) and path breaking Hum Aapke Hain Kaun (biggest hit of 90’s). We’ll witness the biggest blockbuster of recent times.


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  • this is the biggest news of the year!!! o my god just cant wait.. i have been waiting for the official confirmation for a long time.. salman khan sooraj barjatiya combo u know what that means.. it will be huge.. record books will take a tumble.. a cultured rajshri productions starring salman khan and directed by sooraj barjataya is definitely a movie people are waiting for eagerly.. salman khan going back to his roots as iconic “PREM”.. wow!!!

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  • Atlast will get to see something good from salman. Hope movie doesnt carry any vulgar item songs.

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  • Box storm on diwali 2015 and it makes history and earth shattring collection

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  • New term of verdict required for Salman’s upcoming films.
    Dear friends, What comes after All Time Blockbuster ?

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  • Awwwww…so mr. remake khan has planned to ruin the enjoyment of diwali as well….from last 3-4 yrs, he had been continuously released his movies on eid nd ruined that holy festival in this way….but i m so worried, when i listened abt his plan of ruining diwali pooja….plz sallu, don’t do this…we want our diwali jovial and enthusiastic ….we can’t bear this headache at diwali….keep it only for eid….but in the worse case, if sallu will release his movie on diwali, then my only hope is king khan srk or hritik…..plz srk/hritik, at least release ur movie at diwali 2015, so that we can overcome the shock of this upcoming crap “crappy bhaiya”…..nd enjoy our festival with ur movies…:)

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  • Thanks god as salman comes diwali 2015, this year and next year diwali valueless. I hope shahid may cast as a brother of salman. But undoubtly atbb, atleast salman haters also enjoy the original films boxoffice record.

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  • all srk fans siad same thing about jthj like srk yashraj combo,sureshot atbb.
    now its the turn of salman fans.
    everyone has to understand salman and srk r 48years now.they wont suit for romantic or lovestories.
    dont expect much from this.jthj fate will repeat to this combo.

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  • Wow indicine u answered ethan question. . . mere quesn ko publish v ni kya

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  • If salman try to do different role or experimental role than its kind of change to everyone !! Really tried of watching remake and masala !!! And about salman’s next film mental & kick will a blockbuster

    come on man both r remake & blockbuster films if u remake a blockbuster film ,it will be a blockbuster (common sense)

    Ex -- Rowdy Rathore, Bodyguard, Singham etc

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  • @xzone remake khan?? Well atleast he is not irritating people by chosing loser scripts like & JTHJ ..i wish this megastar all d best atleast better to entertain people with films whether remake or watever make then to ruin peoples expectation , festival like srk ..srk will get ISO 9001 certified now and will be declared as an actor who can only give 130+ crore movie max to max haha

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  • Beautiful News

    Now Diwali will get 3 consecutive joyous films starting this year with K3…! Its the least we deserve after having Diwali celebrations cut short these past 2 years with “Jab Tak Hai Jaan I’ll make the sequel to Abhisheks crappy Raavan Returns as”…!
    Thank you bhai jaan for making sure Srk can never ever again destroy our Diwali for the next 3 years but please save my fellow muslim brothers and sisters Eid festivities from next year onwards.
    My prayers are with them and I hope Chennai Depress gets derailed or delayed and does not ruin their Eid festivities, especially after a gruelling testing 30 day fasting period…! May God save them from the clutches of the Gollum creature…! Amen :-)

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  • @xzone Listen carefully to me my autistic friend- Sooraj ji and Salman bhai coming together will do what Yash ji and Srk could not do with their disastrous reunion and that is deliver an All Time Block Buster…! ;-)

    Stop fretting about the choice of film, remake or original, it dont matter as it will DeFiNiTeLy be better than “Jab Tak Hai Jaan I’ll keep romancing friends of my Daughters age” in C Grade Adult movies…! :-P

    And you talking about vulgarity- hhhmmm I love Kareena as much as Saif but the ‘Criminal’ song from ‘Raavan Returns as’ wasn’t exactly suitable for families now was it or you didnt notice that as you are what I expected- a deranged loner…! :-P

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  • @Niks Lol

    Yaar I think xzone thinks ‘Chammak Challo’ is a great song so hence every night at a different club he walks upto unsuspecting innocent teenage girls busting out that line as a chat up line and gets a very good hard right hander on his right cheek for all his troubles…! :-P
    Poor bichaara has no luck with the ladies and even less luck with his fellow srkians who 1 by 1 are rejecting him…!

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