Salman Khan case hearing deferred to April 8

A sessions court here Monday deferred to April 8 the hearing of the 2002 hit-and-run case against Bollywood actor Salman Khan.

A magistrate court, trying the case, had invoked the charge of culpable homicide not amounting to murder (Section 304 part II of the Indian Penal Code) and shifted the trial to the sessions court last month. The charge, if proved, can attract a maximum punishment of 10 years in jail.

The actor had filed a review petition to quash the charges of culpable homicide not amounting to murder, which will be heard April 8 by Sessions Judge U.B. Hejib.

Earlier, Salman Khan was tried by a magistrate under lesser charge of causing death by negligence (Section 304 A IPC) that provides for a maximum punishment of two years in prison.

Salman Khan had rammed his car into a bakery in suburban Bandra on September 28, 2002, killing one person and injuring four others who were sleeping on the pavement.




  • Yeh toh hona hi tha. Indian laws are only applicable to poor and helpless people.

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  • After sanjay, Now its Salman’s time to go to jail. I know sanjay Dutt is innocent. But salman is a real criminal and killer. Court will punish him for his bad work. Countdown begins: only 12 days to go for Salman to go to jail.

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  • hahaha 10 years of jail, he is much bigger sinner than sanjay dutt. iif dutt is sent to jail even without killing any life then this sinner must go to jail as he has killed both animals and humans

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  • This frustration is what i always wanted to see from these haklians,haklatards,bakratards cry & die as much as you can.I want some more comments from you guys.I am eagerly waiting.your’s truely.

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  • this is the only way srk can beat salman.
    salman in jail,then srk films collection will be more then salman as salman won’t have any release.
    srk fans,start praying to god for this is the only way your srk can beat salman.

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  • Now, Salman will shoot his ambitious film ‘Mental’ with Sanjay Dutt in Tihar Jail. Perfect jodi i have to say.

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  • what about the dilli ka gunda, who punches people in public and works in background to defame people with his PR work?…….people have forgotten that the pen is mightier than the sword and the dilli ka gunda has used the pen to write reams of fake things about his competitors.

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  • @john cena fan Shouldnt you be getting ready to receive the single biggest baddest punishment ever administered by the Rock in 2 weeks time?
    Leave your opinions at home with your bright orange and pink tshirts you clown.
    @star bhai roxXxXxXx

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  • Y the hel is this charge obviously its negligence act. . . Foot path is to walk not to sleep in nite if some one is sleeping in foot path then whose fault it is huh obviously govt. . . Ma quest if salman charge 10yr jail then hw many yrs govt people charged for this huh . . . This point is much enough to save salman. .

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  • Whoever here sayin salman should be jailed etc etc they dnt have 0.1 per pity on victims or animals they just here showing there insecurity and jealous towards salman thats it

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  • @above i can see ur frustration from last 3 years becoz salman all over ur fav guys….seriously salman ready to go jail if it is proven…and callin sanju innocent show ur hatred towards salman…yes yes sanju is really innocent..

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  • If salman go to jail then SRK will be in Top once again in box office Iam so happy for srk and so sad for sallu fans hahahahahah

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  • very sad…!!!i’m very disappointed may GOD help salman khan and session court decision should go on salman sides…i’m also praying for salman khan u all also prays for him..i’m srk fan but i never feel bad about salman u…!!

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  • @ramiz hahahahahaha i am very happy that you srk fans are very insecure. You all know that if salman not go to jail then your srk remain chh-akka in bollywood but man you dream will not true.hahahaha..

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  • why r salman fans barking about BO when this is some serious matter which requires alot of support from people..seems like they they aren’t a die hard fans and that they only support him only coz of his BO success?? wtf??? really pathetic fans :P

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  • #selfish, if footpath is not for sleeping, then footpath is also not for driving car too. Think where these poor people will go…

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  • Samar very true said bro thats y all Srk fans sayin salman should be jailed poor Srk fans they very well knw if salman is in industry then Srk cant ever be no . 1 in future so . . . .lol pity on Srk fans and let me tel u salman wil be in industry and ur Srk wil in home thats retirement Haha

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