Will Salman Khan’s Mental release during EID 2013?

The news of Prakash Jha’s ‘Satyagraha’ being postponed from 15th August to 23rd August 2013 has caught on like a house on fire yesterday. Industry insiders are quite surprised and as expected many stories and speculations are being made and why not? 15th August is the most favorable release date and it holds the record for the highest single day collections from a Hindi movie. ‘Ek Tha Tiger’ released on the same day last year and collected 32 crores.

Of course there is Ekta Kapoor’s ‘Once Upon A Time in Mumbai Again’ slated to release on 8th August which too is a big holiday Eid weekend and the movie is eagerly awaited by one and all as Akshay will be seen portraying the character of ‘Dawood Ibrahim’ on screen. But even Prakash Jha’s social drama starring Ajay Devgn and Kareena Kapoor would have benefitted by having a huge holiday release. There is a remote possibility that ‘Satyagraha’ was postponed just to give 2 open weeks to ‘OUATIM’.

Salman Khan - Akshay Kumar

Salman Khan – Akshay Kumar set to clash?

Now if the makers of such a big movie have decided to shift ahead by a week, there is a certain chance that an even bigger movie is eyeing a release during the same period. No prizes for guessing the 2 big films which could release on 15th August. It’s a well known fact that the release dates of Shahrukh Khan’s ‘Chennai Express’ and Salman Khan’s ‘Mental’(working title) have not been officially announced yet and given the reach of both these movies, it would only be fair to give a holiday weekend to both.

As far as ‘Chennai Express’ is concerned, Rohit Shetty is like an extended family to Ajay Devgn and he would never want to compete with an Ajay’s film. Also, the two will be working together on Singham 2 and Golmaal 4 in the next couple of years. The much publicized legal tussle between ADF’s ‘Son of Sardar’ and SRK’s ‘Jab Tak Hai Jaan’ is still fresh in the minds of people and no one would want the same unfortunate situation to arise again. So Chennai Express might just release in the last week of July giving it an open and free run for two weeks till ‘OUATIMA’ releases on Eid.

That leaves us with Salman Khan’s next. In the recent past, reputed trade analysts and reliable sources within the industry have reiterated time and again that Salman will definitely have a release in August this year. Given the fact that his last 3 EID releases (Dabangg, Bodyguard and Ek Tha Tiger)  have smashed opening records, there is no reason why he would want to miss out on his ‘lucky’ weekend.

But without a official word from the superstar’s camp, the only confirmed news is that the shooting for this Sohail Khan directed film will begin in March and it will be shot in a 60 day start to finish schedule in Goa, Lavasa (near Pune) and Kolhapur. What this effectively means is, the shooting of the film will begin in March and end by May, giving it a good 2 months for post-production and marketing.

So there is a possibility that just like the previous Diwali, this Eid may also witness a mega clash at the box office. However, it would be a better idea for one of the two movies to avoid the clash and release on August 8th (EID) and August 15th (Independence day).

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  • Salman ll not clash with akshay(ouatim2), bcoz he always needs atleast 3 open weeks and in this duration, he avoids even a low budget films to clash, let alone a biggie like ouatim 2….so i know, that salman ll try his best to avoid the clash, bcoz if he fails to do so, then he knows very well that his mass fans will get divided and then he won’t be able to make these fake records.So, wait and watch.he is not going to clash and if he ll, then mark my words, he ll struggle for 100cr.

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  • stalin was a very gud film and remake will be better. hope it gets proper release and rocks the box office..

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  • OUATIM2 must not clash with Mental.. If at all any such clash happens, OUATIM2 collections will be affected badly in the first week. But still at the end of the day, it will be the content that will rule. Though overall collections of Mental will be higher than OUATIM2 even if it flops!!

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  • “mental” should release on the same day as “chennai express”, then everybody will be know who the biggest superstar is.

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  • ‘Mental’ is one movie destined to be another bb/atbb in the making as it has everything a BB needs to have and ofcourse the biggest star of them all, will make sure that the people will get to watch a remake of one of the better movies made in indian cinema (stalin).

    Last year, Jthj clashed with sos and luckily emerged as a hit but if OUATM2 & CHENNAI EXPRESS clash with each other this year, then Akki will make sure that Rohit Shetty will cry all his life & have regrets for making the biggest professional mistake of his life by making Chennai express.

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  • @ xzone….i am back on this website after long time…. & i read ur stupid comment!

    u say salman avoids competition…so idiot just read following:-

    mere brother ki dulhan released just 1 week after bodyguard…and still bodyguard did 145 cr…

    & by the way buddha srk is also afraid of salman….earlier srk was wanted to release ce on eid 2013…but than salman announced radhey on eid….coward srk preponed ce to july…

    so idiot know the facts and then speak!!!

    & by the way i’ve won our bet…dabngg 2 official collection is 160 cr…& according to boi 3 week collection is 148 cr….& in 4 th week d2 collected 2.5 cr!!…so again u lost loser!!

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  • i think salman must release his film on independence day….with that he will also benefit from janamashtami holiday which is on tuesday 20 th august!!

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  • There will be no clash.if there is any clash outim2 will collect more than mental. Akshay is the best action hero and OUATIM is also a successful franchise.

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  • @xzone Lol I think you should worry more about your SRKs next and less about Salman bhais next. Everybody and their dog knows that should SRK show his arrogance again and release his Chennai Depress against Salman bhais Mental then Mental Salman will truly go MENTAL and completely destroy the Express Train to pieces. :-P
    Get a real life @xzone and start praying that SRK doesnt commit suicide by releasing his ‘masala masterpiece’ alongside the Darling of the Masses Salman Bhai.
    For my other special srkian friend @star bhai roxXx

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  • Ouatim 2 should be preponed or postponed. Otherwise it will end up with the same fate as Joker.

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  • salman must release his movies on weeks where there are atleast 2-3 national holidays & movie should be south remake or else he will fall flat on face

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  • @NVS….talk abt the clash of “mental” and “ouatim2″Why are you worrying about Chennai Express.. this article clearly shows that Mental may clash with OUATIM 2. So, what do u think? Will salman cross the 100cr mark if the clash happens?

    @Tejas, hahaha.. Bodyguard vs Mere Brother Ki Dulhan? I won’t be surprised when u’ll talk abt ett vs shirin frhad ki to nikal padi.. According to BOI, D2 has not crossed 150cr mark yet and mark my words, it is not going to cross as well.

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  • @xzone. First of all akki & ekta kapoor are not that stupid to clash with the biggest megastar in india, so a clash between akki & salman is almost unlikely but even if due to unavoidable circumstances the clash happens, both movies will collect well. OUATM 2 will be atleast a hit/superhit & mental will be atleast a superhit/bb or even an atbb. But if ouatm2 & ce clash with each other, ouatm2 will be a superhit/bb (125+ crores) and ce will be a average/semi-hit (<80 crores).

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  • @xzone then you are agree that JTHJ collection is 101 crore and it just a hitnot superhit In India.
    my opinion is that if you follow than follow only one website not many , it should not be based that who shows higher collection of you fav star movie, it should be follow by all stars fans, everyone has to follow only one website on which you trust the most for me its BOI, for anybody it could be some else…..

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  • #x zone correct bro
    salman will nt release his film with OUATIM2
    otherwise both film will struggle to cross 100 cr. Mark
    OUATIM2 ‘s story is very much realestic nt like any remake or masala film.
    Mental will easily loose lots of money…

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